C2-Feeling Good

  • So far my pix are on MyFitnessPal rather then here. I just took more pix today and posted there. I believe i will post pix of end result here though at week 12. Would love to have you on the list at www.myfitnesspal.com. Great app for smart phones also for helping you control better intake of nutrition. Balance your protein and carbs intake, keep track of your progress and see it in charts, etc. Good luck. I keep posting my progress though in my journal here under the thread "this is my journey". Entering week 11 tomorrow, just 2 more weeks left in C1.


  • Day 37

    Not sure where to find your thread Soraya. Will look up myfitnesspal. Great progress on C1 Soraya, hope day 84 is a greatone.

    Just finished upperbody. Aircon in gym being repaired and 33 degrees celsius. Lazy workout but good effort on biceps. Seem to have the right formula now on the nutrition lost 2 kilos in three days and not hungry.

    Till next time