Calling all skinny dudes!

  • I know most of the people on here are trying to loose weight. But some of us are too thin and are trying to gain healthy weight.

    If any of you men out there started out skinny and were successful in gaining weight and muscle mass, I would like to hear from you. I would like to know if you did anything differently because you are trying to gain weight rather than loose it and if it worked for you.


  • Grant - you might want to check out Dr. John Hussman's site. His page on "Why the Body for Life Program Works" notes some of the tweaks that various BFL champions have made. The link goes to his "Tweaking the Program" section; below the "Things you can't compromise on" list, you should especially check out what Abb Ansley, Anthony Ellis and Jeff Seidman did, since all were in your position starting out.

    I can't help you with any personal experience since I'm in the opposite boat - I already have nearly 170 lbs lean mass at 5'8", I just need to dump another 30-35 lbs of fat.

  • Sleep a lot. Sleeping is sooo essential when gaining.

  • You're telling me!  I only just started and already it seems as if I need an extra 2 hours of sleep per day. I guess it is all the work my body is doing from being triggered into "repair mode."