Fell off due to being sick and fell off alot

  • Well the abyss has caught me alot but guess what it is no match for my motivation the next six weeks will be sticking to BFL like i never have before Look OUT ABYSS!! If you get in my way I will Kick you to the ground and run you over . good luck on anyone else that is starting there six weeks or just starting today if i can do it anyone can.


  • Great job keeping it up!! The key is to keep going no matter what comes your way. GOOD JOB!!! :o)

  • Thank you I want to be at 240 by the end of my 12 weeks and i will not let anything stand in my way not even sickness im trying to turn all my negative itnto positives And good job to you as well hope you are reaching you goals and thank you for the encouragement.