Holding steady but still have 15 to go...

  • Just finished Week 10, so two weeks left. I have been holding steady at 25 pounds lost, which I am happy with, but I want to lose 15 more. I doubt that I can lose 7.5 pounds a week! I am really not where I want to be (was hoping for some type of abs!) but, at 40, maybe I was expecting to much. I will keep plugging away.

    However, about week 6, it hit me that I am only eating 5 times a day. I get up extremely early and work long days, so six meals is just to difficult for me to get in. Anyone think that I need to find a way to get in #6?

    Typical day:

    Get up at 1:00 am

    Eat at 2:30-3:00 am----4 Eggs (1 w/yoke, 3 without), cup of frozen blueberries 20 oz of water, 8 oz coffee

    lots of water, all day

    6:00 am---cottage cheese/yogurt (both fat-free)

    9:00 can of tuna, cup of brown rice, spinach

    12:00 protein shake

    3:00 pm workout

    I will either drink a protein shake within 30 minutes of weight training or chicken, brown rice, salad one hour after cardio.

    That normally does it, as I try not to eat a couple of hours before I go to bed.

    Any thoughts?

  • WEll, I think it's important. because the book says it's important.  I think if you can handle a bit of cottage cheese/yogurt mix - maybe 30 minutes before bed is good.  That's usually my sixth meal - and I do it just within half an hour of going to bed.  I eat - then brush, floss, do the whole face thing...and that gives me a few mins to read something inspiration (often it is about a BFL champion) then off to bed. Don't know if this helps or not.  You might consider reducing the brown rice to half a cup. (^_^)...and use simply lemon juice as your salad dressing (^_^)...Sounds like you're doing really well - looking forward to the final report!


  • You've done great!  25 pounds in 10 weeks is pretty amazing, try to remember how far you've already come too, not just where you want to end up.  It may take a few more weeks of exercise and eating right to get to your final goal, and that's completely ok!  

    Question:  Are you hungry before you go to bed?  If so, then you should definitely add the 6th meal.  I finished 2 challenges eating 5 meals a day because I just wasn't hungry again after dinner and had great results.  Assuming you're a female, you can get away with this but the more muscle you build, the more energy needed to sustain it, so it really depends on where you are physically.

  • I am not ordinarily hungry before I go to bed. Maybe one a week but that is it. I have started eating a half serving of cottage cheese/yogurt (I always seem to have that much left in the bottom).

    And for the record, I am a male...guess I ought to get that profile done, eh? :-)