Who is doing/planning to enter the challenge?

  • Hello everyone!

    This is my first day following the routine and I am so excited! I am entering the challenge and I was curious how many of you are also entered into/planning to enter/have finished the challenge? Whatever week you are in. 

    Took depressing before pics, I think that is awesome motivation though!! Just on day 1. What about you?

  • Hello - and welcome.  It is exciting - and if you keep excited and focused you will finish.  I started March 5th.  I am just finishing my fifth week.  This is an amazing program.  I love that it is Body for Life - and not Body for12 Weeks...I have fought with my weight/fitness for years, and finally decided to change!  if you have the book - looking through it and re-reading parts from time to time really help me.  And I also frequently go up to success stories and review the ones that represent how I want to look in my "after" - yes, before pics are a bit deflating - but great motivation. All the best to you!


  • Hello Hublgirl, I am planning to start on Sunday 4/8 and am so excited to see that so many others are committed to getting healthier and stronger.  How did day one go?


  • Hublgirl & NIT2WIN - congrats!  I am on week 8 and body is changing & so is my attitude.  So, take pictures & measurements - this will help you stay motivated.  I have lost almost 10lbs and over 10 inches.  So, welcome to forum & BFL.


  • Hi There. I started the challenge last week and I am so pumped.

  • Hello! I am also just starting to take on the challenge as well...i signed up and started today. Woke up at 5:00AM and went to the gym, ate my planned schedule as well. On of the things that I did though is i took the time to make a large binder of everything - and put it together week by week to keep my motivated. I even printed out several success stories so that at the beginning of each new week, I have somebody to remind me that I can do this. I'm kind of a crafty individual, so I even went as far as clipped out photos of fit women in magazines and encouraging words, and put them on the cover so that I know what my goals are and how I want to look at the end of this challenge. Good luck girl, keep on truckin!!!

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  • Hi I wanted to know when you take your before picture are you suposed to take it with a USA today Newspaper ?

  • Mumw10, some people like to take their pictures with a newspaper that shows the date very prominently, so that you can see that the transformation really happened over 12 weeks.  It doesn't have to be a USA Today, though!  Lol!