Week 6

  • Hello everyone!  This is my first challenge, and it hasn't been too difficult so far.  I see several people on here who say that the biggest transformations are in weeks 8-12.  Any particular thoughts on why that is?  Also, for the first time since I started this, Last week, my body felt "tired".  I feel like I am getting enough sleep, so is this something that I'm just going to have to fight through? 


  • Papa,

    First off, congrats on starting and sticking with it this long, great choice!  My personal story is, I only stopped feeling tired/exhausted at about the 7 month mark which was just recently.  Second, the 8-12 week thing didn't happen for me, half way through challenge 3 I'm starting to see myself in mirrors and think "damn, I'm getting jacked..."  

    Everybody is different and even then everybody's opinion is subjective.  Worry about finding the best body for you, let the mirror and clothes guide your success.  


  • I am on my first challenge also.  I think results will very like Texas Brez said depending on the person and the condition they were in before they started.  I honestly expect to start seeing a difference in my body in week 4-5.  That is what I have in my mind.   I think the real changes in the week 8-12 has to do with the science behind the program.  Flatliner had a great link in his blog about this:  http://www.hussmanfitness.org/  Hussman has a TON of useful information.  Spend some time out there and that info should help you with some of your questions.  

    Stay strong and keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for the replies.  After I posted this has become a difficult week for my eating.  A group of guys went and had wings last night, and tomorrow is my sons birthday.  I don't want to be a drag, so I guess I will eat a small portion for dinner.  I can only hope those couple of things don't derail my progress.  Thanks again for the encouraging words.

  • The changes are happening, you better believe it!  Great advice from the others.  Glad to see my blog is helping some too!

    Pappa, at some point you have face the eating out, I have been able to find the good alternatives at restaurants, you just need to be the one to WANT to do it.  It's not easy, we all know.  I've had my breaking points, but those breaking points make you realize things about yourself that may not have been honest with yourself in the past.

    Keep taking pics and use everything you can to keep you motivated!

  • I'm just finishing up week 6 and the eating is getting to me too.  I've gotten really bored and even sometimes get nauseous thinking about eating another piece of chicken! I've definately been trying different recipes to spice up the menu.  But I went down a pants size this week so I think I'm regaining momentum mentally and ready to go another week!  Keep your focus, we're half way there!

  • It is enouraging to feel my clothes not being so tight, but I'm like Beefy in that chicken and salads are getting a little old.  I have managed to stay on track, but I have to admit, I'm kinda looking forward to my off day tomorrow.  I'll say this though, the food that I used to eat so often isn't as appealing to me as it was 6 weeks ago, but i like not having to plan all my meals on Sunday.  Getting ready to start week 7!

  • Pap C and Beefy - I too am on week six and I am also feeling the same things you guys have stated in your posts. A little more tired this week...I do need more sleep. Eating was a little more generous last week...probably because of the boredom with what I was eating the first 4 weeks. Carbs still seem a little high and protein a little low. I need to mix that up more.

    I saw results early on...then on the outside I seemed to plateau the last couple weeks. That did not brother me too much as I read many posts on what everyone was saying about weeks 8-12. I can have patience when I need to!

    I added additional cardio every day last week and double them on the cardio days. I thought that would again jump start my metabolism. The scale did not confirm that. I am sending that scale to the “Island of Misfit Toys!” Again, I have not been bothered too much by that… telling myself that it had to make me stronger even though there was not much outside change... I must really look fantastic on the inside ;-)

    So just wanted to weigh in (sorry) and I am again so looking forward to week 8-12...for now though I will accept that I am I do feeling stronger...just like I am sure you ‘guys and gals’ are feeling. I need to work on getting some other things in balance… sleeping a little better…focusing on eating.

    Bring it on week 6...looking back in the mirror the weeks are flying by! Glad folks are here posting to get us all to the finish line for the first heat of the life style change!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Amen about the six week boredom... I can only think of so many ways to spice up chocolate protein powder and cottage cheese!

    What gets me though is that I look in the mirror and see how strong I'm looking (and feeling even more so) but then I somehow use that as an excuse to be lazy or go light or eat a little more than I should. Why do we do that to ourselves instead of using progress - however slow and small it seems - as motivation?

    I'm going to sit down today and plan out this week and act as if it were my first again. I hope by sticking to my plan as closely as possible I will be able to see the results I need to keep me in this for not only the next 6 weeks of the challenge, but for a lifetime.

    I can't remember if I read this on this site or where, but I've heard that you will notice changes in your body after 4 weeks, your close friends/family will notice after 8 weeks and everyone else will notice after 12. That is keeping me going starting week 7, knowing that people around me will start seeing (and hopefully commenting!) on all my hard work soon enough and that will give me a boost, I'm sure.

    We've already made it half way! Just think how great we're going to look and how fabulous we're going to feel when we finish this strong. Keep us posted on your second stage of the transformation. We're all in this together.

  • So glad to hear that week 6 is tough for others as well, and the encouragement that it'll all be alright.  I was so tired last week (my wk 6) and even a bit tired this week, really wanting to sleep in and managed to talk myself out of a workout last week too.  I'm mostly frustrated about the overall weight loss, I've only lost 6 pounds in the 6 weeks.  My pants are fitting much loser but still I WANT TO SEE THE NUMBERS GO DOWN!!