50+ and determined...

  • Ronif - welcome aboard...I have read some of your other posts on a few other blogs and I am glad you will be posting here as well. I know I for one will love your insight on why I am aching all the time and when should I worry about those pains...

    I too am finally understanding that to meet my goals it will take several cycle... this is my first BFL cycle as well

    ...in fact this BFL thing is really is a life style change...

    ...I guess I am finally 'growing up'   ;-)

    today is my first day of week six...gotta keep the motivation going!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • All,

    I am starting BFL today, 2/13/12. In April, I turn 48. Unfortunately, I am 6'4" 310. However, I am ready for a lifestyle change.

    I am looking forward to a tough but rewarding road. I am excited to have the blog to encourage and push me.

    Good Luck to you and Good Luck to Me! :-)

  • AWESOME, welcome aboard! maybe you can give us tips....

    For me I've lost 4 lbs, but have drifted off and on. My main problem is I don't have the weights to lift it, but I did get resistance so focusing on that. But good to have you. I need to lose about 40 lbs. I'm at 160. started at 164. the shakes and recipes are awesome, lots of support and great friends. be blest.

  • mine too run4 life. but I've drifted off. now I need to kick some you know what. glad you had a good day off.

  • 42feelbetter - you are trending in the right direction weight wise. I have dropped some weight as well and if at all possible I would like to go down another 25 to 30 pounds. That would put me back in the ball park of my college weight. I was not doing any lifting back then, so if I put some muscle on now that goal might not be possible.

    I guess the best gage would be, when I start getting down near that college weight,, how do I feel and am I satisfied with the way I look. So, while I have a weight goal in mind I guess I am remaining flexible.

    Mike 47 welcome...you can do this. I typically have had low will power and if I can do this, anyone can!

    I am 6' 2". Used to be tall and lanky.  Now  I have a T Rex build!

    About three years ago I did a lot of international travel. Those trips were long hours...lots of hotel food. Great tasting food and I took advantage of it all...till after a trip through China...then India...then Europe...and when I got off the plane and onto the scale at home I weighed 252. More important than that, I remember lying in bed, knowing how I physically felt and was thinking, if I do not change this I could be prematurely dead in the end...not to mention how I was feeling everyday then…juts plan tired all the time...not quite feeling right...wondering if I have even great health problems going on than what I knew about.

    Anyway that was enough for me to start to change… a little anyway. I was always a little physical during the summer time. So I was able to take 20 or so pounds off easily (ish). But stayed at 235-230 for the next 3 or so years. Still way too heavy for my’ lanky’ build, but at that time my taste buds still were not willing to cooperate. So, this winter I decided to do BFL and I am at week sixs. I have dropped some more weight but more important I feel a lot better. I know if I can take the next 25- 30 pounds off and continue to build muscle I will hopefully feel the same way I felt in college way back 30 some years ago.

    I guess that is my true real goal. Not sure how to quantify that, but I will know when I get there.

    For now...when I started I felt like a T Rex. Big body, scrawny arms. Now I think I am sort of like the Grinch! Arms a little more developed, but I still have a bigger than I like belly...Hum I wonder what I would look like in Green! Anyway, I am feel progress and this was the first week that I actually got some unsolicited comments like, ‘did I lose some weight.’

    It will happen, just be as true to the program as you can...progress, not perfection. Finally this blog has been great for me...a lot of true very supportive friends here…I couldn't do this without my net friends and I have never blogged before. Now I understand the attraction!

    Midpoint for week six...we can do this!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • run4life your way too funny. I can't believe all the things we have in common when you talk about international travel. My son is in China. Ha. I was blest and got to go there to see my 1st grandson. got sick over there and lost over 10 lbs. gee maybe I should go back. ha.

    I still have not worked out yet as my cough is blowing my guts out when I try.

    I was very proud of myself though when I sucessfully went out to Longhorns roadhouse for valentines dinner. I ordered steak and veggies and took 1/2 of it home. then ate a salad. YIPEE. first time I went out and was sucessful. I was a happy camper. now if I could just get my workouts going. help anyone for ideas, I can't do weights as my knees the squats are terrible painful. I do them on my big ball so it helps. I got fluid on my knee so I'm careful. be blest everyone and hope all is doing well too.

  • Starting week 5 today.  No weight loss, but slacks are fitting better around waist and although I didn't measure, I believe I can see a reduction in my thighs, tummy is a bit flatter also.  My goal was to lose 1 whole dress size and I believe I'm right on track for that.  Weight is a different issue, at 57 y.o.f. it's very difficult to lose anything anymore, but firming up and into a lower size is motivation enough and I just keep telling myself muscle weighs more than fat.  I'm sticking to the program pretty well, with 1-2 very minor pitfalls along the way, but nothing to derail me.  Onward soldiers!

