January 9ers, C2, and April 9ers C1, let's start this new thread!

  • hey faith...My quote to the group in the last challenge was from Woody Allen.  "95 % of success is 'just showing up'".  Some days I get down to the weight bench and think, "well, I'm here now, might as well at least go though the motions."  Keep at it.  motivated or not.  Just don't stop showing up.

    This is also how I made it through college.  The classes that I did not do well in, my attendance was less-than-stellar.  Once I figured the corellary, I started just showing up, the credits started to add up and before I new it, I had my degree.

  • 9ers,

    Congrats on finishing your C1 & starting C2!  I am on week 10 and starting to fade.  What can I do to get re-motivated?  I am getting a little tired of the food & I am still going to the gym with out issue, but I am just not as EXCITED as a I was just a few weeks ago!  Any advice would be appreciated.


  • Tonja - Finish strong! You will be much happier with yourself at Day 84 if you finish like you started.  I'm speaking from experience.  My last two weeks of C1 were more like maintenance.  Not all bad, but looking back it is not what I wanted and I didn't follow through like I should have.  For me it was planning, shopping, preparing and tracking everything.  I was just tired of doing it.  But you know what?  I'm still not in my best condition and I'm tired of that too.  Nobody said it would be easy....Try a completely different menu for the last two weeks.  Look at what you have been eating and find something totally different using all of your online resources.  You can do it!!!  

    Faith - Keep on posting!  I'm trying to post at least a couple times per day to keep focused on doing my best on this challenge.  I'm still struggling with sticking to my daily plan, but as Frick says...Just keep showing up!!!

    Bobby - I'm glad you tried the 5-25 workout and thanks for the feedback.  I with you...I like the traditional BFL WO, but if I'm short on time but I don't want to skip a WO then it is a pretty good option.  It is always good to have alternative tools in your tool box.  Welcome to the group!!!...Are you going to try on those pants once per week to measure your progress???

    Good afternoon to ya'll...stay focused!!


  • Frick, thanks for the advice, and I think you might be onto something.  Once I'm doing it, I enjoy it; it's just getting started that feels hard.  

    The silver lining is, it's amazing how many "one last things" I can get done quickly and effectively when I'm putting off going out the door for my morning workout, lol.

    Anyhow, I'll show up every day this week, and let you all know how it goes.

  • faithrainbow - Good recovery on Monday from the Sunday break...You got this... post here for support !!!!!!!!

    I post here often....I guess that must make me the 'problem child' of the group! lol.

    I know everyone handles the challenge differently.

    When I tried this 5-7 years ago ( cannot really remember how long it has been - the mind forgets failures) I gave up during week three...too hard...not enough motivation....not seeing much progress...after all it has been three weeks right...LOL

    Well, when I tried again starting last Jan 9th...with many still here on this blog...I almost got in this same trap. Week three and four for me felt so hard... I think if it were not for the group on the blog....it would have been my second BFL 'F'.

    By week five, I saw a little progress and to be honest with you I was kinda 'pissed off' (sorry) with myself that I almost quit again. I turned that frustration into workout rage and I really cranked up the workouts... Not that it really helped my progress much, it just felt like I was doing all that I could to keep it going.

    Then, to be honest with you, week 9 to week 12 went by in a blur. I did not have fantastic progress on the scale or tape during that time. I just think I got into a fantastic groove. It was starting to become a habit.

    I can tell soon you will be a habitual offender with BFL....just get through the next several weeks...you won't be sorry.

    I know many here have kicked me in the behind with TLC and gave me great tips to keep it going. In fact, in this C2 I will have to admit that my current motivation is a little lower than the end of C1 so I am leaning on this group as well to pull me through.

    Like you ... I have too much riding on this physical exercise thing to stop.

    So let's crank it up!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Good for you Faith.  Here's to showing up.

    I just did my first 5-25 lower routine.  Figured I would just knock it out in 25 and hit a quick 15 minute ab ripper X for dessert.  I selected weights that are my 3rd set (30#, final reps for me are @ 40#).  

    First set - no prob.  Thinking I could probably have gone 5# higher in weight selection

    At the 3rd set I didn't think I would make the 5th

    Took an extra minute to catch my breath after the 4th set

    Finished set 5 strong but winded and sweating.

    Abs will have to wait until this evening or tomorrow pre-run.

    What I like about it is the compactness of the routine and that I can do it all with the same weights.  I feel that I hit my 10's and then some, probably at 95% heartrate.  I was a little lightheaded at times.  I didn't like the fact that I didn't work to fatigue, but all in all, I like it as an alternate to my normal routine when time is of the essence.

    Also, will have to post some diet habits from my second or third challenge in 2009.  Pretty funny how I have matured as an eater.  The two biggest epiphanies were switching from pineapples, sugar and sierra nevada to blueberries, stevia and vodka/soda.

    Cheers, Y'all

  • Tonja - Like Bucki says - plan as much as you can to maximize your potential for success these next two weeks. For me at week ten I traveled 9 days…just a little distraction but I had a great work out room at the hotel and that that helped.

