Young and just signed up for April 9th!!!!

  • Hey everyone!!! Hope everyone is having a great day.  I completed my first day rather successfully :)  The eating was great, but I think I was a bit protein light.  Today I will be adding more protein.  During my “off week”, I had cut back on protein intake because I wasn’t lifting as much.  But now that I am back to lifting, I will be back to eating the meat!  Did LBWO last night.  OMG was it amazing.  Its kinda funny bc I got onto the leg extension machine and I thought I had ripped something because my quads were popping out.  Then I realized that no, that was just my super strong muscly leg!!!  I was so proud of myself J  Tonight I will be running.  Goal is to running 2 miles in 20 minutes with some sprints.  Lets see how that goes :)  Must say the eating plan is super easy now that I am on my C2.  Its like second nature!

    @jimbo: Yes an early morning riser!!! Good for you!! I used to work out that early and then I got sleepy LOL!!  I will be back to the gym at 5AM by next week.  Be my inspiration LOL!

    @JoKing: No excuses, except for “oh sorry, I can’t.  I’ll be at the gym tonight”! Good luck.  Keep pushing. I love having the house weights.  Good for you for getting your WO in!!

    @jlcrum: Don’t work about feeling awkward or taking a long time.  You will get the hang of it.  With the workouts and the diets, you are going to feel like a packed mule.  LOL but we all are.  You should see how I bring my notebook, pen and towel around with me at the gym. Then you should also see the bag of food I am always carrying around.  I have all my tuna, and fruit and other stuff for me to eat during the day.  It looks silly until someone asks me if I have lost weight… then I am proud to be a packed mule haha! What exercises did you perform UB or LB?  Let us know and we can help you through it. 

    @Bobby: Exercise always makes me feel good.  I always feel skinnier and just better about myself, even if I haven’t lost any weight!  Good for you!

    Alrighty everyone have a great day…

    Off to post at the other two places LOL!!!


  • @ AJ - great job on getting your cardio in so early - I'll be doing mine this evening...this accountability to you and the group, along with the support is awesome!

    @jlcrum - the hardest part in the beginning is finding a starting weight to lift for each muscle group without going too heavy or too light and to concentrate on doing the exercise correctly with proper form.  It can be overwhelming.  The first week or two the workouts will be longer as you figure this out along with waiting for and setting up machines if you're at a club.  Once you find your set points as far as how much to lift to reach your 10's on each muscle group, you'll have no problem finishing your workout in under an hour.  Be sure to note in your book if you could've gone heavier on a muscle group so you can increase the weights the next time you work that muscle group.  Also, if you can adjust your weight increments by less than 5 pounds per set of reps, that helps.  Meaning, if you work your biceps 12 reps at 5 lbs, try and do the next set of 10 reps at 7.5 or 8 lbs rather than 10 lbs.  I work out with adjustable weight dumbbells because they give me that flexibility especially with my weaker upper body.  Don't get discouraged...once you've gotten past weeks 1 and 2, you'll be a pro at adjusting the weights.  

    @gretty - you'll love BFL and we'll be here for you to get past week 3 and beyond! :)

  • Just don't beat yourself up about it!  3 pieces of chocolate will not keep you from your goals in the long run. <3  Next time try to distinguish whether your craving for sweets is caused by physical hunger or an emotional desire to taste something sweet.  It will help you decide a better alternative.  

  • Ok, throwing my hat in the ring for more accountability with this thread.  Started C9 on April 9 - good numerology, I think....

    Cheers Y'all, and good luck!


  • Hey Guys!!

    I've made it over from the Jan. 9th forum!!  I'm also MarDim70 (long, long story!!) mark that one off your list too!!  

    I started my 3rd challenge yesterday as well.  The first challenge I went 10 weeks and about the same for the 2nd...maybe a little longer.  I'm dedicated to finishing this one to the end!!  The problem is being so busy...working then running to kid activities in the evening!!  I'm going to have to commit to lifting weights in the AM (ugh!!) otherwise I won't have the time to get it done!!  Anyway...

    @jlcrum-I remember those days!!!  i would look at the picture of how to do the exercise in the book...try to do it...then confirm I was doing it the right way... or couldn't lift the weight I wrote down and then would try a different weight!!  The first time I lifted it took me about an hour and a half too!!  I was also guessing how long a minute or 2 minutes was and resting way too long.  I now have a timer i set which takes the guess work out.  It gets much, much'll get it!!!  

    Here are a few things that have helped me:

    -a digital timer

    -a fan in my home gym!!

    -wireless headphones (I love these!!)

    -BFL Success Journal- I take it with me and document in between muscle groups

    -if you want to tan for pictures... it took me longer than 2 weeks to get any color... i suggest all three months!!

    Anyone else have any tips?

    Thanks to all who post!!  It gives me such motivation to know there are others out there who are working hard in the quest for good health and strong bodies!!


  • Ok...I'm not so young!!!  Haha... thought I was on the combined post, then couldn't find my post...geez!!!  I'll probably be posting over there...Who knows...I haven't done well so far!!

  • @Joking: I went to the gym this mining at 5:00 am and forgot they were doing maintenance! So I went and cleaned teeth all day, now I am home, going to eat my dinner and head to the gym about an hour later. I have my roommate going with me, she is going to help me kick a**!

