50+ and determined...

  • Patricia and Bobby,  so happy to read your responses. I've started these Challenges so many times but never got beyond 10 days due to lack of visible progress.  I actually have a Body for Life Success Journal that has four separate start dates beginning in 2004 but none of them go beyond 10 days. Incredible!   The amazing part is when I read the goals, etc I wrote back then are exactly the same as I would have written today.  So here's to completing this challenge.  I ordered a brand new Success Journal and have committed to an amazing 2012.  The support and information here are such a help and I'll be contributing my own success information along the way.

  • @ naple - thanks for the idea of bands. I had not thought of that though I also have some. I think I will try and stay with as much exercise with the free weights as I can, but the bands might be a good option if I can get a better exercise with them on some of the suggested muscle group. I will have to think this through over the weekend. You also raised a great question about when will I see results. I am sure I will have that same thought going through my head continuously over the next month or two, but just knowing from others who have done this before that there will be a change with my body, even if it is 10 weeks out, is a good motivator not to give up.

    I am new to this blogging thing...but there is great support out there and I appreciate you all being here. I wish I had more to contribute as a 'newbie'. At least I know that I am not the only one who has some of these same thoughts. I guess that comes with the thought that  'there is no such thing as a bad question for chances are that many others want to know the same answer.’ So, thanks naple for asking the questions that you have asked in the past...you have good insight as too what I am concerned about as well.

    Today is my cardio day and I really look forward to these cardio workouts for these are the types of workouts I am most familiar with from my past running experiences...unfortunately there is some snow and ice on the ground here today so this one might be an indoor elliptical day....too bad because I love running the rolling hills in my neighborhood even at 32F (0C).

    Have a great weekend all...for me week one will come to an end on Saturday... my free day!

    8 percent of the program complete… now that wasn’t so bad was it!      


    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!


    Hope everyone is doing well.  I, unfortunately, have been overtaken by the head/chest cold that has plagued our family for the past month.  I dodged the bullet up to this point, and now that everyone is pretty much recovered in the house...I get it.  I started immediately with decongestants and stuff.  I decided NOT to workout this morning, opting for the rest instead.  God willing, I'll do my LBWO tomorrow morning and my HIIT Sunday morning before heading off to church.

    I got sick in the middle of my very first BFL challenge last year at this time.  I took everything down just a bit in intensity, but kept pressing forward, and managed to defeat it without losing much progress.

    PatriciaK - Where I get some of my full body type exercises is at this site:  www.pacificfit.net/exercises.php  Most of the exercises have video or at least still photo examples of how to do it, and involve multiple muscle groups and in some cases the full body.  Also, pretty much anything you can find on Plyometric style exercises are good.

    Reaching your "10":   I've watched the talk on this and some are mentioning a "10" being muscle failure or near failure.  While I am not going to discourage anyone shooting for complete failure if that's what they want, I would like to slightly adjust the thinking on a "10" intensity:  This intensity should be an all out effort for sure, but you should still be able to maintain GOOD FORM.  If you are able to squeeze out one last repetition IN FORM, and know that if you attempted another rep you would fail...then you reached your "10" - move on to the next exercise.  The difference between an 8, 9 and 10:  An "8" you would finish the set knowing you could get 2-4 more reps if you tried.  A "9" you should finish the set knowing you could get maybe 1-2 more reps but no more than that.  A "10" you KNOW you couldn't get another single rep in.  But in ALL cases, you are able to finish your final rep IN FORM and without muscle failure, in a controlled manner.  Your first week or two should be experimentation to find what weights for each exercise fit your intensity levels, and from that point on:  You use what you understand a "10" to be, to always be alert to when you need to maybe ADD more weight to keep your muscles challenged.  A "10" weight in week 1 may only elicit an "8" in week 4, so you add some weight to hit that "10" once more until the next progress.

    Blessings <><


  • @naples - Bands are such a great idea.  I'm having trouble lifting the dumbells I need as my back is acting up.  Much rather feel the burn than doing the reps and knowing I could do more.

    @Patricia - Regarding your comments about it looks more apparent the more weight you lose, is absolutley true; however when you are one of the ones who has a lot of weight to lose, I would trade places with you in a minute.  I've fought my weight my entire life and it's gone up and down forever.  I'm a 51 year old female, 3 kids late in life, and ready to FINALLY be the fittest I can.  But here we have the classic "the grass is always greener on the other side" thing.   Everyone has their own crosses to bear and I'm not taking anything away from you, we are all trying to reach our goals.  Seeing your profile and how long you've been working at it (eating healthy for 10 years), is amazing.  You will look more fantastic after the challenge, showing how hard you are willing to work.

    I've never finished a BFL Challenge much less the entire program.  This time I am.  Just in 13 days I feel FANTASTIC!  My back has a twitch and I now have tennis elbow, but I'm not going to let it completely stop me...maybe a little derailment, but I'm moving on as fast as I can.  My regrets are that I didn't ever do it sooner, but can't dwell on the past, live each day to it's fullest and KNOW you can do it...of course with God's help!  I joined the challenge this time and I'm taking it one meal, one workout and one day at a time.  Planning my meals helps way more than I thought it ever would.  The day I didn't plan I found myself floundering and tempted to make bad choices.  When I pack my meals, write it down, it is a tremendous help and I don't have to think about it.  I set my iphone with alarms on when to eat because I work at a law firm and often get bogged down in a project and the time flies and I don't eat, so....now I eat whether I'm hungry or not....but of course all healthy and small.

    Thanks for all the encouragement.  Off to another volleyball tournament today.

    Make it a GREAT day!

