I'm 48 and starting on Feb 6, and I'm going to nail this thing or die trying

  • Love the support here group.

    Spaterra - I hear you and share many of the same thoughts!

    I have been somewhat active over my life for the past 15 or so years.

    I would train for a 10 mile road race every spring/summer...I thought I was doing good! A prime example of a fit life ;-)

    But every year, I watched my weight creep up and in the fall/winter it would usually go up 10-15 pounds only to start back over in the spring to try to knock it back down. My running times would slow go up for that 10 mile road run year over year. Hey old age right, couldn't be the 30 or so pounds I put on over those 15 years!

    Why do I say this, because I thought I was a good example for my 16 year old daughter. My motivation now is to stay fit all year round. I want to be in good shape later in life (or at least the best shape I can be in).

    My 16 year old wants to do some physical events this summer and wants me to participate with her. I too want to do these for as long as I can. Doing these upcoming events with my daughter is good for me, for it gives me motivation at least until September, then I have to guard against not falling back into old habits.

    We all find our different motivations. I know it sounds like you have found yours on why you are doing this. Just stay as true as you can to the reason why, then do the program as best you can...right (I think I am actually saying this for myself!).

    As far as food and exercise and tracking what we do, I think it is all about finding what works for you. For me, I am a data junky, so I do record everything. I think I use it as my warning alarm when my eating gets sloppy (which for the past two weeks is trending in that direction - gotta work more on that). I have also had support from others to help tweak my system so it will serve me better. TMastro (Tony) and others have been a great help for me there.

    I am sorry I am typing too much here...but I just wanted to say hang in there. As you noted, not only are you doing it for yourself but also for the family. I know for me, in the back of my mind, I have to keep telling myself patience on the results and it is a journey (progress...thank god it is not perfection for I would not pass that test). If there is anything at all I can do for you don't hesitate to ask!

    Keep going strong 'nail this thing or die' group!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Hey spaterra, remember, it's not about what you did, it's about what your doing right now.

    the past is gone, don't sweat it.

    if all of your sheets are gone, start a fresh one, the most important one is the one your fill out today!

    ,just improve a little bit everyday, take a step towards your goal everyday, don't try to make everything happen all at once, we're all at different stages, and only you can determine where you are.

    I had a bit of a set back too, mostly life happening but during that time, I knew that this is now my path and I have to finish this, I could just feel it.

    I'm just treating it as bump in the road, something that is often unavoidable, what matters is what you do after that bump, continue on or get off. you thought it was a worthwhile road to travel originally, and I bet you still think it is. . . I'd agree :)

  • Hey drizzydrake, sleep is a good thing yes!!

    I had trouble falling asleep in the begining but within a week or so was sleeping OK, I get down to the gym by 5AM so my alarm goes off about 4:55. . . .take about auto pilot, I find if I take a nap at all during the day, I used to pretty often before when I got home from work, or get to bed much later than 10, I'm toast, if there's stuff swimming around in your head too sleep is tough to get, course now adays that's a tough one to get under control :)

  • Thanks tmastro, I appreciate the words of encouragement, they mean alot,

    usually around 5:10AM when I'm working on my first or second set of an exercise and I almost can't help but wonder why I'm doing this, after that I'll warm up and focus on the set I'm on, never more, I list the entire workout on a whiteboard I have in the gym I can look up and know exactly where I am in the workout at all times. I have to say though I feel like I'm in 4 wheel low, climbing this crazy hill, I just keep my head down and do my best to keep moving forward!

  • Spaterra, Don't give up!!! I have followed your posts since day one, well, since Jan 24. You sounded like a woman I could relate to. I am also 48, but 30 lbs overweight.  I too have had a hard time sticking to, and following through. But we need this for our selves! I am in week 7 of my first challenge (Not counting the one I quit on 8-9 years ago....) It has been hard at times, but not undoable. This is not a "Diet". This is just a healthy change. A good, long overdue change on my part. Even on days I don't give it my 100%, I know I'm still doing way better than I was just 8 weeks ago.

    Don't give up on this forum! Post several times a week, we are here to support and understand, and to hold you accountable - somebody's gotta do it! No one is judging, 'cause we are all in this together. the guys I started with on Jan 9 (the 9'ers) have been great at posting often. It makes such a difference to me when I get a half dozen emails a day expressing everyone's ups and downs. Thanks run4life and TMastro. Not only do they keep me motivated, but those regular emails always keep this on my mind. I can't just forget about it. I have never done anything like "social networking" before, I don't even Facebook! But this has been an eye opener for me. I don't know you, but I'm rooting for you! Because in someway, I do know you. I know you can do this!

    Quote for the day -  "You have a choice, You can just throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat of your face"

  • Hi Spattera - I snuck on here from work because I really wanted to reply to your post.  I think that it is so easy to say you aren't hitting the 10's (I know because I do the same thing).  About 8 years ago I did a challenge and finished and had great results - so I know this works.  I used to be able to go to the gym and worked on pretty decent weights.  However, over the last few years I have been diagnosed with MS and breast cancer and my husband had an accident in which he lost his arm - HOWEVER, we are not ones to wallow or give up and we have three wonderful teenagers to be examples for.  This did throw quite a block in doing anything for a while.  Now that I have started again (day 2 - yahoo), I know that I have to actuallly start at a slower pace and with far less weight than I was at before.  I think it is more important to work to your individual level - not what you think you should be able to do.  I believe that will come as we all work through this process.  Don't give up!!  Don't kick yourself for throwing out your journal - just start again.  I know that I have been bad and haven't recorded the last two days, but from experience I know that I have to do it.  

