Results at week four

  • So I'm starting week four and I have barley noticed any changes in my body. I read through some past success stories and many people write about noticing changes around week three. I'm trying not to get discouraged and hoping I will notice things soon but I am just wondering if I'm the only one. Maybe I'm not working out hard enough I feel like i reach level 10 while doing cardio but maybe I can push my self a little bit more. Or maybe its common to not notice much change yet advice anyone

  • It's common - especially for women (the term "week eight miracle" refers to how so many women doing the challenge see little change until week eight or nine, then wham! everything looks like it's happening at once). Most guys see changes much earlier, but not all of them.

    After my first three weeks, the scale said I'd dropped just four pounds and the mirror said I was just as blubbery as when I started. But I had also been regularly taking measurements and testing body fat, so I could see I'd actually lost two and a half inches around my belly, and lost over eleven pounds of fat and gained over seven pound of lean (I'd lost six pounds of lean mass over the Lenten fast - mostly water weight I'm sure - so most of that gain was probably replenishing lost water).

    Now that I've finished week four, I'm just kinda sorta maybe noticing in the mirror that I might possibly be changing a bit. But I've been trusting in the tape measure more than the mirror so far, and that's kept my confidence up because I can measure the changes even if I can't quite be sure I'm seeing them.

  • so don't listen to monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday one day off workouts it's all nonsense, but everything else is awesome diet ect all good

  • try this it will blow you away

  • Thank you both for your quick replies and advice. I have read a lot about this 8 week miracle and I can't wait to reach it, I almost wish it would come a lot sooner. I did not take measurements when I started which i regret now. So i actually don't know how many inches i lost. Though I have lost 6 pounds scale weight so that is a bit encouraging. Maybe I will take my measurements now and then go from there.  

  • i can guarntee, you hit a plateau. your should be able to notice a considerable difference every week. You should also feel it in your clothes.

  • I take the opposite view from no pain - I've been following the workout plan "by the book" and have so far dropped an average of between three and four pounds of fat per week. And I started at 34% body fat.

    It's just a matter of working out smart. I don't wait until I'm not sore anymore to work out - if I did, I'd probably only get one workout per week :-) - but I pay close attention to my body to make sure I don't aggravate anything. When I badly overstressed my triceps, I kept on schedule with cardio and lower body, then when the next upper body workout came around, I switched to chest and shoulder exercises that didn't also use the triceps, and did the triceps exercises as "walkthroughs" mostly without weight (but with proper form), enough to stimulate the blood flow (and I didn't worry about hitting "9"s or "10"s). They actually recovered much more quickly after that.

    If you feel like you're hitting "10"s, you're right on track, don't try for an "11". That can easily lead to overtraining which can totally mess up your results (not to mention increase your chance of injury).

  • first thing i notice my clothes were getting too big

  • Even if you didn't take initial measurements, you could always take a few now. If you seem to hit a plateau later with no visible progress, watching the measurements can help you determine if you're really not making progress, or if you are but it's just not visible.

  • exactly your should only be working out mybe 3-4 times a weeks, 6 days on one day off, lol your burning muscles not building...

  • oh well i got the results, if you want listen to me, if you don't but after your done your 12 weeks try it my way, when i did body for the the first time you couldn't tell me to do it another way i was so pumped. Mark my words I never got my abs, you lose weight ill give you that, but boy oh boy do you ever gain it back!!!!!!!! just like you were before you started lol

  • check your clothes, your clothes are your bench mark

  • wow, no pain.  Your last comment is very encouraging.

    brymuirstudent, I agree with mstickies.  Just keep working at it.  I have heard from someone who does it just to wait until after weeks 5, 6 and 7.  He said the most changes happen then, but most people don't get to see them because they don't make it past 4 weeks.  I have heard lots about the week 8 as well.  Just keep doing what you are doing; sounds like you are doing great.  Can't wait to hear your updates! :)

  • @no pain - well, let's see. One the one hand we have you (and, as far as I can see, you alone) calling the BFL workout plan "nonsense", advocating working out only 3-4 days per week, and saying that doing things the BFL way means you'll inevitably gain back all the weight you've lost.

    On the other hand, we have multiple champions and thousands upon thousands of other people - many of whom have done multiple challenges - testifying that doing BFL "by the book" leads to great results, and of those who say they lost ground later, all agree it was because they dropped either their dietary or workout discipline, or both. And just for good measure, John Hussman, PhD, has thoroughly researched the BFL plan and explains in great detail how and why doing it "by the book" DOES work (

    I think I'll go with the preponderance of evidence. If your way works for you, great! Keep it up. But at least have the class not to mock those who follow a program tested and proven by multiple thousands of participants.

  • I am at the same point you are and that's why im on here today. I have lost weight and a few inches. Right now im stuck and me

    personally im just going to push harder the second half of the program. like last night i ran over 2Miles in the twenty minute session. that's a big success for me. Although i don't look much different i feel great.