I'm 48 and starting on Feb 6, and I'm going to nail this thing or die trying

  • Hey ladies (and gents?!) - glad to hear you're all hangin' in there!  Just checkin' in - will write more later!


  • Spaterra - I think around week two I also went through a tired feel. It improved! Now at week six I am struggling a little on the diet side...giving myself to many freebies   ;-)

    On the weight lifting this week I have felt a little weak. So, I mixed up my lifting routine. Still feel weak, but perhaps that is my body pausing before it is willing to work out harder. We'll see.

    From what I have been reading from those who have done this before...your situation and mine can come with the program.

    Just make sure the nutrition is balanced and you’ re giving yourself the best chance for sleep that you can.

    It is the best shot we can give.

    Another hard thing for me is that I keep waking up.

    I guess there are just days (weeks) where the journey is harder than others. Stay the course as best you can, there will be better days ahead.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • I'm still here.  Into week 2 and still trying to make everything routine so it becomes habit.  Not there yet!  I just printed off a weekly schedule blank (from elsewhere) to work on where I'm going to put my workouts.  Between that, and doing fine with my eating until after work but then eventually blowing it while I make/eat the fam's dinner, my program is still in need of a lot of fine tuning!  Today is my day off, so I'm going to spend some time in planning my work so I can work my plan!  I WILL succeed.  I AM succeeding ( we just can't see it yet... :)


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  • Good job, RoniF - it will become routine (but as in life, some days 'll go better than others!

    A small pick-me-up I did yesterday - kind of the "winter blues" hitting a few of you (us) - go out and get yourself a bottle of self-tanner (like my friend always said, "If you can't TONE it, TAN it!") - this is just an interum thing "while" you're toning!  Just makes you look a little "healthier" in this late winter/early spring mode!

  • Great idea, bmarks, maybe I'll try that.  As I have always said, "Tan fat just LOOKS better than white fat!"  :)

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  • DAY ONE - had a great weekend with my son doing some shopping.  Started with nutrition going well today and in a few minutes UB #1 !!!  Why I had to work overtime today of all days???  Guess that is good to get time issues up front right away!!  Have a great night everyone!!

  • LorraineS - I hope your UBWO went well yesterday and that you were able to get off to a great start.

    There will be days when you will need flexibility with dedication as other commitments and responsibilities compete for your time.

    This is my first BFL (C1) and on week five I remember doing four of my six work outs for the week starting at 11:30 pm at the earliest. I have to be on the road for work at 6:00 am. It was not pretty. Looking back, I am not sure how much it helped me, especially with the lack of sleep; but I want to make this a true life style change and mentally I just was not willing to be derailed at week five!

    Now I think I understand why my wife thinks I am stubborn sometimes...I guess when I have a goal in my mind...I get determined.

    Anyway, just wanted to pop in and let you know others are wishing the best for you!

    I hope all else is well with the 'nail this thing or die' crew.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Hey everybody, I hope your all doing well, its been a little while since I've been checked in.

    plain and simple I got derailed with family issues, missed a few workout and a few days of work as well, but everything is back on track now, did my cardio this AM and tomorrow is LBWO for me.

    I'm not going to fall that easily, I know life happens and the key to anything is, in my opinion, comitting and then following through. If you stumble GETUP and keep going. I've also picked up an amazing bonus, my daughter is now joining me in the gym in the morning, we stagger our workouts so one uses weights when the other is doing cardio. it's both exciting and humbling knowing that I could in anyway inspire anyone.

  • Wrench...it is good to read your voice again!

    ...awesome that you and your daughter are doing the workouts together.

    I know about three years ago I got my daughter, who plays soccer, into some distance running activity when I was doing it. She now is into endurance biking so she and I did that last summer and now even more this summer is schedule for this summer. That was my motivation for starting again with BFL.

    Now my daughter is also doing BFL with me like with you and your daughter.

    It is great when the kids really want to 'hang' with you, even at the early morning hours like you are doing. If that were me during my teenage years I definitely would be sleeping in.

