I feel exhausted

  • Hi all,

    I recently started body for life on 1 oct but I feel exhausted . It's more than just tired, I feel awful. I don't want to quit but hate feeling this way. Anyone else felt like this?is it normal?

    Thank you,

  • I wonder if you are not eating enough food. I don't feel exhausted.

  • Swgirl, I was the same way my first 2 weeks. It took all my strength to drag myself out of bed, I felt mentally  and physically sluggish, etc. Then, suddenly, BANG, it got easier. Week by week.

    Some stuff that might help you:

    Are you getting the full 9 hours of sleep per night? That, I found, is SO important. 7 hours, 8 hours doesn't do it. It's gotta be 9. Every night.

    Look at your protein/carb/fat intake, see if there is somewhere you can make some adjustments. Like Chadw pointed out, it's possible you aren't eating enough.

    In keeping with the food thing, if you ate a lot of junk/fast food/processed foods before the Challenge, your body still might be in "detox" mode from that. The sudden stoppage of stuff like sugars and simple carbs can make you feel like crap for a little while.

    Also, look at the times of day you are working out and see if you can adjust there. I started doing weights at the end of every evening so that way I could come home, eat some cottage cheese, chill for an hour, then go to bed. It helped a lot to go to sleep shortly after doing all that hard work.

    Hope these help, if you give more details more people might have some other suggestions!

  • I felt like crap for 2 weeks craving chocolate and whiskey and then got a mild flu, I found that adding egg whites to my oats picked me out of the slump.

  • Not sure if it's normal, but yes, since I've been doing BFL programs I always feel tired or sore, usually both.  But, I also look back to how I felt when I was at my worst prior to BFL and the aches and pains now are much easier to accept than the sheer agony I was in then, physically and mentally.  

    Good Luck!

  • Forcing your body to change is not something its going to take kindly to.  I haven't always been in terrible condition.  I know that forcing it to change into something you want makes your body pretty upset with you.   For me it takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month to get my body to start craving the exercise.  I start off hurting and looking for excuses but in a few weeks, my body starts to almost yell  "I want to push! " if I don't get to the gym fast enough.  

    Get plenty of sleep.  Remember that's where the magic takes place.  For you it sounds like the magic is removing a few demons.  Pain is weakness leaving the body.   Keep your eyes focused but be smart:

    Remember level 9 is YOUR level 9.   I'm not trying to win a prize.  I'm trying to BECOME the Prize!