50+ and determined...

  • Day two and I feel more in control of each day thanks to all of you here.

  • Naples, its sounds like you are off to a great start.

    RubyS glad the first week went well.

    Starting tomorrow and I am excited...though I wouldn't be totally honest if I did not tell you I have some anxiety.

    One thing I have been curious about is to know what my body will be telling me as I go forward...those aches and pains. I don't want to pamper myself when some of the aches and pains come, but then I also don't want to ignore something that I should perhaps pay attention to which could sideline me for a while if I wouldn't back off.

    I am sure that some of this will be self evident with experience, but being a newbie to this weight lifting program, I will have to just do some ‘trial and error’ and use some of the lessons I learned when I run.

    I know that even in my running I pushed through some pains that were more injury type concerns than I thought they were and they disrupted my training for a long run goal. I was able to adjust and after some down time was able to shift the long run goal to another event.

    I don’t want to repeat this type of mistake for this BFL program. I don't want to have to stop. This is my first attempt and I want to make this first attempt a successful one.

    Any thought group?

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Run4life - my biggest obstacle right now is trying to adjust the weights to correspond to the level of effort needed. I'm using weights at home.   I've belonged to a gym in the past but get frustrated when I have to wait for a machine or the free weight I need.  I agree with you regarding injuries.  I plan to start slow and test the effect for a week. It will slow down progress but it's better than being sidelined right from the start.  Let me know how you plan to proceed.  I suppose this isn't a new concern.

  • Naples - What you have planned sounds like a good approach to me. I was thinking of a similar approach (but remember I am a newbie here). I too will be lifting at home with free weights, a tower and a bench. I was going to use the same approach as you (perhaps this is the only real way to do it), test the level of effort each week and adjusting accordingly. And I agree with starting in on the lighter side of the weights initially. I guess I will know during the first few reps if I totally missed the mark or not and can fine tune accordingly. There is a post by Legs (who has also posted to this thread) titled Finding Your Ten (It is posted in the Crossing the Abyss Posting Section as well) which I thought was helpful in helping calibrate your level of effort.

    Looking forward to tomorrow - my start.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Hi Everyone!  Not sure if I clicked correct "reply" button.  I'm a vet BFLer, but haven't used forums since it switched over from the old "guestbook"...;probably at least 2 yrs ago.  So this will be another learning process.

    This thread seems like a good fit for me since I'll be 54 in a couple of months.  I have loosely lived BFL since 2002, completed quite a few real challenges and know "it" works when "we" work it.  I've got about 5 pounds I want to release  and hope you've got room for more.  Aside from the bodyfat, I just like being the healthiest version of me I can be, and the law of reciprocity has always made the journey a lot more worthwhile!

    I've just completed week "1", we used to i.d. ourselves "W1D7".  Not sure if they do that anymore, but that's where I am so far on the journey.

    Best wishes to everyone who is just beginning the journey...it is SO worthwhile!

  • Hello everyone. I'm going to change over to this forum thread - if I can figure it out.  I've been on "Starting Monday" but would love to be with my 50+ peers.

    I've started 2 challenges last year but had some adjusting to do because I travel away from home (one week on and one week off)  but now I have gyms in both places (both free too!)  so I'm ready to roll!

    One more day (Sunday) willl be my day 6 and have done well all week.  I find that I do an Upper, Lower, Cardio, and repeat and it works well.  I want to get some toning going on - jump started - then I'll go to the every other day cardio after month 1.  

    Had a great UBWO 2 days ago - too good - can barely straighten my arms now - oh well, small adjustment.  Stay in touch!

  • Hi, Workoutguy

    I love your idea of having three free meals along the week. Weekends have always been a problem when I'm working on the elimination of unwanted weight. So I think that planning three free meals along the whole week is a great thing. Mine will be Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday lunches from now on.

  • I see some comments (maybe from other threads) where people seem to be obsessed with the scale. I'd like to say to be cautious of that.  I understand to desire to check one's progress and weight - but the scale will not be accurate and might just be down-right discouraging.

    Muscle weighs more that fat, and toning and fat loss will not be an equal swap.  Additionally, at least early on, the efficiencies of all of our workouts will be getting greater, but the scale may actually go up for a while before the real efficiency begins to kick in.  Food for thought.  

    Other than that, I did my first week right on schedule - WITH NO CHEATING!!  YeeHAww!   Not bad for my work week away from home - in a hotel   !!!  I do have a refrigerator and a microwave, so I had to cook all my meals ahead of time, freeze them, then bring them here in a giant cooler and it worked!  If I can do it - we all can!!  Those pics of the champions will be us!  Just put your brain on auto pilot and one day at a time - and it will be yours!

  • How is it going?

  • Great idea! I off to Kinkos tomorrow! thanks

  • Hello everyone!  I reactivated my fitday account.  I have had much success in using this in the past.  It's an excellent program to keep track of everything that we are keeping track of.  What helps are the graphs, so that you can actually see where you're at.

    @workoutguy~  I also like that idea of 3 meals throughout the week.  There are times when you just "need" it!  I find/found that having a WHOLE day can really set me back!  I think I'm going to give that a try & see how it goes.

    @streanlined50~ I totally agree with you on the scale obsession.  There are so many things that can & do flucuate on a daily basis!  Not sure if you are a woman, but EVERYTHING affects us!  The scale is a good referrence point to make sure we are moving in the right direction, but I try to use it only once a week.  My problem with you post is the statement:  "muscle weighs more than fat".  The reality is, a pound is a pound is a pound.  Doesn't matter whether it's a pound of feathers or a pound of steel.  The only difference is that a pound of steel takes up much less room than a pound of feathers!  This is how we can not go down much in the weight department, however, go down in the clothing size.   I am sure that is what you meant, but I guess that it's just a pet peeve of mine when I hear that thrown about.  I give you so much credit for being able to stick to your plan being out of town!!!!!!!  That took so much planning & forethought!  I hope that I can do as well as that being home!  Please know that I mean NO disrespect to you!

    I have some very high hopes for me this coming week!  I'm tired of being the way I am and not the way I was.  That is some pretty good motivation for me!  Keep strong everyone & have a clean day!

  • I also just turned 51.  Planning is the key.  WenFit it looks like you have a great plan.  I think our group willl kick butt!  What we put in our bodies is shown on the outside!  We are going to change our ways and start a new way of life.  12 weeks will be just the start!

  • Hey All- Being 59 gets me into this thread, I guess! I'm starting Week 2...feels good to be heading in the right direction with my training and eating. Just have to get over the muscle soreness...

    One of the visuals I use for fat vs. muscle size is to imagine a can of Crisco- that is about the size of 3 lbs of fat. ( I have about a case to lose!)

    Keep it going!

  • Hey all,

    I was going to start my challenge this morning but I woke up with a pounding head and it's gone downhil from there. Anyone get the number of that truck that ran over me?

    Anyway, no photos and no workout today. Probably none all week. Hope I get over this quickly and start next Monday instead.

    Stay tuned.

  • Workoutguy - Don't wait any longer than you have to.  Headaches are brutal, but keep planning on 1 step at a time.  You will feel so much better the minute you start.  I hope you are feeling better!

    WenFit 2012