    Great job and keep going strong.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Family workouts :)  I did my cardio early Saturday morning, my youngest son came back from college for the weekend, and wanted to do LBWO, so I did a double.  Legs too sore to do LBWO again yesterday, so I was a bit bummed, even though I really didnt miss a workout do to double on Sat.  

    It's been hard to stay on nutrition plan for me, so my Goal of the Month will be "Progress not Perfection".  

    It's start of week 8, I've lost 1.5 inches from waist, but am not losing any significant weight, wieght loss goal was 15 lbs, think I will be lucky to lose 10, but if I can lose 3 inches I'll take it and be happy.

  • Thanks run4life!!  It was so great to use those muscles!!  Although I am starting to feel it, that means I was working!  Tonight is cardio!  Not my favorite, but once the weather turns I will hopefully take it outside some days.  This is my favorite thread.  Everyone is on the same page and just great!  Day 1 done, Day 2 here!  Have a great night all!

  • I hear you!!  Sometimes it is easy to forget that progress is the important thing!  It is important not to kick yourself for not being "perfect".  This is a work in progress for sure.  (easy for me to say only on Day 2 :).  

  • Great thread and responses. I need to learn that more to be more patient and less anxious. I have not been able to sleep but changed so much in only like 9 days. Tried sleeping on my own but had a lot of anxiety. Slept great Sunday night. Nice early 7 am workout Monday felt great!  But after and that night lies in bed all night! No sleep. Not good and took yesterday cardio off because of that. Not good. But progress is right not perfection and gotta take it slow is right :) all you guys inspire me tho really and keep me strong and going. Keep up the good work. :). We can do it!! Just not in a day and with rest haha

  • Hi all. Was looking at thread posts over a cup of coffee and thought it would be interesting to read your thread since I am also 48 (male, married, 5 kids). I found with each page I was rooting for you all, especially wrench42, and started to worry when I didn't see a wrench42 post for a couple of days.

    Just wanted to tell wrench42 to stay strong. I was a product of letting "life happen". Ten years ago I tipped the scale at an all time personal high and had doctor warnings about my condition....got scared....got serious...dropped 50 pounds and said never again....then "life happened". How? Not sure. Some discouragement, some work stress, some family stress, some middle life contemplations, some "I don't give a sh#t"...despite having all the trappings of success and a loving family, I just let that little voice in my head rule.

    My brother recommended BFL during a conversation around Christmas because I was telling him my old ways of controling my weight were not working. I committed wholeheartedly and started on 1/9. Down 21 pounds and about 15% body fat. At the weight I was for my last "good" physical and feeling great. Have gone through the startup...getting into the exercise routines and making diet changes....and can tell you it will get easier and that little voice will not just quiet down, it will go away and be replaced my another voice...one much more encouraging!

    Anyway, just wanted to wish you (and everyone) the best and copy a quote from another poster on a different thread...JUST DO THE BEST YOU CAN EVERY DAY...and your body, and life, will change for the better!



  • Hello,

    I am going to try to make this brief and I cant believe I am even writing.

    I was considering myself a quitter, but decided I have to complete this challenge as I have never completed anything I started.

    I was hit with extreme fatigue after starting Feb 6th and have yet been able to complete the weight workouts let alone reach any 10's on cardio. I have missed half of the workouts.

    I have not exercised in 2 years. If you looked at me, one would say, she looks like a healthy individual, perhaps even looks younger than her age (48) There is nothing physically wrong with me ( except an ongoing intestinal ailment) where I could not complete this challenge. Actually I had entered several years ago and quit. After a tough year, I found out I gained 10 lbs and also being older, lost any muscle I had.I know 10 lbs seems like a little but to me it could be 50 or 100.

    I must complete this for me, I am always there for everyone else. I also have to set a good example for my 21 and 16 year old. Especially my 21 year old who is graduating college this May who knows how many times I have started something like this and not followed through. I am now going to recommit on Day 17 and look forward to completion with all of you.

    So now, do I keep a log, journal or whatever of my meals and exercise? Do I need too? I tossed everything last Friday.

    Thank you for listening, any advice, words, whatever, my ears are open.