    To mentally motivate me the last two weeks, I told myself that I was no longer counting my workout activities in weeks to go...it is now in days...you have only 12 left (2 weeks) 12/84 = only 15% of the program left... 85% of the program behind you. Looks how far you have come! You are on the other side of the hill. That's gotta be your final destination for C1 just off in the distance...not the tiny spec that you could barely see when you first started. The finish line is right around the corner. You got this...you won't believe the felling when you complete C1 when 95% of those who try do not.

    Bring it home strong!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Frick thanks for the insight on the 5/25 and Bucki thanks for introducing it to us.

    I am going to try this tonight for UBWO.

    First, I have a ton of block to bring home and move as an appetizer.

    If I survive it all, I will post my experience.

    I think I will start with my 10 rep weights...though it sounds like your 8 rep weight set work out OK for you Frick.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Thanks all for input... TRX training & cardio as the cable guy says "gitter done"!  I will look into some new menu items that maybe all it is!  I love the gym and switching to early mornings this week & next too.  3 mornings this week to get use to it and all 5 week days next.  It killed me yesterday.  Good luck and stay strong.


    Frick, love your profile - really vodka & soda.  Did you get the stevia plant?

  • yes, tonja, we just planted 6 little stevias and I am getting ready to try some weed in my coffee.  It is supposed to be really sweet by comparison to sugar.  I have tasted it already(really good), but need to figure out how much I need per cup.  Next thing you know I'll be raising my own eggwhite-only hens.  Don't google it, JK.

    Had a great day.  After the killer 5-25 at lunch, I circled back before dinner and copped an AbRipper - X workout.  15 minutes of pure abs.  Diet was spot on.  Ok, few chocolate morsels, but 1792 calories, 25% fat 26% carb 48% protein (49/116/212 gr)  Net calories 1459 for the day.  (target is 1825 calories).  76 more days like this and I'll have another challenge in the bag.  ROFL!


  • ...and R4L, good luck with the block.  you should probably set them in a mortar or concrete bed.  I did this in the front yard and it was worth the effort (that was before the pool project, of course).  You are surely ready for the 5/25 after your stellar C1 effort.

    Yooo kan dooooooo-eeeeetttt (in my bad Romanian Bella Carolli voice).

  • Hey guys, I started on 9th of April and have been posting on the 'Young'  thread and FB, but do you mind if I join you over here as well?  I have been loving the posting to keep myself accountable and there are so many great motivators here!


  • Agey - I have been 'watching' you over on the other side...it is a fun group here and the more the merrier...welcome!

    Frick thanks for the song...the block ton is staged in the driveway...soon to be planted! Love your singing ...I will look for it on Itunes (-:

    Heading down now for the late night cardio lift 5/25...

    eating could have been a little better...and you know how much slack in the eating department I give myself...so you can figure that heck not only did I miss the mark...couldn't even hit the barn! Finished with decadence...some small Hersey’s morsels as well….1900 calories and just over my target weight theoretical BMR…circuit weight lifting for 25 minutes is probably a 250 calorie burn…then a small protein shake night cap….

    Well tomorrow is another day right...

    Keep it strong 9ers.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Welcome to the group Agey....Enjoy the ride!  

    You "Block" heads are making me tired with all that talk of moving and setting those toe smashers!  Come to think of it, I have a big raised flower bed next to the house with rotting timbers that needs replaced with some pavers.  I think I will pick a summer weekend, fill a cooler and have a "block" party.  Ya'll are invited for blocks and BBQ...

    After my daughter's track meet last night I went to the gym with the intentions of doing my UB and some cardio since I missed it on Monday.  The good news is that I got in a killer UBWO with the 5-25 routine but didn't have anything left for cardio.  This is the third time that I have done that workout and I think I have finally dialed in the right weights.  By the time I got to the fifth round, I could barely get through the last rep on each exercise with strict form.  I believe that STRICT form with slow controlled movements is the key to making this an effective workout. I will hit the regular BFL UBWO on Saturday.  Gonna head out for a hilly bike ride today after work to get in my cardio.  Gotta take advantage of the sunshine here in NE Ohio when you can!

    I'm going to start collecting some recipes for some alternative "authorized" meals as I need a variety from the standard grilled chicken, baked potato with salsa and brocolli or salad meals.  I'll post a few now and then and hope that others will share their culinary BFL creations.

    Hit 'er hard today 9ers!!


  • OK, here's an alternative dish.  I call this the perfect food, just go easy on the chips or use a wrap and eat like a burrito:

    Frick’s Sevichè Recipe

    Lotta prep work, so start choppin’, people….

    1 # shrimp, peeled, deveined, and cubed

    I lg tomato or 3 plum tomatoes, diced

    1/3 Red onion, minced (suggest a cusinarte for this one)

    1 tsp salt

    ½ tsp pepper

    Tabasco to taste ( from 0 to 3 tablespoons)

    Cilantro to taste

    Juice of 4 limes or ½ cup lime juice


    Peel, Devein, cube, dice, and mince all ingredients accordingly

    Mix all ingredients IN A NON-METAL BOWL and mix by hand

    Add lime and mix by hand.

    Cover with plastic wrap.  Restir every two hours for 6 hours minimum

    Serve with chips or in a wrap

    Store in a plastic container and drain liquids after 24 hours.  Product keeps for several days, but is best served fresh.

    8 oz serving = 80 calories, 2 gm fat/4 gm carb/10 gm protein