Hardcore eating the last four weeks?

  • Legs, I agree that different results will happen based on what you eat and I definitely respect you as a many-time Challenger and saw your transformation photos. They are truly amazing!

    Hopefully you don't get discouraged leaving feedback; I appreciate your (and everyones') input.

    I eat fruit just about 2x daily, and strive for low glycemic varieties. I often mix frozen berries with EAS protein powder + water for a shake, and I will have a little with cottage cheese for Meal 6 (it feels like dessert). The rest of the time I get my carbs from sweet potatoes, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, and very occasionally whole wheat pasta and brown rice. I've already cut out white potatoes and am scaling back on the bread. I also only eat organic produce/meats and don't eat anything that has conditioners, preservatives, nitrites, nitrates, saline plumping solution, etc. I try to keep my diet as clean and junk-free as possible. Hopefully it makes a difference in the long run!

  • Interesting... I am mostly with Legs on this one.  I disagree about yolks.  Yolks actually have most of nutrients and you are better able to use the protein from the egg when there's some of that good fat in there.  Pure egg whites actually process so quickly that they're rendered much less useful without some yolk.  That being said, a 1:1 ratio is not the way to go.  I usually have 5 whites and 1 yolk.  Sometimes I have 4:2, depending on other intakes.  

    Grains: Some people can process them just fine.  I will do a good quality quinoa in my first 8 weeks of my next Challenge.  (not daily)

    Note: I wouldn't do quinoa in my last several weeks, but maybe some sweet potato.  Remember that elminating complex carbs can cause issue with brain chemicals. 

    If we are talking last few weeks, then yes, do replace fruits with veggies, but know that it's triple portions of good fiber rich veggies, like broccoli.  If we are talking normally, then no, I disagree.  We can have appropriate portions of good quality carbs and should.  Veggies aren't enough and remember that you can get more lean by doing Paleo or alike for a while, but the problem is that you will train your body to then process that because your body adapts to what you give it.  What that means is that it will be tougher when you go back to normal, even really healthy normal.  For the last few weeks though, I say hardcore!  

    Brown rice and quinoa are good, but I wouldn't do them in my last 2 weeks at all.  I would cut the red meat and go with tilapia, eggs and chicken as your prime choices. 

    Personally, I think cheese, white carbs and peanut butter should be eliminated the whole 12 weeks.  :)

    Ps - I did have blueberries in my last 4 weeks.  I think you are okay with small portions of that fruit.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Jessica, thanks for your insights. I usually do 1 yolk + 4 whites. It seems to give ideal color and consistency. I like starting my day with some good fats. I do very mentally challenging work and need to keep my brain lubed. :)

    Now I get the whole using veggies as a carb. And yes, it would just be the last few weeks and would likely be a gradual process; I once shocked my system with an attempt at a cleanse diet and it was miserable (I made it 48 hours). I LOVE vegetables and could easily replace carbs in some (not all) meals with a triple portion of them. I love broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, kale and other high nutrient vegetables so that would work out well.

    I'm curious what carbs you did have your last several weeks? I am pretty good at adapting my diet and can make just about anything taste good without the use of sugar, sodium, fat etc. I have a huge spice cabinet and my husband is a pro at figuring out and pairing flavor profiles.

    I am still curious why peanut butter has a bad rap. I don't use it as a replacement for protein but like to have a tablespoon every once in a while if I am craving something oily. The peanut butter I eat is all natural and has 3 whole ingredients: Peanuts, oil, and salt. I know the fat and sodium content is not ideal in large quantities but still don't fully understand why it is viewed as taboo. Thoughts?

    Also, Jessica and Legs, I'm curious if you two took your Free Days like the book describes? Literally anything goes? Or was it easier to continue the restricted eating on the Free Day and only have a Free Meal or something similar?

  • I think I can sum it up... Just follow the book.  If I recall correctly, I believe the books does recommend 2 fruits a day pair with protein?

    Legs- You have come a long way...keep up the great work.

    I know if I ate veggies as carbs for 6 meals a day I would be broke and straving, but that's just me.

    I am relating alot with this thread. We are often pulled in differnt directions based on what has worked for individuals, so ideally, just do what is working for you.

    I like the 1-2 bread servings a week, I also follow this plan, The bread is WW or high grain 100% and it is also paired with protein.

    The cheese is used sparingly of course, I use low fat or FF cheese 3-4 times a week and usually just a drizzle on a pita pocket, or in my eggs.

    Lot's of good points here.

    Roe C2 week 3!

  • Peanut butter just doesn't really have any value.  It's Omega 6 and you get plenty of that from meat so it gives you fat, but nothing you really need.  It also has a lot more of the fats you don't want than do.  A better healthy carb would be just a little avocado.  Make sure and get in your fish oils. 

    I took most of my free days and tried to make them reasonable, but actually think I would have done a lot better had I controlled them more.  I don't think all out free days are healthy, phsically or mentally. 

    My carbs in the last two weeks were veggies and blueberries.  Sometimes I went crazy and had rasberries. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!