Keeping motivated

  • In an effort to keep myself motivated, I try motivating others.  But the truth is I want to see more change.  I see it - slightly.  I feel it - alot.  I read through the weekly letters from past champions and found a quote to keep me going through another week:

    Remember, this program is about creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle. So this is a great point to take stock of the efforts you've made up until now, looking at both of these factors: what you've already done really well, plus any areas in which you can improve. Then incorporate your findings into the final few weeks.

    I know there are areas I need to improve.  I need to work out the times of my meals better - work makes it difficult, but I will find a way to deal with it.  I also know that I take too many liberties with my free day.  I know it is time to curb that into a free meal.  I am half way there and I will succeed.  I am working on creating a healthy lifestyle for me and for my husband.  My initial goal was to be healthier so I could get on the ground and play with my grandchildren without struggling to get up and down.

    Yes, that did it.  It does help to remember your goals, and why you have them.  Best of luck, yall.


  • I think you are doing great because you do so well staying connected. Having succeeded in other areas of my life, I know that one very important ingredient in becoming succesfull besides the hard work is staying connected with people of like minds and having accountability. You do those things very well. Glad to have you as a friend on MyFitnessPal.


  • Thank you, Soraya.  I need that connection and you are a big part of it for me.  

  • I am in my 8th week. Losing steam. Feels like the more muscle I gain the more difficult cardio is. I need new food options also. But what you wrote here is going to inspire me to kick it up my last few weeks. :)

  • Miss Given, I am in week 9 and for the first time felt today like if I am not careful with my thoughts to stay possitive, I could lose steam too. But its good to have supporters that can keep encouraging and supporting each other mutually. Brenda, you are defenately one of those to me! Seeing that both of you mentioned needing new food ideas at one point or anohter, I have been watching other people's meal options on the MyFitnessPal App and that has given me so much creativity. Couple days ago I saw an add on tv for Krafts Cheese and they showed this real yummy grilled cheese sandwich and I was about to feel sad I can't have it and then I thought...."wait... why not?? I already found fat free shredded Cheddar Cheese and I only eat whole wheat, so why not?" And to add Protein, I thought to add couple slices of Turkey breast. I wanted to send the idea to you, Brenda and forgot. I had it today for a snack and it was great! Only... I have only half a sandwich because a whole would put me over my intake goal. I will then make 3-4 Grilled Turkey and Cheese Sandwiches, cut them in half, wrap them and freeze them and then anytime I need a meal on the go... this would make a GREAT pick to re-heat in the micro and done!


  • Great idea, Soraya - good for you.  Tonight I am trying to find something creative to do with a couple of chicken breast I baked.

    Miss Given - I believe a large part of what we do here in the forum is motivate one another.  I am glad to help push you through another week, later you may need to give me a shove :)