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  • That is quite a graphic image!  Seeing as my 3 lbs of Crisco is multiplied by a lot on my body.  I think I might have 2 cases :)

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  • Did you get a journal done?  I've been using mine the entire week, it helps so much!!!!!!

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  • I am using copies of the BFL workout pages that I fill in by hand for workouts, but for my food tracking I'm using myfitnesspal.com and it is excellent. I can update from my phone or from my computer

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  • Ok, obviously I am new to the Forum thing and replies.  I suppose that is why you put who you are responding to as my last two replies are out their in space - duh!  

    @workoutguy - GREAT idea on the 3 meals...Friday nights was always a "end of the week", "want to relax" part of the week.  I am such a comfort eater that I thing not doing something with my husband on Friday was making me feel extremely deprived with no fun for Friday.  It scares me to deviate from the program because I need structure.  I am very black and white!

    @ummi3 - I have always, always, always been a scale hound!  I am for once in my life, not going to weigh at all for 12 weeks.  I took before pictures, 3 views, measured every part of my body and am going to go by how I feel and how my clothes are fitting weekly.  I have always heard that scale wise, muscle does weigh more than fat and that you can lose fat and still maintain muscle, therefore the scale doesn't do your progress justice.  I am not positive, but that's what I've heard.

    All - the weirdest thing to me is that the time FLYS when you are not working out, eating right, working on "me", but when I start doing ALL the right things - working out, eating well, following the plan, going to bed early, etc.  the clock seems like it STOPS!  The progress seems so, so, so slow and that is what SCARES the heck out of me...is once again Not obtaining my goals.  I know God will get me through, I know He will, but the fear of failure is my hugest cause of concern.

    You all sound so positive and with it!  Keep it up!

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  • Hey gang: Hope you all had a great weekend. I took the last 4 days off from the gym but will hit the gym later today for a leg workout. Although I'm not currently on a challenge reading many of your posts keeps me motivated and enthused about hitting the gym. If you haven't already,  check out BFL Sue's thread on "protein shakes". She has posted several tasty recipes. Have a great day!!!

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  • Happy Tuesday Week 2!

    Looks like everyone had a pretty good first week.  Me too.  Ate a "free" meal Saturday, and also one Sunday, but overall kept my calorie intake within goal level, and lower than my kcals burned.  

    LBWO yesterday has me pretty sore this morning, especially in the glutes!  For my calf exercise I've been doing 30 second bursts (6 mph) on 18% incline treadmill, running on ball of feet and toes.  It really burns, not to mention great cardio too!

    HIIT today was good.  Starting to feel like my old self from before "Active Rest".  8 mph was my "10" last week, but not so much this week.  Went for 9 mph on last cycle to raise the bar for next time.

    Have 5 lbs Chicken breast marinating to grill up tonight to get me through the remainder of the week.  That worked out really well last week.  I seasoned half the batch with Mesquite grill flavoring and the other half just the Italian dressing marinade.  Food didn't get boring all week.  Had regular dinners, sandwiches, wraps, fajitas and all seemed different.  Me likey!  Still trying to keep sugar out of my diet as much as possible except for the free meals.

    By the way, concerning free meals:  I've been following the discussion on "3 meals" spread through the week or weekend as opposed to a "free DAY".  I think it is a natural progression the longer you do BFL to gravitate toward 3 meals that you "cash in" during the week as needed.  You start out with the "free day" idea, which works in the beginning because you need that reward to keep you going through the week.  Eventually, you discover a whole day of "free" eating really upsets your system and makes for a sluggish start the day after.  So spreading it out works for most better I think, and allows for "life's little surprises" to fit into your new lifestyle better.  However, one comment described Free Day being something like a day long period of binge eating.  Whether you take a whole free DAY or spread out with three MEALS, it's NEVER supposed to be a "binge eating" session.  Even on Free day or meals there should be a measure of portion control and good judgment.  It is to be enjoyed, in moderation.  That's the rule of thumb I try to follow.

    Have a great day!

    Blessings <><


  • Good morning  BFL family,

    I am surprised to see that I am not the only one who is not posting ... if that makes any sense. Wasn't this quite an active thread?

    Are people posting elsewhere? If so, where/ on The First Monday of the New Year thread?

    I'm doing fine with the workouts and pretty much fine with food. I find it difficult to get six meals in. I just forget unless I really put major effort into it. I guess I have to put more effort into it.

    I wonder how much of a difference it makes to eat all six? The ones I eat are balanced between protein and carbs and this time I am eating only the lowest glycemic index carbs. I don't have pounds to lose but I am trying to shift that balance between fat and lean in the right direction so I do want to be losing fat as I build muscle. I wonder if my body will have a tougher time building muscle because I am not eating as much or as often. And if I don't build more of the metabolically active tissue( muscle) it is going to be even harder to get my body fat % super low.

    It is possible that my desires are a little off too ... maybe I should just be happy for a healthy body and stop striving for what may be an unrealistically low body fat % and an impossible standard of perfection. I want to have my priorities straight. I think this program is compatible enough with that ... but I have to keep it in perspective.

    Glad to hear you are all doing well with the program. Solidrocker, I liked your philosophy on eating at the end of your last post.

