Dec. 27th thru March 21st

  • Started December 27th.... pretty excited, about to wrap up my first week. Feeling really good.... I can't lift as much as I could the first workout, I think my body is starting to get tired.

    I am used to working out, Iworked out in the gym a lot before starting BFL, but I wasn't eating right. Can't wait to get to week 4 and see some results!

  • Dear Mrs.Schillaci,

    Good luck to you!  We are all here with different circumstances but with similar goals. I need to loose 70 pounds sensibly with exercise and diet.  

    Throughout childhood and as a young adult I was actually thin but did not think so. When I married at 20 years of age, I was 5' 7" and weighed only 125 pounds.  After each of my (5) children, I gained an additional 10 pounds and later an additional 50 pounds due to stress.  All my children are married and have their own families now, I completed my degree, and after I became widowed I realize there are no excuses now, I need to take charge of my weight before the weight takes charge of me.  

    I own two copies of BFL and have previously started and stopped the diet and exercise program due to my hectic schedule.  Now but I have the time to participate in BFL's Diet and Exercise program.  I also have additional motivation, to feel better about myself and to interview well for a new position:) I am beginning the program on January 2nd, Monday.