    WenFit 2012


    Head cold update:  I medicined up after dinner (grilled chicken breast / Fire roasted veggies) and sipped a big hot cup of Celestial Seasonings tea and a magnesium tablet.  I cashed in and went to bed about 9 o'clock! (amazingly early for me).  I woke up on my own this morning about 7 am.  Although I didn't feel very good, I rolled out and did my HIIT on the treadmill.  It was good to sweat it out and force my lungs to breathe even though a little congested.  I worked through a cold last time, and I can do it again!

    SCALES:  Been watching the debates of "to watch the scale or avoid it".  I think there is a fairly logical and objective way to decide this:  

    USE IT If it is obvious that you have more weight to lose than muscle to gain, then I think you should use the scale as a weekly benchmark for whether or not you are moving in the right direction (example:  If you have 50 lbs of fat to lose, even if you gain 10 lbs of new muscle over the challenge you should see the scale weight going down through the challenge).

    DON'T USE IT if your body fat percentage is in normal range OR you only have "a few pounds" of body fat you'd like to lose (say 10 lbs or less).  The reason it changes here, is because it is entirely possible for you to gain new muscle and lose fat at a rate that keeps the scale unchanged.  In fact, you might see the scale going up!  It would be a shame to become discouraged simply because you think success is only measured by the scale going down!

    BEST SCALE:  Go by how you feel.  Notice the bounce in your step that wasn't there before.  The energy that you have more of with each passing week.  How much looser those pants feel around your waist, or the lack of a "bulge" when you sit down.  Go by the compliments you get.  Most of us cannot look objectively at ourselves in a mirror - we all have the tendency to NOT see progress, because we don't look like a magazine photo or a model.  

    Toss all that out the window and rest on the fact that TODAY I am going to be a good steward of my body, and even if I don't SEE a difference; I know that I'm better off than if I followed my old eating and lazy habits!  Fitness is like a savings account that you put a small amount into each day:  For a long time you will just see "small change", but with time and consistency - You will discover you have accumulated a fortune!  PRESS ON!

    Blessings <><


  • I'm glad to finally get some time to log-in and check out how everyone is doing so far in 2012.  I'm into week two and doing pretty well so far aside from some serious soreness.  

  • Wen fit   I agree 100% about writing everything down. Just yesterday I thought I could wing it.  I was wrong but lesson learned!  When I was using weights for the upper body workout, especially triceps exercises, my elbows hurt and not in a good muscle way.  I'm hoping the band helps.  Another thing I may change is to not take a free day from exercise.  Especially in the beginning (I'm only starting week 2).   I'm not at the point that I love it yet and it made it MUCH harder today to get my workout started after just one silly day off. Not that I'll do an intense workout but I'll stroll around the block or something insanely easy but something.  One week done and I know I'll finish this time.

  • Hope your last 2 weeks have been successful!  I also turned 51 last month and am ready for a positive change.  I think this forum will be a great support for me and hopefully for you too!  Let me know how you're doing!

  • This is going to be a different challenge!  What a great idea to get a new journal and discard the old one!  Here's to commitment.

  • I have been basically off for 5 weeks and decided it is time to get back to work, it is wild how one week can turn into two, to three and boom old habits come back. So starting again on 1/21/2012. Was glad to see a 50+ forum here now. Have a great day.

  • It is wild how it snowballs.  And you have been "meaning" to start a better eating plan and working out and before you know it, it's been 5 weeks.  Get prepared NOW, don't wait until Saturday when you start, and remember, "Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance!"  Good Luck!

    WenFit 2012

  • Happy Monday Week 3...

    Just checking in to let y'all know that I've been down with this cold/flu for two days!  I Got up Saturday and did HIIT as already reported, and just went down hill physically all day.  I crashed really early after taking some Niquil and didn't wake up for 12 hours!  Spent Sunday on the couch watching football and snoozing, and missed work today.  I have missed Friday and Monday, and will probably not workout tomorrow either...

    WHAT is the point?  I don't want to waste an opportunity here to make a point with some who might have an "all or nothing" mentality to a challenge.  You know what I mean:  You start a challenge, everything is ticking along beautifully according to your well laid out plans written neatly in your journal two weeks in advance.  When suddenly, you get sick, or depressed, or sidelined by something unexpected that makes you feel like you've BLOWN IT!  What now?  Well, if you had asked me on my first challenge, I might have just thrown in the towel and decided to try again later...maybe never.  But I've been through alot of these "surprises" in the past 12 months of living on BodyforLife, and fortunately; I reminded myself that this is FOR LIFE and that life doesn't go perfectly according to my journal!  You simply do whatever it takes to get back to doing what you've learned how to do as quickly as possible and KEEP GOING.  Believe me, I look back on the last year and those things which seemed like "deal breakers" when they happened; ended up being of no consequence at all in the big picture!  So bottom line:  Don't let something like this wreck your drive to keep going!  I'm going to miss close to a week of workouts with this virus...and SO WHAT?...I'll be right back at it in a week...THAT'S LIFE!

    I hope that helps somebody out there who maybe needed to hear just that to keep going!  Blessings to you...I'm gonna go nap now - this made me tired!

    Blessings <><


  • Thanks WenFit, yes it does and yes have started my plan and bought my protein and food so here we go......

  • GMAC -

    I already appreciate the support!  I'm 51 and ready to be the best I can be.  I just have trouble over-focusing and then wearing down so I'm really looking forward to having all of you as my encouragement.

    I came across a quote the other day that I'm keeping at the front of my workout binder -

     You can either have -the pain of regret (or) the pain of discipline.

    Keep up the "walk."

  • Hello everyone,

    It is great to see all you youngsters (at heart) out there changing your life for the better. I am 54 and on week 4 of challenge 2. (All those numbers makes me dizzy) Challenge 1 did not go so well. However, I have had ten years to make improvements on it so I know I will be successful this time.