3 weeks in - Hope I am doing everything right

  • I am sticking to the diet hardcore and not really going crazy on the day off.

    I started at 289 lb and I am a 32 year old male

    lost 10.2 lbs first week

    Lost 5.8 lbs second week

    Lost 2.6 lbs third week

    Not sure where the difference is coming from, but I need to get those numbers back up.

  • Donnie,  the norm may be 2-3/ week, don't get discouraged.  Remember you could lose 3 lbs of fat and gain 1 lb lean mass, etc.  You can check out my profile and see how my measurements have gone.  Sometimes no scale difference, sometimes a gain, but 10 weeks complete I am down 18 lbs on the scale, but that translates into about 23 lbs of fat loss and 5 lbs lean mass.  It didn't happen over night as you will see in my table, but it all adds up.  Remember it's about progress not perfection!

  • The second and third weeks are rough as far as lbs go but hang in there. I would recommend taking pictures so you can see the difference.