    Julie (Detroit)

  • Everybody, keep it up.  How many are using the BFL daily planning guide?  I think it's my biggest ally, when I plan the whole day and think positive thoughts it makes a big diff.

    I'm in week 6, not much lost weight but I've lost an inch out of my goal of 3 ".  I'm eating well, the call of the vino is my biggest weakness.  Not only do I get empty calories but also adds to the munchies.

  • that is one area I"m trying to concore. So tonight I went shopping and normally I don't buy deli foods. However to night I bought some nice turkey lean meat and grapes. YUM what a combo. So that was my meal for tonight. here I'm thinking snacks at night and saw some other blogs and to my surprize everyone was making a meal. WHY NOT!!! So now I'm finding that this is pretty fun. instead of thinking snacks, munchies, I do whole wheat wrap with beans, soy cumbles, or lean ground meat, lots of carrots, bean sprouts, celery, onion, etc. and it's yum.... just a thought for you ladies. I have n't lost much weight either but I'm trying. And I bought some resistance bands too. so we'll see how it goes. take care everyone, and feel empowered tonight that we are making good life long changes. YIPPEE!

  • Greetings! I am 53 and am in my second week of the challenge. I completed my 90 days of implementing the B4L program in April of last year and lost 50 lbs doing it! Then I quit going to the gym and went back to my old way of eating and gained the weight back!

    I'm looking forward to participating in this forum.

  • Hi Everyone :)  It's Day 1 of Week 2 for me.  It has been a rough start, but at least it's a start, and I'm still here.  After a good first 3 days, we had out-of-town company, and while I didn't completely blow it food-wise, I sure didn't stick with the program either.  But I'm doing better again.  Progress, not perfection, my mantra!  The exercise part is another matter.  Still haven't figured out how to work that into my daily routine.  But it will happen.  I've done one good day of LB/Abs, two good days of cardio, and sporadic UB stuff (including biceps curls in front of the TV...does that count? :)  Today I stopped into the only 2 fitness centers in town to check out their gyms, rates, etc.  I ask myself why in the world do I feel so intimidated walking into those places??  So I decided one of my real goals is going to be to be able to stride in like I own the place, LOOK like I own the place!, and work out like I own the place!!!  Hey, maybe I'll just buy it and OWN the place!  ;)  But seriously...I had a long drive right after I went in there, and in thinking about it all, realize that I don't need a club membership, because that won't necessarily motivate me.  I've been there, done that (and NOT done it, even though I was paying for it.)  What I need is a PLAN.  I have the space, I have enough "stuff" to keep me going for a while (weights, ball, etc.)  Just have to have a plan and then work the plan.  So that's my current goal, to have a plan in place by this weekend, so I'll know when, where, and how I'm working out, then just do it.  

    2/26  217   3/18  212

  • RoniF

    You are right, work your plan. This is my first BFL and I am finishing up week six. I can tell you I got busy during week three and that week almost killed me. I got all the work outs in because I am stubborn that way, but four of the six workouts were around 11:30 pm and around midnight. So, while I did them, my sleep suffered and so I am not sure how much I really helped myself that week. Weeks four to now I have planned better and that has helped, but even now it is still not totally seamless, though fitting it into my schedule is getting easier; and as it becomes more routine it will get easier for you as well.

    I also thought about a gym membership and like you, I have what I need at home. I came to the conclusion that by the time I got in the car and drove to the gym and then on the back end got into the car and drove home...the commute time would be over half if not all my workout time at home. So I am at home and it is working so far.

    Hang in there and as you said progress not perfection!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Good luck and stay focused. I did the challenge 8 years ago and went from a size 14 to a size 4. If you faithfully follow the plan it is very sucessful. Unfortunately I am back to a size 14 due to not making healthy choices and not making fitness a priority. After all it is Body for Life not Body for 12 weeks. Being a women of 53 it is even harder due to menopause. I found as I am doing the challenge I am already feeling better and have much more energy. The forum is a great tool to keep you motivated. I found that most the post are very supportive and people really want to help you succeed. Hang in there and God bless.

  • Ugh.  If I were a drunk, I'd be "on a bender" this afternoon/evening.  First it was homemade oatmeal cookies, had to take them out of the freezer for a get-together this evening.  I ate half a dozen.  Then it was some whole grain saltine crackers.  Then a couple of whole wheat pitas WITH butter and jam.  Boy, once I get started...  !>:(    I suppose it WASN'T doughnuts and soft drinks and candy bars, but still!  And I did so well this morning, upper body workout AND 20 minutes on the treadmill.  Sure would like to figure out why I go off like that...

    2/26  217   3/18  212

  • RoniF...

    ...it must be the week...

    I discovered a whole new food group called trail mix this week...

    ...one it it actually did have another doughtnut with it :-0

    I guess the eating success just ebbs and flows. Where you already put your work in for today, I still have cardio yet tonight... and daylight is a burnin'

    We're all hanging in there though!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!