    @mom of four: some out your "9ners" are over at the "Jan9, c2, and April 9th, C2." group. I am posting on both for the double accountability, same with NatalieCA and Frick.

    @Jicrum: If you read my post a little before yours you'll see I had the same experience. I was so awkward! But I am so sore today, so I feel like all that awkwardness paid off! Keep trucking friend, I am here with you, okay?

    You guys rock my world. See you tomorrow :)

  • Group - I too will be splitting the Apr9th posts...the more the merrier ...right...

    …and I need to be pushed and prodded.

    So, here is the first confession of the blog.

    I started Apr 8th Sunday with a cardio, 4 mile run...the weight portion of the basement room is a mess and I was hoping to have it back together by now.

    So, Monday Apr 9th and … another cardio...500 calorie elliptical burn…weight section of the room still a mess.

    So, it is Tuesday...yep, weight portion of the room is still...that's right ... a mess...looks like I am heading to the elliptical...again!

    Not sure how I will account for this start (or false start)…but the calorie burn is where I want it.

    OK, so if on Wednesday I post “I did another cardio”...someone has to reach through the computer monitor and use both your hands to measure my neck size.

    Have a great night group...I hope to be working my T. Rex. arms tomorrow   (-:

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • I began same day!! Best of luck!! I'm very excited!!


  • had a tough day with the diet yesterday.  i made very bad decison and then through in towel for the rest of the day.  BUT i did get back to the gym this morning and packed healthy food.  Need to remember that i am not depriving myself (get a free day)but most importantly I am GIVING myself confidence, energy, health etc!  will post tomorrow how it went!

    have great day guys!

  • Group – a 750 calorie burn on three HIIT elliptical programs yesterday…

    I sweated my behind off.

    On the bright side, during my ‘active rest’ between C1 and C2. I did 3 long runs and a couple college tour walks with my daughter…large campuses 5400 acres+ at both campuses (what a hike!). So my calorie burn was good during the week. Unfortunately so was my eating all week long…and salty foods too.

    So net weight gain of +4 pounds (measured last Saturday) over the C1 weight low. But thanks to the cardio toward the end of that week and the first three days of intense cardio this week…I am back to my C1 weight low…I think a lot of it was water retention due to the salty foods. So, ladys I now get it! I am sure the weight will flux a little bit off this low but I am eating more pure again so I hope the to continue to downward trend.

    Tonight UBWO and perhaps a little LBWO to catch up.

    Keep it strong Warriors!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Oh man- am I ever the hurtin' unit today! the LB w/o yesterday is kicking in and I am sore sore sore. I understand the physiology of it (DOMS) delayed onset muscle soreness, but the reality of it is still painful! But let me be clear that it is not debilitating, just uncomfortable. I was able to get to the gym and do my cardio, so that helped loosed things up a bit. And I have a massage scheduled today, so that will help even more! That is what I do- I've been  a  massage therapist for 22 years, so I am fortunate to be able to do a trade with a colleague on a weekly basis. If you can swing it, I highly recommend massage to get you thru those beginning aches and pains!

    Anyone else a bit tender today?

  • Hey Youngsters!!!  Yesterday was great.  Went to the gym in the evening and there were not any treadmills open so I relegated myself to the elliptical machine.  Ohman did I forget how hard the elliptical machine was!  I was still sore from LBWO the day before and my thighs were killing.  Did my 20 minutes then moved to abs.  Eating has been good and solid.  My berries are getting low so today I moved to grapes and oranges for my complex carbs. 

    @hublgirl: I am going to try the protein in oatmeal. Thanks for the great tip!

    @Ashplowe: I feel the same way you do! If I want a piece of chocolate, I have it.  In the long run it wasn’t a little piece of candy that led me to be 30 lbs overweight LOL. 

    @Momof4: Where do I get this BFL success journal?

    @thistimeforreal: note about free days…. So it turns out that after you have lost a couple of pounds, those free days are not going to be important anymore…haha… I remember waiting and waiting until my free day.  Then I weighed in that morning and saw I had lost 2 lbs.  needless to say that I ate very clean that free day LOL!!!  also a tip… everytime you see food or a piece of candy that you want during the week, stash it somewhere in your house.  Create yourself a “freeday area”.  This way on your freeday you get to choose from all the foods you want to eat and prioritize what you want to spend your calories on.  Good luck!

    @Bobby: I am totally sore and loving every minute of it.  It helps remind me to eat cleanly as those recovering muscles need some good nutritious food. It also reminds me that I am alive and my body is on this journey with me.  It’s the best feeling : )

    Alrighty everyone happy hump day!!!  UBWO for me later on tonight go little biceps go : )


  • Natalie-  I ordered the book from  Be book i ordered that was marked new had writing in it.  The person only made it a week...I whited it out and went on with my life!  I really like the book a has success stories in it and lots of before and after pics.  I find it very motivating.  Places to mark your goals...exercises...foods, etc.


  • Hi All, I started on the 9th as well (again)!  Was hoping to join the group for some motivation!  Sure I am going to need it.  I have only ever made it 2 weeks, but I am determined to rock it this time!