    One thought I've had on the discussion between the free day vs. three free meals during the week. There are some fat loss "guru's" who advocate the selective overfeeding for scientific reasons and I'm fairly sure they recommend limiting it to that one day instead of spreading it out through the week. Tim Ferris in his recent book, The Four Hour  Body, has a section on that and it is part of his fat loss experiments and part of what he recommends. People might want to read about that and see if that affects their thinking and their choices.

    I am not telling anyone what to do or what to think about the matter, if something is working for you better one way than the other ... then, heck, do it the way it works! And doing it in a healthy, disciplined way that helps build good eating habits you can have for life ... that seems like a good plan to me.

    Hope everyone has a good  cardio session today and a good day overall.



    UBWO yesterday was really good.  Still doing same exercises as week 1, except I've changed from incline, to decline and yesterday to flat on bench presses and flyes.  I have to do some homework before next week, as I'm planning on incorporating "full body" exercises to get maximum benefit and work more muscle groups than isolation type exercises.  Chest is the most sore today.

    HIIT today was good.  Still feeling more fitness and lung capacity with each passing HIIT session.

    EATING still going really well.  The breakfast I've been doing the past week is really filling, high in protein and low in carbs:  1/2 myplex original shake immediately after workout, then 1/2 whole wheat english muffin toasted, 1-egg scrambled, 1/2 slice american cheese melted on toasted muffin topped with the egg and 1-turkey sausage patty and a cup of black coffee.  Including the shake:  432 cals, 43.35g protein, 24.48 carbs.  I have this around 8:30am and it holds me easily til noon.

    Blessings <><


  • I agree, how do you do your profile? I love to read both your your threads. You are so encourageing. Much blessings. Glad some believers are on here. PRAISE GOD>

  • Wow you count cal too? I just do the list on the fit4 life program.

  • Thanks PatrickiaK for the eating info... I know in life events come up that make it hard to stay with just one free day. ...to be honest with you guys the six small meal was keeping me satisfied, but for some reason today I felt like I was starving for months...even after each small meal...I just was not satisfied (translation feeling full). I was a little light on the water though and with the help of my family I held true. I am a week benind you guys ...finishing up week one tomorrow. Did my second UBWO for the week today held the same weight as the first round earlier in the week though it felt like I was weaker today.

    Also I think I need to push myself more...if a ten really is at the point of failure...I came close on a few sets but a couple were such that I if pushed more I do more lifting. I guess finding the right wieght combination will come with experience.

    Solidrocker your pictures are an inspiration to me as I am starting with the exact same weight as you did and with the same amount of body fat percentage. I know you worked hard to get where you are...I am hoping I can do the same...the photos are what I need to validate that even at my age I can get there with effort.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Run4life - My first week was good but not great.  My hardest obstacle like yourself is finding the correct weight to be using.  I'm working out at home.  I agree with your statement that I could also push myself a little harder also.  I think what I'll start doing is experimenting with bands.  Weights for some of the exercises just don't work for me.  I've also found the meal replacement shakes work better for me than actual food for most of the day.  They sure are easy.  I refuse to weigh myself though since in the past that number actually makes me stop the program if I don't see a smaller number on the scale.  I've promised myself and my husband I'll finish this Challenge and I will.  Have a good weekend.

  • Are there any others on here that don't see a significant change for quite some time and have a hard time staying on the Challenge?

  • @ naples- you better believe it! If you are anything like me, you are probably expecting results NOW!! Of course, the rub is that the results will come now...just not this now. They will come at a later now...a now that occurs after 9 or 10 weeks of preparing our bodies to become efficient fuel-burners, which happens by feeding it correctly and exercising to increase our muscle capacity( which is the fuel burning tissue!). for further inspiration, go to BFLSusan and see/read her bio. she almost gave up in week 9- and look how she turned out! Persevere my friend! It will happen if you keep at it!

  • Good morning all,

    I am  going to try to post more regularly from now on. I'll try to keep it moderate so I don't take all day.

    Got my LBWO done. It is easier for me to hit tens with the LB thanUB. I had shoulder surgery last spring and it was still not quite recovered when I started C1 on Oct 3. It is much better now but still doesn't move quite the way it should. I watch myself in the mirror and strive for good form and to have my shoulders working symmetrically.

    I am putting effort into eating all six meals. I rarely manage to do that and I think that it is probably more important than I realize for building muscle. My new little plan is to try to have four (meals) by four (o'clock) and then it shouldn't be too hard to have a small dinner and a half whey protein drink a few hours later. That's my new little strategy.

    @Naples, there are many, MANY people who don't see dramatic results for many weeks. Most of them will see results by week four ( taking new pictures helps) and then again at week 8 ... but there are many testimonies by people who don't see major change till week 8,9, 10.There is something called the Ladies Success Document that is great to read. I'll see if I can dig it up and send you a link. It's on the site but sometimes it's hard for me to find.

    If you've got actual weight to lose I think it makes the results more apparent. When all you're doing is building muscle and shaving down the fat a bit it's more subtle. ( I think) But there are benefits all along. Doing the program is going to give you good results- no matter what. Keep up the good work!

    @run4life, that's great that your family is behind you and cheering you on. Keep up the good work!

    @Stephon, I'm interested in hearing about the new exercises you'll be doing. Where do you like to do your research for new things?

    Hope everyone is having an excellent day.