January 9ers, C2, and April 9ers C1, let's start this new thread!

  • @ R4L - sorry for going all Dennis Miller on you.  Bella Carolli was the Romanian Gymnastics Coach that made little Kerri Strug do the parallel bars with a broken ankle...you can see him saying that from the sidelines as she limped onto the stage.

  • Buckibbq  - I would love a ‘block’ party…but I have to be honest…by the time you start, I hoped to have already kicked the habit (-:

    Have fun!

    Hey I did the 5/25 yesterday. After reading Frick’s comments on his experience, I decided to do it with the weight amounts that I lift during the normal 10 rep BFL UBWO.

    After the first set…my thinking…Oh darn, I started out way to light … this will be easy to finish…then at set three…h, this is going to be interesting…set five finished up at 24 minutes…some lifts I struggled with, others I lifted a few more reps just to finish strong.

    I think I need to up the weight a little bit on most lifts…but not to Frick’s level. I think I would reach failure way to fast.

    So that brings me to a couple thoughts. First, like Frick at the end I was a little light headed …wonder why? Thoughts? The cardio did not feel the same as a running or elliptical cardio and the work out, while it felt good, did not feel the same as going to failure with standard BFL work out. Wonder why…perhaps a sign I need to move up a little bit in weight. I did like the approach. I will definitely be incorporating this into the standard program…just need to figure out how to make it work with the lifting mix!  I noticed that I was doing 3 lifts that were focused more on chest and shoulders and 2 mainly on biceps and tris.

    Do you guys think I could do two of these in one day, perhaps one in the morning completely focusing on chest and shoulders and then an evening one focusing on biceps and tri’s. I think this would be a great UBWO as a variety to the standard BFL lift for UBWO and it would allow me to focus even more on chest and shoulders.

    Just a thought.

    Frick sorry I missed the Dennis Miller reference…but it did get me motivated.

    Hey, the Steva plants…would they grow up here in the north where the snow flys…or would I have to bring them indoors...are they tropical? Thinking I might try this as well…still hitting sugar a little bit and if I can plant them and pick them fresh… that would be fun…right next to the basil plant (-:

    Let us know the right ratio for coffee will you.

    and thanks for the recipe I need more variety as well. Better planning needed in the food department here.

    Cardio day for me today…maybe a 5k run. I will see if my soccer playing daughter wants to take a jog. She loves going out fast in a ‘catch me if you can mode.’ But then at mile two, I just smile as I pull along side of her matching her stride for stride. We end up being neck and neck toward the end. I think she is learning to go out slower and save some for the grand finale’ as she is definitely finishing up much stronger lately and really making her father huff and puff toward the end just to keep up!

    Keep it strong 9ers

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Hello Everyone,

    Sorry I haven’t been posting much.  I have been so busy with work and then I am talking two online classes so I feel like I am a blogging queen.  I think I am ditching the rest of the threads and staying with this one @Run4life: you were so right.  I didn’t have any time to work out or plan food when I am typing so much LOL!  Anywho, this week has been much better than last.  I am planning better and my commitment is better.  Yesterday was cardio and it was great.  I am training for the 5K Color Run this weekend.  I am really excited.  At every 1K marker, they throw food coloring at you.  I will post some pics on Sunday so that everyone can see the colored goodness!  Eating has been much better.  Unfortunately I ran out of the EAS Lean powder and thought that I could just substitute some generic brand protein.  OMG!! Don’t do that everyone!!!  My shake was horrible.  I had to throw it out.  Stay with EAS.  Tonight I am going to try the 5-25 plan for UBWO.  I know that  I will be dying by the time I am done   Why do I get excited to become sore…haha

    @Tonja: Stay strong girlfriend.  Don’t let your current success appease you.  Push throw and stay strong till the last week!!! Its easy to get complacent after you have seen some level of success.  Just keep pushing and keep strong with the diet.  Remember diet is 80% of the equation.  You can do this!!

    @BuckiBBQ: Everytime I see your red name I think of ribs… and it makes me hungry!!! LOL!!!

    @Faith: you can do this.  Keep posting.  I know when I feel pooped and tired and want to quit, all it takes is reading a post from bucki, frick or run4life and I am motivated again 

    @Frick: chocolate=death of me!! LOL  I will be trying that recipe this weekend!!!

    Alrighty everyone take care and HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!


  • my smiley's come up as boxes haha!!! damn computer :P

  • Rujn4 - Stevia grows naturally in Columbia which is the same latitude as Florida, but is pretty hearty, bring it in in the winter, i;m told.  Lightheadedness probably due to lack of oxygen while shunting blood to lower body.  I put 4 leaves in 1/2 c of hot coffee and didn't even register on the sweetness meter for me.  back to the drawing board - or better yet, buying more at the store.  Picked by slave labor in south america, no doubt for pennies a month.

    Bucki - pay R4L and my airfare and we'll bring the BBQ and get these blocks schlepped for you in no time...

    Good run on the beach today.  did a modified 5/25 cardio.  Since the clock is impractical for me i did it in distance.  After running 1 mile, I walked 1/16, ran 2/16, sprinted 1/16 repeated for 18/16ths or 6 cycles.  Again, the distance between these concrete structures on the beach are 1/16th apart, so it makes it pretty easy for me to measure.

    Rock on, y'all, it's hump day.

  • 5/25 felt good! tried it today @ home! Amazing felt, great!

    thanks for the link...it was new to me!

  • I think the 5/25 routine works well the same way that the Insanity Weight or P90X training works.  Your muscle memory puts your workouts in a grove where only certain PARTS of your muscle are being exercised also, you use only some of your secondary muscles (the ones that stablize the muscles that you are focusing on) when you do the same routines.  By us taking a break from our normal routines, it shakes things up a bit.  This is a good thing.

