I'm 48 and starting on Feb 6, and I'm going to nail this thing or die trying

  • Good job guys! I like your attitude Wrench!

    Hey Spaterra, are you still there? You can do this! We are watching for you!

  • Paterra still here and will be until, hmmm is it April 29th? Please correct me if I am wrong.

    I have been working on my 'inner' transformation which is really asking for a lot of extra rest, I am also learning how to relax a bit more, that with working 6 days a week is a positive thing.

    I went on a hike yesterday, I am discovering I like to exercise outdoors more than in the gym lately.

    Have a great day my friends.


  • Hello Group......

    What's doing, time for all to check in.......

  • Greetngs all just checking in.  Haven't posted in awhile but am still plugging away.  Are any of you finding obstacles in your way of trying to complete your challenge?  Lately for me they are popping up everywhere.  Troubles at work has made it hard to concentrate and get proper sleep, friends aren't all that encouraging when I explain that I'm on this transformation and they can be kinda of negative and I still see myself as the overweight guy and it gets frustrating.  Still I'm determined not to quit but sometimes it helps to vent to people who may share the same issues I'm dealing with.

    I try to blog about my feelings everyday and keep a positive attitude but some days it's hard to keep that happy face.  Thanks for letting me share.

  • Hi Barnetter - keep going!!  I understand completely - the obstacles seem to really hit more than at other times!  I actually have missed two days due to working overtime (and then taking care of family when I get home).  Remember that is why we come to these forums - for unconditional support - or at least that is what I find!!  Sometimes those that are closest to us (maybe) feel a bit threatened by our collective desire to be better than we are right now.  Tomorrow I will make sure that my work out is done, my diet is right and I get back on the starting track.  I think I have to have a serious sit down with the family about how I expect them to help and support me (i.e., sweeping, vacuuming - maybe meals!!).

    I missed reading this for the last week or so......... darn work anyway!

  • Good Morning, Saturday, March 4th

    Coming to the end of our Week 4

    How is everyone?

    Haven't seen too many posts.

    Lets have a great day today and prepare for Week 5

    All good things today =)

  • We're going strong group!

    Freeday for me today...

    I am a little bit ahead of you guys but I love the posts here.

    I am cutting weigh and I have hit a plateau for the past 2 weeks. This week my body decided to play a little bit with me ...up a couple pounds down a couple.

    I know they say stay away from the scale and I guess I will do that, but I did weigh myself today on my free day and I am down....yeah...now I guess I won't eat  ;-)

    Hey it is a journey and life style right...

    OK bring on the pancakes ...in moderation please!

    Just thinking about all of you and hoping all the rest are moving forward...small steps right.

    Enjoy the weekend...we're doing it!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Hi there - I'm BAaaaack.  Sorry - short leave of absense - FL for vaca and then off to Columbus, OH, for EAS to go to the Arnold Fitness Expo with the rest of the 2011 Champions.  We had an awesome, awesome time.  Will write more later to fill you in!

    Brenda Marks

  • Helllloooo, from a beautiful day in NY, I started walking today on my lunch hour.

    Where is everyone?????????????????

    Have a great day.

  • Spaterra  and group.

    Hope all is well with everyone.

    I am travelling this week.

    I wish I were eating a little better...but I am not as bad as I thought I would be.

    Doing extra cardio as payment for my travelling eating sins.

    Keep going strong group.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Just checking in 48er's - How's everybody doing?  Great LBWO this a.m. - that preworkout powder seems to be giving me an extra boost - LOVE it!

    Where are the rest of you?  3 months before bathing suit season!  Do you want to be excited or not?  Let's DO this thing!!


    47+ Femal BFL Champ 2011!!!!!!

    Lovin' life!