I'm 48 and starting on Feb 6, and I'm going to nail this thing or die trying

  • Like so many others here I've started and not finished more times than I care to admit. and there have been times where life just happened and completely derailed my effort, or I should say I let it knock me off track. . .  so here I am, 48, married with 3 great kids, and I'm just a couple of pounds shy of 300lbs, blood pressure that is borderline hypertension and my resting pulse is something like 80. . .  I'm very much in the worst shape of my life. everything is going to end up crashing down around me if I don't take care of this now and I think it took getting to this point to really see it. We just closed on our house about a month ago and I finally have the room to set up my gym in the basement, I have everything almost done, just need to get the treadmill down there. a bit of fine tuning and I can have everything ready to go for early morning workouts. So now that I put this out there it's up to me to own it  :)

  • Wrench - you can do this you just need to stay motivated to stay with it. The blog forum on the BFL web site is great. There is lots of support here. I was/am where you are. I did a lot of traveling about three years ago and one day I stepped off the plane and into my house and on the scale and was at 252 lbs, the heaviest I ever was and the scale was just confirming what I was feeling… terrible. I knew that if I did not change, my life would not be what I wanted.  I was able to lose the first 25 pound easily...but carried the rest with me for the last three years. Still not satisfied with where I was with my health I signed up and 'put it all out there' with this BFL program. I am only in week three but have noticed some more weight loss, but more important I am starting to feel more energy and I am feeling like I am getting in control of my life, not just with exercise, but holistically with everything. Getting started is the big step and you are taking it. Relying on the blog group can help you stay the course. You are not in this alone and if I, a weakly motivated, easily distracted, individual can do this so can you.

    I look forward to hearing you r progress as you move forward through the program.

    Hey, a couple of blogs that I enjoy and that have given me great support that you might want to tap into are listed below.

    Jan. 9th is the day---Any other takers for the challenge?

    50+ and determined...

    Either way all the best…

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Thanks  run4life!

    I've never participated in the community before and as I look around and read the entries and replies, it gives me hope, there are so many folks from so many different places and walks of life setting their sites on the same target I can't help but pick up inspiration. The biggest factor for me is that people here get what your working for and what's really involved, it can be very tough explaining the process to people who have no interest or zero motivation to change anything.

  • Welcome to the BFL Forum and team wrench42,  I admire your determination and wish you the best during your upcoming challenge ( and Challenge is a great word for it at times). If you stick with it your results will surpise you.  I started over two years ago going to the gym and weighed about 289 then and I now weigh in the 225 range and have a great deal more muscle than before as wel as a renewed energy to life.  Hang in there and Keep Moving Forward as Bill always said.

  • Ok, I have tried to start this program more times that I care to admit. I am starting on Feb 6th as well and am also 48, I need someone/something to hold me accountable. There is no reason I cannot do this. Looking forward to supporting others and doing this!

  • You all are going to reach 50 in the best shape of your life!  You could have 40 more years of life left (or more!) and won't it be great to be in good health through them all?

    I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!

  • Wrench42: You can do this. Focus on your nutriton and work hard during your workouts and you will see steady progress for sure. All the best!!!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • I look forward to it! I'm looking forward to being able to move again and not get tired so easily and really to set a better example for my kids, I want them to see that there is another way to live!

  • Hey spaterra, It's good to have company, I'm want to hit this thing hard and never look back!

  • Fit4life, for me the nutrition is the most challenging we're a family of 5 and by default everybody is going to eat healthier! Not always a popular choice for my youngest daughter :)

  • Hi Wrench42!  You have three important reasons to do this - just think of the incredible lessons you will be teaching your kids as they see you succeed.  Know that you can.  I am starting Feb 19 (49 right now) and am bound and determined to turn 50 fit and healthy with lots of energy and feeling proud of how I look and feel.  I have three teenagers as well (one is in college studing human kinetics - so a bit extra pressure there :)..... Believe in yourself.  I did this program 8 years ago and it is incredible.  To me the key is in the planning.  

    You can do this!!!  Best of luck.  

  • Thanks  lsopow, I just about done putting my gym together. Since we moved into our home just over a month ago there are still a few things in the garage. . . including my treadmill. so last night after dinner, I was determined to get this thing downstairs. I had to push past the annoying little voice in my head saying it's too heavy, I'm tired, it's too late, do it tomorrow. . . I reminded myself that listening to that voice is what got me to where I am today. I began to disassemble as much as was practical and with a bit of convincing, and a healthy dose of leverage I managed to convince the treadmill that it would be much happier downstairs :) and yes I did reassemble it and tested it in it's new home. all the time my daughter is trying out the equipment and asking questions about exercising and muscle groups, and food groups. . .  she will probably be my workout partner and may get involved in the challenge herself, I leave that to her while I encourage her I will not make her feel like it is something she must do. If she is drawn to this then I will be there to help.

  • Hey VillageJen, who knows how long we have left but I'm definitely aiming for 50 in the best shape I've ever been in!! I have too many things that I want to do to be a "life spectator" anymore!

  • Wrench42

    Congrats on making the comittment to complete the challeng.  I just started or should I say restarted.  lol.  The one thing I'll say is watch out for that little voice telling you yuo can't do it.  I've been hearing it a lot lately but I'm determined not to listen!


  • I need the support of a site like this. I am so grateful that I am able to exercise although have not for the past 2 years, There is no reason I cannot do this, just have to get out of my own way.

    I am going to prepare next week and start some light exercise then Day 1 is Feb 6th!

    Completed challenges ahead for 2012!