Young and just signed up for April 9th!!!!

  • LBWO done!!  With the way my legs are shaking STILL, I just might be making the hubby laugh by groaning with each step tomorrow!  Great workout!  

    Everybody have a great day!


  • Yes, I always feel if my limbs are quivering - I must have done it right..  Not sure if this accurate. But...I know I've done something.



  • Well, saturday was my 'off day'.  Had my Peanut Butter for breakfast and it was yummy!  I found myself not really craving for anything imparticular.  Must be because I knew I could have it.  Becuase, I was craving on Friday night and Sunday....  Mind over Matter I guess.  I even had some wine and it didn't really do much for me....

    Had cardio yesterday and it was great.  Did it at home and my husband asked if I huffed and puffed and grunted like that at the gym.   LOL.....  NO!!!!  Only at home.  I probably push myself harder at home...

    today is UBWO.  Looking forward to it.

    @ frick - I try not to let them intimidate me....  and no dressing up for me in the gym...  sweats, t-shirt and no makeup....  LOL.  Every so often I'll see another femaile there so maybe I can ask them.  

    I can't remember if it was diet club soda or or seltzer water.  but yes, i believe it is lower in sodium.  I found it at walmart.  It was a lemon lime flavor too and very tasty  (well, as tasty as you can get for that kind of stuff)

    Hope everyone has a great Monday!!

  • @jnjmartin- Awesome that you didn't crave anything on your off day.  I would think that means that you aren't really feeling deprived!  I, also, feel that I do a better workout when I am at home, though sometmes my husband laughs at me.  Kinda makes me work harder so that later, I will be able to do it more easily and be able to laugh at him trying to keep up with me!!!!  

    Every one have a great workout and wonderful day!!


  • Haha!!  Love it Agey!!!!  I will be laughing at him sooner or later!

    Looking forward to doing some Zumba today for my cardio.  I LOVE Zumba!!!!!   Sweat from head to toe when I'm done!!

    Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!

  • Did Cardio today and was pretty tough getting through.....  And I'm feelilng hungry today after my salad for lunch...  Ugh....  It's only day 3 of week two......this isn't good........   Did have some Melba toast to help w/ the carb craving.  Hope it works!

  • Have you tried tossing extras on your salad?  I am a vegetarian, so I don't do chicken or tuna, but I usually toss a 1/2 a serving of kindney beans (1/4 cup) and a serving diced 'fake' chicken on my salad.  With a couple of glaases of water it is pretty filling.  


  • I was advised not to forget the carbs during a meal, it helps keep you satisfied. If you follow the program in the book - you shouldn't be hungry at all.  I'm favoring brown rice and sweet potatoes for my carbs.  Sometimes I'll have a small or half of a baked russet potato.

  • jnj - I've been feeling hungrier this week too, so just added a few more salad carbs to my meals and also a bit of protein. For example, last night, I was starving (after my dinner), so in my last meal I made protein waffles (30g wholegrain oats, 1/2 cup egg whites, 1 serv of vanilla protein powder). I blitzed it in a blender to make a batter then popped it in the waffle iron (be careful, it really expands) and it made about 2.5 waffles (they are very light, not like normal waffles). I was so content after that. when I looked at my macros for the day, I ended at:

    Calories Carbs Fat Protein

    TOTAL: 1,440 130g 21g 171g

    My before bed meal was heavier than I would normally have, especially in carbs, but today, I feel content and not hungry, so it worked for me. Anyway, thought I would share what helped me.

  • Hey hun! I just signed up and started the challenge today :) How has your first couple of weeks been!?

    "...I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul."

  • ValleyGirl...welcome to success.

    We are going to pull each other through this. I just finished my first complete BFL cycle at the end of March. Iam now in week 3 of C2. I also tried several times in the past usually giving up at week three. No noticible change...and no real motivation on my part...and no blog.

    I will tell you for me the blog saved me and got me through.

    I know you can do this because a 'lack of will power' person like myself did it.

    I still have more to go and I know my friends here and on several other blogs will not let me, let myself down.

    This time it will be different.

    Let's do this thing!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Thanks Agey & Proverbs31!  I actually add diced grilled chicken, dried cranberries and some pecans to my salad.  Super tastey!!  

    @ Perthmom2012 - Thanks for that tip!  I will try it for sure.  I dont have a waffle maker but I bet I can make some small pancakes and have them for a little snack or breakfast!

    My start of week 3 was not a very good one.  Sunday was my husbands birthday and we were pretty busy so I didn't get to workout.  But, we still ate well.  (Celebrated his b-day on Saturday; our cheat day).  I didn't workout yesterday because I went to the dentist and the put a bridge in my mouth and I was in a lot of pain....  

    So, a big Thank You to run4life this morning!!  I really needed to read that post you wrote yesterday.  I almost felt like maybe this wasn't for me......  Not seeing any results and loosing the will power.   But you just gave me a little wake up call.

    I am going to my zumba class today for my cardio workout.  This time she has put a lot of squats into the workout so it should be a good one.

    I am very glad for this blog.  I think we all do a great job at keeping each other motivated!!!!

    Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!!!

  • @ VallieGirl19 - Welcome to the post!!!!  I read your bio and i love the idea of making a binder!!!!!  By the way, happy belated birthday!!!!!!!!!!  :)

  • jnjmartin - we all been there and that little devil on our shoulder yelling, "Are you sure this is what you want to be doing for the rest of your life, yells in our ear over and over. Sometime we cannot help but here the negativity....but then I remember where I came from...and where I am going and how I am now just starting to feel...So I ain't going back there no never." Saying this for me more than anyone else because sometimes it is hard and other times it is harder. ;-)

    I saw a saying on a local Crossfit T-shirt "Who says it has to be fun for it to be fun."

    ...not sure what that really means...I just know at times it is how I think and feel...I must need therapy!

    Stay loose and easy my friends and make it fun.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • I'm so glad I found you all on here :) We can all keep each other motivated! I started this Monday (the 23rd) and so far so good :) a bit late for me to be up since I'll be at the gym by 5:30, BUT I wanted to check things out on here first. So excited so get the "hot bod" i've always wanted, not to mention the mindset to go with it! Night all, and thanks for the welcoming words!

    "...I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul."