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  • hey guys, im on my second go-around with body for life, and im in for the long haul this time, as the title implies.."for life."  anyway, when i did the weight training regiment, i got really great results, but i also suffered from serious soreness, even after the first time. my doctor said im going to heavy with the weights, but isnt the purpose of the regiment to gradually move through progressively heavier weights? any suggestions from anyone? im guessing i just need to stay really light until my body adapts.



  • ....and as the doctor odered, yes the doctor is right.

    Use weeks 1-8 to linearly progress and then when you hit week 8, (it'll will show yourself the seriousness of your own commitment) then you can exponentially progress.

    In the beginning I too wanted to push heavy, but as a guy doing dumbell bench presses at 10lbs?  A little ashamed of myself.  But then I knew that if I pushed myself too hard I would get too sore and then eventually I'd quit.

    So I told myself, nope...just finish...follow the program and see it through.  Now entering my 8th week I am gradually increasing just a little more.  I push my body and it's responding.  We are working as a team.

    So in week 1, scale back, just record some numbers, even if it's not what you want.  Concentrate more on form and completing it in the allotted time.  This is the key.  Re-read the book and see if you miss any of the little things, I am constantly learning something new.

    Good luck to you - welcome back - you'll find some great motivational people here!

    ~Marqui D.

  • I am also a member of the "lightweight" club.  I started my bench presses on my first upper body day with just the olympic bar.  I have since added a bit, I am focused on where I'll be as I get stronger not on where I had to start.

  • Hey, DB -

    Some advice from my trainer:

    - Keep a water bottle with you during work out.

    - You should be drinking 4 oz every 15 minutes during work out.

    - Google "argenine". It is in some protein shake weight training supplements. It helps reduce discomfort while the muscle tissue is rebuilding. You can buy it as a supplement capsule,

    - The initial soreness is usually worse the 2nd day after muscle tear. 3rd can be as sore. End of the fourth day should be significantly less sore - for the next day to re-tear, again.

    The soreness seems to be not as bad after a while as the body adjusts to the pattern of muscle tear and  tissue rebuilding process.

    I am in the fourth week, and started 70 # dumbbells for high point - only got to 5 reps for the 4th set.

    But, today being upper body for me, anticipate hitting the 6th rep with a gratifying intense 10 level!

    I now feel a little soreness, but not like the fist 2 weeks of the challenge.

    It took a full 3 weeks for my body to adjust to the drastic change I thrusted upon it..

    Remember, the human body is an amazing thing!

    It will adjust and adapt!

    No pain, no gain!

    Hit your 10 intensity level, and create your high points!

    When you feel the soreness, that is muscle tissue rebuilding, gaining size in lean mass and getting stronger!!!

    Each time you go into the gym, you will find that you have been fortified with more strength!

    Pretty soon (end of the 3rd week for me), it starts feeling good, and you will see a significant difference in the shape and size of your chest, arms, all the muscle you are working out!

    It is truly an amazing thing!

    Try some of my trainers suggestions - it helped me!

    Maybe it will help you!

    Keep going, and review the high point concept in the Body-for-Life book.

    Good reading!

    Only the best regards,


    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • ........ "am in the fourth week, and started 70 # dumbbells for high point - only got to 5 reps for the 4th set".......


    Whey to go Terry.

  • Hi DB,

    You should expect some soreness.  But I disagree with the 'no pain, no gain' statement.  In my realm we say, "no pain, no brain".  

    I'm a doctor of physical therapy and board certified specialist in orthopedic physical therapy.  I'd recommend paying attention to where the pain is located and how it behaves.

    The soreness or ache if it's DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) would be widespread in the muscle that you trained.  It will usually last a few days.  It can be reduced by performing some light aerobic work when it's sore and or applying ice after the training session.  For example, the chest muscle as a whole, which covers the front of the rib cage.

    A pain that is not DOMS may be achy, dull or sharp.  It may be more specific in it's location (i.e. right along the front or top of the shoulder and you can't point right to it w/ one finger) and it may be produced with movements that you wouldn't expect.  

    Hope that helps some...keep up the good work!


  • Very interesting.

    After my third week, I find am not as sore.

    I don't know how anyone is not going to be sore 2nd and 3rd day post work out rest.

    I have talked to several people at my gym at different levels of progress, who all say the same thing.

    My weight trainer says the same thing.

    I started at 35# Dumb bells for 4th set rep 6, now here I am 4th week pushing 70's with ease.

    Come the 5th day to rework muscles I am itching to get in, and pushing them to the next level each time.

    Ultimately, just getting the post work out experience from several people at different stages at your gym, or here, in the forum, should yield a well rounded and realistic expectation.

    This should help you in the right direction in your personal path of self discovery.

    If sharp pain continues through the 5th day post work out, then it would make sense to back off, or consult a real Physician.

    This is the advice I am getting from people I respect, and know personally.

    And I am doing well by it!

    I feel great!!!!

    I am getting into the best shape of my life, and it feels good!!!

    You have my BEST,

    - Terry

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • guys, thank you so much for ur responses, im taking the advice, scaling back on the weights right now, just pacing myself, and getting used to the workout, watching and improving my form.. i have only minimal soreness this time, im only on week 3, so im still taking it easy. one thing that does concern me is that im really not dropping any weight so far, i remember the last time i did body for life i was shedding pounds noticeably in like the third week...the only difference between then and now is that back then i was doing cardio only and not lifting any weights. plus im doing lighter cardio, only on the treadmill, no roadwork so far. any ideas? despite the lack of weight loss, i still feel really good.

    p.s.. i havent been hitting 6 complete meals yet.. only 5 due to my schedule, is it possible thats making a difference too?

  • hi healthyD1. I am on day 3 of the program, first time around. Me and my fiance are doing it together. So, naturally i had a lot of questions. I called the hotline with my list and they were incredibly helpful. As far as 5 meals goes, I had the same question. I was told that if in order to get all necessary protein and carbs in, if only 5 meals will be eaten, then increase the portion sizes slightly in order to compensate for this. Hope this helps :)

  • Drink a myoplex shake within 30 minutes of your weightraining workouts.  This will be your sixth meal AND it will help you recover.  Maybe it's placebo effect, but I feel more soreness after days that I don't bring the shake (ready-to-drink)  with me to the gym for post-workout consumption!    

    I also know from experience that I was not drinking enough water when I first tried this program a few years back.  Your muscles cannot recover properly if they are not well hydrated, and you will be miserable!  Aside from working out, I suffer from chronic lower back pain and it is ALWAYS worse when I start to become dehydrated.

    Hope this helps.