Young and just signed up for April 9th!!!!

  • Agey - I just completed my first BFL cycle (Jan - Apr).

    I tried one about 5-7 years ago...made it all the way to week will success.

    I think the difference from then to now for me was the great support and people on the blogs.

    It felt so great having people genuinely pulling for you to succeed and to have advice on how to overcome struggles and to hear that you at times are not the only one struggling.

    Now this is my C2.

    We're all doing this together...crossing the finish line together.

    Let's Rock On!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Hey All -

    I started my 1st BFL cycle this past Monday.  I am on another forum and saw this one and was hoping to join as well.  I'm not exactly a youngster any more... 36 isn't that young but liked the energy over here.

    I need as much encouragement and ideas as I can get.

    So, with that said, i did my LBWO yesterday and my legs are extremely sore today.  I basically have to fall into my chair at work... LOL.

    I saw the FB link and will check that out as well.

    I hope everyone has a great day 4!!

  • jnjmartin - it is a great group here...and also on the FB.

    I know you are another Apr 9th group and cannot rememebr if you are hitting the January 9th, C2 and April 9th C1 blog.

    Also a great great site with fantastic folks...this one got me through my first C1.

    Age wise...don't tell the young ones here...but I am even further north of you on the age calendar.

    That is why I like to hang here!

    They make me feel younger than I am...

    Have a strong rest of the week group.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • OK- had a wonderful UB w/o...but my LB is still sore! Will just have to keep at it to get it loosened up. As i look at my journal from last challenge, I see I went thru this before,so I know I will come out of the House of Pain in a week or so...that is one of the benefits of keeping notes/journal/notebook during this 12 week period- one can look back and see progress from where we started. It helps me to write these things down, as my mind doesn't quite remember all the details...once I have written them down, I don't need to worry about remembering them! After 50, this becomes more and more important!

    Let's Go!

  • LOL!!  Thanks run4life!!!  I just joined to FB page so that should be fun too.

    I am also on the Get in Summer Shape! April 9- July 1st! blog.  I knew I saw your name somewhere else.

    I guess you can never be part of too many blogs.....

  • Thanks so much run4life!  I am doing really good so far mentally this time around.  Usually I am starting to talk myself out of it a little by now!  Super sore, but I don't mind!  I am also doing okay on my food.  Still gonna have to do some tweaking of course!  Keeping a journal this time, so I can see my progress better.  

    UBWO today!  Can't wait to feel the burn!  

    Week 1 is almost done!  We got this guys!  


  • Week 1 almost in the bank.

    Agey - awesome! Put a string of a few weeks together and it will be great and automatic.

    My workout room is still torn apart...but no longer using that as an excuse. I have adjusted my lift schedule to get back on track and have put in my UBWO and LBWO workout to get caught back up and now I have an UBWO left for Sat.

    Also will have put in 6 cardio burns this the burn.

    I am still working on weight drop so with this C2 round I am even more motivated to burn off the calories (fat).

    Funny I took a week or so off from my first BFL cycle...did about 5 runs/elliptical workouts during that week – no lifting.

    Gained 4 pounds-ish...salty food… I am sure some was water.

    Anyway, did most of the active rest cardio toward the end of the ‘free week' and with the 1st week of C2 and the extra cardio… I am a pound below the low weight for C1.

    Someone one told me that a little time off can set the body up to go hard again. I did not believe them but now I am glad the weight came off easily and I am even doing better with the lifting as far as pushing the weight...

    Finish strong group!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Hello Day 5!!

    I can't even begin to tell you how painful my legs are.  Kept waking up last night becuase whenever I would move I would wince w/ pain.....  I look pretty funny walking around too.

    Still got my cardio in.  I was nervous at first but once your muscles get warmed up it wasn't too bad.  I was pretty winded too and couldn't get to my same high point I had on Tuesday.  But that's ok.  Still pushing.

    UBWO today.    Making sure I have a great deal of protein every day to help repair my muscles.

