• I wanted to give a big shout out to the following succesfull, experienced yet very humble people here on the site, namely: JIM GOODMAN, RUNNERMOM, BDMOM, WPBILL AND MYKAL...who having accomplished multiple challenges and on to more, are always out here giving back to the community of us "beginners". They have not forgotten that they were beginners also at one point needing encouragement and guidance and therefore they are always lifting others up. Since we don't always know who is on what number of challenge you can still tell who the old timers are and I want to publically thank these caring people for what they have invested in me and others. A big praise to them, may God bless you for your humility and patience. Because of YOU many continue fighting and are doing well dispite their struggles or lack of experience. BIG CARRIBEAN HUGS TO YOU ALL.  (There are many more that others can name too, I haven't had the priviledge of getting to know all, but thank you to all who reach out on this forum) .


  • If you are still running (or walking or sprinting in this journey) and you can pinpoint one or a few people who have motivated, coached, encouraged, cheered for you, held you accountable, given you touch love, etc... feel free to give them a high five too. Because there are many more.


  • Applause for all who stick around for so long helping others!

  • I completely agree.  Without BDMom for guidance I may have lost my way before now.  Knowing I have her to lean on, to ask for advice and information, I am confident in my 1st challenge.

  • Wow, I am totally touched and honored to read this. It is totally paying it forward for me.  I remember being the newbie and leaning on so many others for support and guidance; some honorable mentions would be DebMo, Legs, Orrin, Jacium, and then all my buddies that I did my first challenge with that I continue to communicate with on the BFL forum on a regular basis.  Who would have known that when I stumbled upon BFL a little over 2 years ago that I would find such wonderful people and develop some amazing friendships.  I am thankful everyday for my BFL family!!!  God Bless you all!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • SorayaRosaria that was nice, thank you. I agree with BDMom it is paying it forward. Most of the people I began with have moved on, passed on and so forth. From my first challenge only a couple of people stayed in touch and if it wasn't for facebook I pretty would have lost touch with most of the BFLers I got to know. Mike Harris was my favorite pain in my tail here, miss the arguments over free days and peanut butter LOL. I spent most of my time posting and doing Q&A at the EFL message center and then was asked by BP to do the same at his original launch of The friendships I made have blessed me immensely and I wouldn't be where I am today with out the love, encouragement (aka kick in the pants) and advice they freely gave. Reading through the different threads there are some wonderfully encouraging people here and I need that again in my life.

    Great OP SorayaRosaria, good way to start off the day reflecting and getting to head to church with an abundance of gratitude, thank you!

  • Thank you, Soraya! As BDMom said, it is definitely about paying it forward. We are all here for one be the healthiest we can be. Of course we all want that for each other too. You are such an inspiration too, and I am so proud of you for sticking with this journey.

    I can't imagine my life before finding BFL a little over a year ago. It has made ALL the difference in my health and well-being. I try to spread the word around to anyone who will listen :)

    All the people on the Warrior thread have been my inspirations. The Warriors are all so dedicated, motivating, inspiring, but most of all, my friends on this journey of pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

  • Many Thanks to Soraya for her concern and kind comments. It was a honor to help out in any way that I could and would be glad to do it again for her. Best wishes in her future efforts and Way to go on her current results!

  • No problem guys... you deserve the compliment from many more people because not everyone is like you, so selfless to give back. I want to grow up to have this same attitude, you are showing me how. I know this is what God wants us to do, not become so proudful with our accomplishment that we cant associate with the newbies anymore when they need support. I had to laugh when I re-read my post. I said "given you touch love, etc..." . Of course I meant "Tough Love".  I am sure you got it though. There are two people who KICKED me in the pants right away like Jim said. (We need that!) Namely: SOUTHERNBUTTERFLIES and DOBEGIRL. (Thank you ladies, I jumped on your advice). I came on here to vent that the scale showed I went UP in week 2 after a 3lbs drop in week 1. They both "yelled" at me to THROW THE SCALE AWAY! It does me no good to use that as a measure for success. And they were right. I learned something new that day and put the scale away to break my addiction to weigh myself every morning. And so now I have only weighed myself 2x after I started. That is a big deal for an ex- scale addict like me. Now I am ready to kick some pants too with support including my own with self motivation. haha.


  • Great post Soraya!

    If not for this forum, I often wonder where I'd be, and if I would have fallen off the wagon.  Thank you everyone for your guidance!

  • Soraya, I agree with you 100%!! Those are some of the most knowledgeable and most helpful people on this forum that you mentioned. They dish out the "tough" love whey you need it and are also some of the best cheer leaders you could ever ask for! They deserved this.. Thank you for posting this thread! :)

  • WoW Island_Dude You transformation is freaking ridiculous!  Incredible dude!

  • Yep, Island Dude is in that studly category now!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • I concur with those findings about Island Dude!!! Simply awesome and inspiring and he's always ready to help with advice on line too!! THANKS!