    We are all in this together!!  Don't give up.  You can do this - for you, for your family, for your future!!  We are all so much stronger than we think.

  • Thank you all for your words, I tried to get on here last night but I could not.

    I am in week 3 and I just finished preparing a new journal to use -

    We are all in this together, I am here for you all.


  • That's the way we like it

    "All for One!


    One for All!"

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Good Night my friends, thinking of you all.

    BTW, thanks again =)

  • Hey everybody, day. . . .?? hell I don't even know what day it is for me, aww it's only a number anyway

    I'm beat today, great UPWO but man I am spent!

    spaterra I hope your feeling better, I'm rooting for you so hang in there, who cares about being perfect lets finish this thing and then we can look back and see how far we've all come. . . hey I like the sound of that. :)

  • Wrench - It is funny, when I first started this  I was focused on the day count...now it is less and less...

    perhaps that is a sign that this might just be a life style change right!

    Anyway I know what you are saying about feeling totally spent...

    When the exercise is over...that is such  great feeling...

    I just feel sad for all of those who never get a chance to experience that feeling...those who in their mind want to get in shape but for whatever reason cannot get their bodies motivated to do it.

    I know in the past I have been there...but not no more no never!

    Have a great weekend group!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • So I don't know whether to consider myself in week 3, or starting over.  The past week+ did not look anything like I was on BFL, just the same old same old.  I've had/have bronchitis, still hacking and spluttering, but that is not my excuse.  (If anything, my abs are getting a better workout than ever from the coughing...they are sore!)  I want to put in a good, solid, 12-week, effort...over and over til I reach my goals... And where I am presently with (not) eating right and (not) exercising, I may as well call it "starting over."  But if it is a LIFESTYLE change, forever and always, then really I just need to "keep going", because I KNOW there will be periods of indiscretion, getting back up and continuing...just life.  It's just that the indiscretions need to be occasional, instead of looking like the norm.  Does that make any sense?  Are you real people reading this or am I talking to myself?  ;)  

    You know, I have been involved in chat rooms and forums for many years.  (I have been married for 14 years, and I met my husband in an online Christian chat room!)  I sure wish it were as easy to find kindred spirits and develop relationships IRL (in real life) as it is on a forum like this.  I feel like ALL my friendships are online, I don't have flesh-and-blood friends that I interact with.  Ok, I know you guys are flesh-and-blood, but I have said that interacting on the computer is one step removed from telepathy, my thoughts pour through my fingers to cyberspace to your eyes and brain.  Weird, huh?  

    Ok, why did I go off on that?

    So for breakfast I was BFL-appproved.  3 eggwhite scramble with 1/2 tsp grated Romano, stuffed into half a whole wheat pita and topped with salsa.  Coffee, black.  (I guess I haven't heard if coffee is ok.)  Despite my coughing fits, I will work out today.  

    A thought I had earlier that I need to tattoo onto the back of my hand:  With all the things in my life that I don't like and feel powerless to change, my weight and my health are SOLELY in my power to change.  It is a blessing that that power has been given to me.  I would be foolish to waste it.

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  • RonIF - Wow...were you typing true-ism today.

    1st I think you are right doesn't matter what the weekly count is except for two things...1 make it a life style change (I which I know you re doing and I know many of us are trying to do).

    2. From what little I have read (and I am a novice here) it is important to give your body a rest after each BFL cycle (12 weeks) before starting up again...I don't think that means stop but rather light cardio and wrokouts for a week or so...not sure where to factor that in as life does gt in the way some times. I will have my first week long travel activity in a couple weeks...

    ...starting to worry how true I will be to the program then...it will be my week 9.

    On the other matter of vutual friendships and reality...I am wondering if you have been talking to my sister. I am feeling the same...in fact the past several weeks I cannot wait to log on to see what my virtual friends are doing. There bee few times with real flesh and blood friends that this has happened...I always made the excuse that I was too busy...they were too busy...they have other needs...I have other needs...interests are not 100 percent aligned...Any way I guess I have to figure out what that is telling me and perhaps connect a little better with the flesh and blood friendships...I don't think that is as easy as blogging...and it is hard to call your friends at 3 am when you cannot sleep but the computer is always on and when when you want it!

    Love you tatoo thought.Right now that would fit on my belly...I am hoping that when I am done it will go all teh way around my waist line.

    Anyway thanks for sharing, To day is my free day...hae not seen weight dropping this week...but I am OK with it...I think I will do a half and hour light elliptical cardio and enjoy the private time.

    Enjoy the ret of the weekend group.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • LOL R4L ...Yep, the quote would fit on my belly with room left over for the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and 3 verses of Amazing Grace!!!  ;)

    Thanks for your thoughts.  Nice to know there are peeps out there, even if they are cyber-peeps :)

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  • Hi all...... second UPWO and I am thinking I may be in pain (good) tomorrow...... yay!!  Hope you are all doing well!