1/2 way and bummed

  • you don't necessarily see progress each and every week.  It's not all exterior.  Small changes are happening on the inside.  

  • Half-way through?  Your just BEGINNING to get to the point where you get to experience the obvious physical changes.  DON'T GIVE UP NOW?  Doesn't it feel better to have muscles where you never used to?!!!  The last half is where there even more revealed and obvious.  Hang in there!  It is SOOOOO worth it!


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  • Hi Annrunning,

    Pregnancy was NOT good to me either. I had finally lost all my weight and then some - then gained most of it back when I went on anti-depressants (went through a very rough time recently). I do know how it feels to look in the mirror and feel unattractive and that "I'll never be the same as I was before" sense of defeat.

    If it helps, the one thing that I noticed when i was trying to lose weight after I had my baby is that it seemed I tried and tried with no real results - but then one day I woke up and my body decided to quit being stubborn - it was about 2 months after I started working out and eating right.

    So, no, 6 weeks there were no results. I promise you, all of the sudden the fat will start melting off - like out of nowhere. I think women's bodies want to be stubborn and hold onto it and something will just click physiologically and people will start going "omg, wow, did you just lose a bunch of weight?!"

    I can't wait for that to happen again to me now that I'm off the anti-depressants and starting back to the gym and watching what I eat.

    Hang in there :-)

  • Hi Annrunning.  I probably have no business even responding here, me being in a stuck place in only week 2 and about to reboot and start over.  However, I just read all the responses to your post and one thing stuck out to me.  If you are like me, you may read ALL those positive responses, then focus on the ONE that says "you must be doing something wrong."  I may not be DOING it right, but I can tell when someone else is giving it their all, and YOU, sweetie, appear to me to be doing it JUST right.  Ok, so maybe you can tweak the protein or something.  But I've read that "lady success" document, and that was the first thing I thought of when I read your opening post.  So hang in there...Sunday's a-comin'!  (From a sermon I heard years ago :)

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  • Hi everyone. I am still trucking along. This is almost the end of week 8 for me.

    I still have no idea how my body will shed lots of fat the next few weeks, but I am trusting the process. I've analyzed my eating to make sure that is good and reread the BFL book. I've poured over the Ladies Success document. I am internalizing that I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL even if I don't know how yet.

    I took pics today and looked at them, comparing them to my week 1 pics. There's a slight different in the front pics, but even I can't deny the improvement in the side pic. Starting with a 39" navel to now a 34" shows progress. The pictures don't show the little changes I notice either, like that I actually feel a little definition in my arms and legs and my back looks trimmer, leaner. A new bump here, a new muscle there.

    With the warmer weather I will be able to get outside more. Took the dogs for a lovely hour walk today and am eager for some bike riding. I mostly sit at a desk all day, so some days my BFL is the only exercise I get. That is what I am going to change next.

    I no longer "crave" bad food. It just doesn't look good to me anymore. I used to love Burger king american chicken sandwiches and I saw a commercial for BK the other day showing one. It looked gross. The thought of eating a tub of fries was not appealing either. Now my favorite meal is cottage cheese and blueberries! I do still like my beer, but my off day meals are now much more reasonable. I have a kinda fun breakfast, eat normally the rest of the day, and have something semi-healthy for dinner with beer. This past off day was a small steak and crab cake with broccoli and salad. If I don't see the results I want by the end of this challenge, I will do a second challenge with little or no alcohol on free days.

    Thanks everyone for listening and here's to finishing strong!

  • 5" off is incredible!!! Good for you!!

    Also to not crave the junk food is a great improvement, I think, because something like 75% of weight loss is what goes into your mouth.

    A lot can happen in the 4 remaining weeks you have left. I wish there was a table I could throw money down on in bet that out of nowhere you will just start shedding weight like crazy.

    Also, I was thinking about it - thought is energy, and energy is the greatest force that exists in the world. The power of the energy of positive thought with intent and purpose can only exert an effect on you. It can't not. So internalizing the I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL has to work... getting a tad esoteric here, but I def think it holds merit!

  • Hi Annrunning,

    From what it looks like to me you are starving yourself! Do you find yourself feeling hungry throughout the day? The point of eating the 6 small meals a day is so your body won't feel weak and tired.

    A tip that I picked up from another BFL friend of mine was to have 3 somewhat more substantial meals throughout the day. Think Breakfast Lunch and Dinner...

    Say you have a nice eggwhite omlette(4 total eggwhites with 1 slice turkey bacon and 3 servings of mixed veggies and fat free cheese inside)  and a coffee in the morning. The next meal should be something smaller... Like a shake or some fruit/veggies. That way when you go to work out your body has something to burn and you can REALLY hit those tens. Just think fist size portions of everything too. It sounds like you already are.

    Have a nice lunch to help heal your muscles after your workout so you wont feel sore for your workout the next day! A fair amount of protien based food with some veggies or fruit. I really like to have a protein shake after my workouts with something like: 1 Piece poached salmon, salad with 2 TBSP ranch and some mixed veggies.

    V8 Juice is awesome. If you can tolerate the taste it gets your servings of fruits and veggies out of the way and it can count as a meal if you want it to. Also, if your schedule allows it, try not to eat after 8pm or before bed.

    Hopefully this helps you like it has for me. I have started with a scale weight of 210lbs and I am sitting at about 190lbs now with noticible weight loss around the middle, face, and arms. Remember too that even if progress is a little slower than you expected just stick with it! You will be happy with results because you know you are doing the best you can and you are living a healthier lifestyle that is going to pay off.

    I am on day 54 now. Hopefully your day will be as good as mine!

  • I am not hungry anymore, but the first two weeks were bad. I've learned how to eat better and what fills me up. I have to have oatmeal in the morning with my egg whites or it's disaster for the rest of the day.

    This is now starting week 9 and things are happening. My waist is finally down to 29"! I haven't seen something in the twenties since before I had kids (I think my waist was 27 back then). I also feel thinner and the fat on my hips and belly is much softer than it was. I recalculated my body fat with today's measurements and I've lost 4.5% body fat, gained 5 lbs of muscle and lost 13 lbs of fat so far. Needless to say, I am no longer bummed.

    Now that I am seeing progress, it is motivating me to eat cleaner and make sure I get good, solid sleep. I will post new pics on my profile at the end of week 9.

    Ok, time to go eat!

  • I sure shouldn't be the one saying this as I get very frustrated with diests and quit but you lost 5 pounds, feel better and have a somewhat tighter body. Imagine if you could do just that every year! WOW!

  • I just looked at your week 9 photo, you definately look slimmer!

  • When I did the program the first time, I exploded in the last month.

    Not saying this will be the case with you, but it is common.

    Reason being is you are slowly changing what you body does with food.

    It was used to having to store and now your metabolism is geared towards burning.

    This did not happen so much in the beginning.

    Other is that the more muscle you have the more your body burns naturally.

    So for every ounce of muscle you gain you start burning more and faster.

    As far as weight goes, completely forget about.

    BFL is not about losing weight, it is about getting lean.

    You could be the exact same weight and 2 inches smaller in the waist.

    Trust you husband, he knows.

  • I have done BFL a few times.  I went through the same thing you are going through.  It takes time to get your metabolism up and running.  After week 6-8 you will be amazed at what your body does!!  You can see changes in your body almost daily and it happens FAST!!  I would throw your scale out and measure your success by the way your clothes fit and how you feel.  The scale can really mess with your mind!!  Plus you are going to build muscle which weighs more than the fat you are losing.  Hope this helps!