    Just a theory.  I'm not an expert (but I did sleep in a Holiday Inn Express, once).

  • HAHA Frick.  Very funny.  

    I think the 5-25 is going to be great for me.  I often feel that with the minute breaks in between each set, I get too much of a break and never fully work my muscle.  This goes back to the whole sweat discussion we had in our previous thread.  If I were to start the strength workout as described in the BFL book, w/out a warm up, it would take me about 30 minutes to get a good sweat going.  Because of that, I started the strength portion by always running 2 miles.  Then I would notice that I was able to sustain a good sweat throughout.  I have a feeling that the 5-25 leaves you sweaty the entire time!

    off to a sashimi lunch!


  • @frick- LOL on the Holiday Inn Express. I am going to have to try that work out, sounds like it is getting the job done.

    Cardio for me yesterday. Did 10 miles on the stationary bike in the morning and then ran a 5k when I got home. LBWO this morning was great.....Still need to get eatnig under control though

  • Bart - awesome on the 5k run and the 10 mile bike ride...you're mixing units of measurement...is that like getting your peanut butter in your chocolate (OK - that last part has gotta be like cussing on the BFL web site).

    Steva - Columbia = Tropical - I'll try the store bought version first as I am a natural plant killer...

    Hey I forgot to mention that the 5/25 gave me a case of the DOMS that I have not had in a while...either that or it was the bricks...or both...anyway - soreness is the new 'good feeling'

    Bucki - I think you have a new fan club starting here (5/25)

    Natalie - At times I think sweat = great work out. Though I am not always sure if that is true. I guess when I sweat big time, I am usely equating that to a good cardio work out. So when it does not happen I at times feel like something must be missing or I did not push hard enough!

    keep it strong group.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Okay, I am back and reading your post and what is this 5/25 workout?  I am looking at my next challenge and this seems very interesting.  Can someone give me a quick run down?  

    Thanks for the support, bought some shrimp & fish - plan is to boil the shrimp & try something new on the grill.  

    Frick, I will keep buying my stevia.  Have you tried any of the liquid flavors?  Toffee one isn't bad, but it is difficult to figure out how much.

    run4life, I just signed up for my 1st 5k and not ready, but I will finish it if I have to walk it!  It is for a good cause money for kids to join the Y.  


  • @Tonj - 5/25 is Bill Phillips' Transformations workout incorporating both weights and cardio in a compact 25 minute workout consisting of 5 sets.  Each set consists of 10 reps of 5 different exercises (50 reps per set).  B4L approved and will kick your a$$....

    @ R4L - I too got some serious DOMS.  The dead lifts focused on my outer quads and are sore-in a good way.  Luckily the DOMS hit AFTER my beach run today.  Tomorrow is UBWO and will try 5/25 for that.

    Stevia - not into the flavors, but sounds good.  I may be back buying stevia in the raw if this botany experiment fails.

    Last post for the day - promise.

  • Hey Kids, I am seriously so sore. It is pretty comical watching me walk, actually. As I said on the Facebook page, I am so sore and uncomfortable that climbing into my temper pedic mattress, since it has quite a bit of "give", was like the road to Mordor. I almost cried it was so painful. I guess it's fair to say I guessed my start weight for my LBWO pretty well huh? Ha!

    I am meant to do an upper body workout today, but I got put in night clinic and won't be done until 10:00, so I think I am going to do my UBWO tomorrow, and make up the cardio from today on Sunday, which was supposed to be my rest day. Luckily finals are this week, and I get the whole month of May off, so that's 5 weeks of easy eating and planning that will be gladly welcomed!

    @Run: How are you so on top of this blog?!??! I mean seriously, man, you're making me look bad/jealous! Ha, I am so impressed with you. Seriously.

    That is all for now. I have to go clean teeth. Miss you already!


  • ok, I lied (twice)  Stevia is from Argentina, latitued 27 to 50 degrees.  There's hope for your brown thumb R4L.

  • Frick Thanks - it is always fun to make it home grown. I will try it at the store first though to ensure that I can 'handle it'.

    Tonja - your first 5 k - now that is cool.

    Just remember to start out slow and don't try to keep up with the 'testosterone herd' sprinting off the starting line. That way, as you conserved your energy during the first half of the race...you will be sprinting past those pooped herd runners on the back half. I always enjoy that...”it does make the race more fun,” says the turtle. All the best.

    AJ - OK...the first steps to recovery is to admit that you have a problem...Hi, I'm Jeff and I have a blogging problem. Actually I gotta tell you I was online lots toward the end of C1 that made the last 3 weeks of C1 fly. Then I feel motivationally I really struggled in the first week of this BFL cycle. You guys really kept/keep me going. I suspect my blogging will slow down a little (but not too much)...I think my family is a little worried about me (-:

    As far as work is concerned...I am a desk jockey and lately I have had a lot of computer work so every 90 minutes or so I take a quick 5 minute break and instead of heading to the 'water cooler' I check up on my BFL family here. My colleagues at work know I blog a little (new skill for me…14 week old what a coincidence). In my work group of about 16 folks, we have two weight lifters who have been doing it for a while .Until my BFL start, the rest of us pretty much just left them alone. Now that I started BFL ...I have been talking up a storm to them and telling everyone in the group about my successes, struggles and goals. Well...it isn't just because of me, but now there are five more group members doing some sort of exercise from P90X to Insanity to Warrior Dash training to running. It is amazing what a little talking can do. We all have been thinking it..then talking about it and finally I have a group that supports each other with their exercise goals just like here. It is amazing.

    I just hope you guys don't get too mad at me, for at times I feel like I hog the bandwidth.

    OK thanks support group...

    ...I feel much better now.

    Hump day and we are at the crest of week 2.

    Lovin' it 9ers!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!