Young and just signed up for April 9th!!!!

  • I'm old but someone suggested we all migrate over here. My question is...does everyone use the Abbott nutritional products during the challenge? I haven't really investigated them yet.

  • @ Lucy K- Yes, I use the Myoplex Lite RTD (ready to drink) and the Myoplex Lite bars. In my line of work, it can be tricky to take time to prepare a meal, so I love having the option of these products. I like the taste and they sate my appetite. Not everyone will use the products, but they sure work for me!

  • Hi - I'm starting this week as well. First time doing the challenge. Got the before pics taken today. I'm already in decent shape so my goal is to really lean out on this program. It's difficult for me as I'm a runner, and everyone keeps telling me I need to ease up on the cardio and focus more on weights. I'm here mainly for the eating plan - I'll be doing a one-hour Les Mills bodypump class 3 days a week and running 3 days a week (1-2 hours for each run). Still hoping to see results. I was doing the Tim Ferris slow-carb diet with great results the first month, but then I was so desperate for a piece of fruit or toast that I started cheating. Hoping a more "balanced" diet like what's here--even though it is portion controlled and Ferris's wasn't--will help with that.

    Looking forward to getting to know each of you on our journey forward, and working to keep each other healthy, mindful, and motivated.

  • Lucy K--I'm in the UK so we can't get Abbot products here.  I did start using supplements to make the 6 meals a day easier.  I hate eating in the morning so I make a shake w/ whey protein powder, which is yummy and goes down easy, and I take protein bars with me whenever I go out so I'm never stuck without a good food choice.

  • Yes, is the answer to the question about use.  The rules require the use of at least one EAS product during the challenge.  I have in the past used, EAS Creatine, EAS CLA,  Advantage Low car MYoplex and the EAS Myoplex low carb bars as well. They seem to work for me, especially at the worksite during the lunch meals.

  • Hi guys, would love to jump on this thread, im from Christchurch, NZ.  I currently do enough exercise, but my down fall is the eating side of things, emotiional/stress eating in the past, which i wana knock on the head.  

    Like DenaH im a fitness instructor so already doing pump 2 x week and 3 x rpm, but not in the best shape i wana be in, holding about 20lbs more fat than desired.  

    Sad thing is i started BFL last year, in fact my last entry was Feb 19th 3 days before the big hit, i was 12lbs less weight than what i am now but over the last year there has been alot of stress, and yep turned into food which hit my hips. I wasn't mentally ready during the year but ive hit the bottom end , im ready for me now and im ready to change!

    My birthday is mid July so im going to be in the best shape i can be!

    Ive just purchased Liquid Carntine to help me with this challenge, as i already use protein powders and im very sensitive to any type of stimulant.

  • All: I, too, am starting April 9th. This will be my third attempt at Body For Life, both times previous only making it 5 weeks in. I have never used the forums for accountability, and will be posting here all the time to look for support and help. Guys, this is my last resort. I have to look good in my wedding dress and my wedding night! The way I am now won't cut it. I look forward to our march together, and a group to hold hands with as we cross our finish line on July 1st. GO TEAM!

  • Just saw the email address from you butu5! I'll send that right away! So glad we're getting this underway tonight!  

  • Hi All, I am starting the 9th and ready to do this after too long contemplating. I am excited it is official!

  • Alright everyone, here we go!!! Good Luck on your first day tomorrow!! I think it would be good to have a check in when we finish our workouts in the mornings to keep us accountable.

    butu5, sent you an email, I can't figure out the facebook email request.

  • I started today as well. I didn't see this thread so I started my own, but i'm happy to migrate here.

  • Started today too! @ amandajoy...i have never made it past week 5 either.  So I expect to see us both here at week 6 and beyond.  The working out is easy for me. it is the food that i struggle with.  Have a great day all!

  • Thanks for the motivation guys !!!! It took me a while to get back on here, but today is the ninth and we can do this!!!!! Loved hearing what everyone had to say and help out with!!!! Good luck everyone .. Let the games begin!!!!

  • Let the games begin indeed! I hope to keep it in that light, fun context- it's a game! And we are the willing participants...  

  • hey arielle C!

    I was also on the infamous thread with Run4life.  my biggest piece of advice is to post every single day!  its so important.  it keeps you focused on your goal and keeps you accountable.  Another piece of advice is to write down everything!  Write down your goals, write down your food, write down your excerises, moods, etc.  Also alot of it is also sheer determination.  You have to WANT IT BAD!  Once you get to that point where you are tired of being out of shape and tired all the time, the diet and exercise becomes so much easier.  The first two weeks are the hardest.  After that, you will be shocked at how you were eating before you started the program.  And remember is body for life, not body for the summer.  I only lost 10 pounds in my first cycle, but i still feel amazing and feel like i lost much more.  Slow and steady wins the battle :)

    Good luck