Hello Beautiful!! Yes, you. You are the magnificent creature that is just aching to come out and play. You are the heartbreaker. You are the temptress. You are the warrior princess – every man’s fantasy, every villain’s nightmare. You are here to reclaim your power as a woman. You are here to be the woman you were meant to be, to have men speechless in your presence. That’s why you are here. You are here to reclaim your right to be alive. Maybe you have a man. Maybe you want a man. Maybe you want both. Who am I to judge? The point is you want to be the stunning woman who walks into a room and turns heads. You want to wear that red dress that is just a little naughty, maybe a little short, maybe a little tight. Little chilly outside, time to raise the temperature inside. Time to make your man feel alive. Me? I like to walk like Batman. How do you like to walk. What is your walk going to be like when you have completed the challenge? Next time you go to the mall or the grocery, try out that walk. Raise the temperature a bit. If you work your program, it’s only going to get hotter. Reminds me of a Taj Majal lyric, “you may not be no street walker, mamma honey, but you sure know how to strut your stuff.” With luck, I have you smiling. That’s the secret to success. Keep smiling. C’mon let me see that radiant smile of yours. Show me how thrilled you are to be a part of this. Now add a little mischievous glint to your eyes so that the feel of your smile will reach across the miles to me and make me blush. That’s the smile I want. That’s the smile of success. When you are done reading this, go to your mirror and show yourself how happy you are to see you. Know you are beautiful. You are a magnificent woman. Any man would be lucky to have you. Look at those mysterious eyes, just waiting to draw men to their doom. You are a warrior princess, and you will not be denied. This is your time to claim the life you were meant to live. Let me know if you like this, and I will write more.