    I do love the burn and the pain... makes me feel good knowing I am trying my hardest and going to make this work.

    I've done other weight loss things... (P90, hcg drops) and couldn't stick with it.    This time is different, I can feel it!!

    I've been doing really good w/ my food intake this week too.  Just need to keep it up and change it up so I don't get bored...

    Hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday!!!  :-)

  • Oh, I do have a question.

    Since I'm doing my workouts at the gym and the dumbells are only in 5lb incriments; how do I keep adding weight going up to the 6 Reps....  Becuase 10lbs. seems heavy and there's no way I can do 15 right now...l

  • JNJ, if you ask nicely, someone is always there to spot you on those last reps - just be sure to return the favor.  All they are doing is lifting the 2-3lbs that your muscles can't as you hit fatigue.  I work out alone, so I miss that (unless one of my kids happens by...).  With my arms, I use the other arm.  Also, if you hit fatigue or your limit on the 15's, jump right back down to 10's to finish that set, then 5, then 3.  It gets pretty funny when you are wimpering like a little puppy trying to lift 3#, but that is how you know you are THERE!

    I just finished LBWO...eating clean and working out dirty.  Tonight's temptation - happy hour, but I already have my snacks planned - Oysters on the half-shell, and three drink maximum - vodka/soda.489 cal, 4gr fat, 6 gr carbs, 12 gr protein.  A good reward for the end of the week.  

    Tomorrow's Cardio - Morning Kayak and finishing up concrete and stucco work on the pool walls (still waiting for the pros to show up to take over the job.  ROFL)

    Hang tough 9ers!!!

  • ...btw before everyone gets excited that was total calories for 12 oysters and 3  vodka.  There is no protein in vodka (yet...hmmm...a new energy drink for the Mich Ultra crowd)  

    Have a good weekend, Y'all


  • jnjmartin -

    This came up on another thread and some responded that they take an ankle weight (that you can very 1-5 pounds in one pound increments. Then when it is time to jump up the weight and they cannot jump up in a five pound increment, they just take the ankle weight with 1,2,3 pounds (depending on how much they want to increase) and they velcro it to the center of the bar...problem solved.

    Not sure how this would go over at your gym...(I work out at home alone like Frick and have tried it a couple times when I knew a five pound increase would bring failure way to quick)...but I thought it was innovative!

    Have a great weekend!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • @ Frick - Maybe when I get a little more comfortable I may be able to ask for a spotter...  I'm a bit shy and most of the people around me are muscle-type guys....  By the way, think I may do the Vodka/soda but make it diet club soda and squeeze a bunch of limes in there...  yum!!

    @ run4life - thanks for that tip.  I actually found a little section in the corner of my gym where they had some 3, 8 and 12lb weights...  that's what I used today for the UB.  Worked on back and shoulders so they were perfect for me.

  • Saturday morning and it's a beauty here in the NW- Sunny! Although I am off to work ( I normally have Sat off, but am doing my boss a favor...brownie points!) I anticipate a wonderful LB w/o today, even tho the legs are STILL a bit sore from four days ago. I think the w/o will do them good, or at least that is my intention going into it. I think intention has a major role in these 12 week Challenges- and I distinguish intention from "dreaming" as the latter is simply a mind game, while the former is constructing a scenario that one wishes to be true and then TAKING the steps to make it a reality. Of course the kicker is that I need to be a bit flexible, because as this time passes I may very well find out that my intention was a bit heavy on the dreaming and light on the reality...but sticking to the plan and doing my best and keeping at it for the full 12 weeks WILL produce results! Maybe not the cover shots we see in the books, but results nonetheless.I just want to be headed in the right direction...

    Enjoy the free meal (or day) :)

  • jnj - don't let the muscleheads intimidate you.  They live for this stuff - as long as you are not wearing pearls and makeup (they won't take you serious if you are).  Or better yet, find another person working in the same weight range as you.  

    BTW, what is diet club soda?  How can I get more diet than that?  Is it low sodium?