Young and just signed up for April 9th!!!!

  • Hey!! I definitely keen to get started.  I went through the book and exercise regime around 4wks ago. So I have that sorted. Do you have any tips for the food side of things.  I get called out for my work a lot (oncall 24/7) so I want to have food in freezer etc.  Are there any links you know that are good for recipies?? I never done the BFL before and I am not confident with understanding what the food requirements are!!

    How exciting!

  • DOnt ever get discouraged if you mess something up just put it behind you and hit the ground running the next day.

  • I thik the "6 meals" portion of the BFL Book offer a pretty good variety.  If you are the kind that cooks - you're home free.  An protein (fish, chicken, turkey (some beef) seasoned the way you like it and dry pan fried (or spray non-stick skillet with Pam) is great - with any veggies  - I prefer mine steamed or roasted - with a bit of salt and pepper (more pepper than salt) and whatever other carbs (potatoes, yams, brown rice, etc.) You can actually create a lot with just those.  

    I read about someone who carries a copy of the food list around with her to help remind her - and help her create her recipes.  The big thing is the portion control, and the 6 meals a dayl

    Best of everything to you -


  • hublgirl, thanks for showing your interest.

    I created a page  in google+.

    Please join.

  • Welcome to the April 9th round of BFL Challenge.  Hang in there it may be tough at times but we are here for you at the BFL Forum for advice and moral support during those times when you need us. Best wishes for your success, it is a choice I am sure you will be proud of at the end of the 12 weeks (2 Jul). Be sure to get a starting photo and measurements to refer to next week at the start date.  Keep Moving FOrward!!

  • butu5, I would love to!! but sadly, I am not on google+ :(

    You up for a facebook group?

    Hey everyone,

    took my before pics last night in my bikini... oh so depressing... just dying to see my hot body at week 12!! Anyone else taken their before pics? I am looking for a body I want to have so I have something to visualize, anyone else doing that too?

  • Okay, tried to make a group on facebook, but I don't have any friends doing the challenge, and the group thing won't let me create a group without friends... I have a crazy strong privacy setting so I am hard to find, anyone want to send me their facebook name so I can get a group started?

  • Hi- I am starting on the 9th and would like to join in with all of you in this adventure. This will be my fourth Challenge- 2 went great and 1, uh...didn't. However, I just ended one on March 25 and feel good about my progress. This time around I will be focusing on fat losage (is that a word?), so I will have to be ever vigilent about the nutrition part of this program, because as we all know," Abs are made in the kitchen".

    I've got my notebook ready, my supplies ordered, and my mind set.  You?

  • Hubl girl - I went to all the success stories - and picked out the bodies that most looked like mine in the beginning...and of course the incredible results at the end.  I printed them - and they are on my fridge, next to my bikini before shot - oy!  I see them every time I go to the fridge, and truly they motivate me. Bless you in your endeavors,


  • I'm starting April 9th as well and would love to be part of a group. Is there a direct link to the "'Jan. 9th is the day---Any other takers for the challenge?'" blog people keep mentioning?

  • Starting April 9th too.  I'm both excited and nervous, as a former Marine I feel as though I'm heading back to boot camp, only this time I'm 25 years older.  Good Luck ArielleC

  • What's up everybody!  I just signed up with a friend and we are looking forward to this challenge!  Good luck everyone.

  • HEY, All! Monday is my day also and I am LOVING that so many of us are gearing up together! WHOO HOO! :D:D

  • I REALLY think we should band together and do this challenge in honor of Mike Harris (Uncle Mike), our resident champion and certain therapist. :D:D He was an incredible man and he is sorely missed. Thoughts?

  • Hi hublgirl,

    I created a list in Facebook

    or please try to send me a friend request:

    We will add other's interested member.