• Next week will be week 1 of BFL for me.  Right in the middle of the 12 week program I will be going out of town for about 4-5 days.  I'm already nervous about whether or not I will be able to stick to the program away from home.  Any tips on what I can do to not "mess up"? 

  • First of all, you need to put that mindset aside.  If you are going to be succesful, you are going to be succesful, regardless of what life throws at you. There will always be adversity in your life, and as long as you are doing well most of the time, that is what matters.  With that being said, I am sure that after committing to this lifestyle for the first six weeks, you won't want to mess it up by eating bad stuff and missing workouts.  Your body will be feeling so good and you will want to continue to feed it healthy and get some type of exercise in while you are away.  You don't have to follow the schedule to the letter while away because that is hard to do, but just commit to making the best choices when you are gone, and enjoy yourself.  My daughter had a lot of food allergies when she was young, and never was able to eat out.  I always told her that it was about the fun, not the food.

    Best wishes to you on your journey.  I hope you find all the support you need here!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • BDMom nails it on the head as usual!  I started 11/14/11 right before the holidays and the first week of January I took the family to Florida to Disney and also to visit family.  I found a local gym and paid about $30 for a weekly membership.  Our value resort at Disney didn't have a gym, but it fell on a cardio day for me so I ran outside and attempted HIIT.  

    Most of our meals were at restaurants and everything now a days has healthy options.  Stick to the food lists and ask for the steamed vegetables.  The hardest for me was the fresh breads and desserts, because we were with about 7 other family members who were NOT watching what they eat lol.  I did bring my myoplex shakes and shaker and also some protein bars (great for unexpected times like in airplane).  I always brought them in a back pack and would still eat them as close to my scheduled times as possible.  I also brought with me a camelback water bottle and clipped it to my bag and refilled it wherever possible.  We also picked up a few gallons of water to refill at hotel.

    At this point I was in a routine, but I'm not going to lie it was a challenge, but I survived with another notch on my belt.  Best of wishes!

  • BDMom....OMG, you are sooo right. I won't always have the perfect environment and I need to learn how to still be successful when faces with those things.  Maybe that's why I have yet to succeed...Flatliner, I'm impressed at your determination.  I hope that I can do that well when I go on vacation!  :)