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  • Happy Tuesday Week 1!

    First HIIT of the 2012 was grueling!  Taking December as Active Rest was hopefully a good idea, but it didn't feel like it this morning!  I'll be glad when my lungs are back up to speed in a week or so!  Getting back on regular disciplined eating schedule was a great improvement!  I actually felt MORE full and satiated yesterday, and I consumed about 1000 calories less than my typical day during December!  

    42feelbetter - having a sit down job has it's advantages:  You don't demand alot from your "sore" muscles throughout the day, and they can rest and recover from hard workouts.  I have a physical job, and am often out in the cold during winter months.  So I feel every ache, pain and soreness in spades!  So be encouraged!

    WenFit - I believe you.  I definitely don't LOOK 30 (totally gray), but I actually feel younger than that!  I can tell you that my Dad definitely wasn't able to do the physical things I'm capable of at 49.  Heck, the last time I pushed my body even remotely as hard as I do now, I was 15 to 25 years old.  I think I'm doing MORE now...and that's awesome!

    fit4life - thanks for the encouragement!  It is of utmost importance for me to spread the Good News of Salvation and reconciliation with God found only in Jesus Christ!  But even that drive comes from Him; so He gets all the glory!

    PatriciaK - I was less than thrilled with my 3rd Challenge results.  I had pretty much lost all the weight I needed to, and was trying to add more muscle.  I fell short of the goal I had in mind, but will build on what I learned for this challenge.  Just try something different until something works for your goals!

    Everyone be blessed, and thank God for the health, body, lungs, eyes, taste buds and all good things He has given you to enjoy in this life!

    Blessings <><


  • Hi all - I'll be posting in this thread as well as another one I'm active in. I turned 50 this year so it's nice to see so many others around my age. Starting today with cardio at home on treadmill. Still need to get out for groceries and cook meals. I start a new 3-month temp job tomorrow and I want to be well organized when I show up for work tomorrow morning!


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  • WenFit - I absolutely LOVE what you did in creating that notebook! It totally sounds like something I'd do, but much better :-) (yours is better). I like the small size and that you have the workouts and eating across from each other. I may do the same thing, or do it in a small binder like someone in another thread did.  Organization and ease-of-use are key with this program.


    I am the culprit, and I am the cure

  • Good morning to all of you,

    It sounds like everyone is doing well with their plans. It is a help to hear what others are doing.

    Wenfit, shrinking that down to a more manageable size was a smart move. Having it made at Kinkos with the spiral binding is also a big help so you can open it all the way. The one I made for the last challenge was all printed out on my own printer, normal 8.5x11 size and then hole punched and put in order in a looseleaf notebook. It is HUGE! And a pain in the neck! You have to take pages out to write on them comfortably and that is a bit of a bother ... I take out a weeks worth of all the pages needed and keep them on a  clipboard and then put them back at the end of the week. It is very inspiring and helpful for you to share exactly how you did yours at Kinkos. Thanks for doing that!

    Sounds like we're all on the same page with the importance of planning. I am amazed at how helpful it is and how much it affects me if I DON"T get it done. When I plan the workouts I wake up with more enthusiasm to get to the gym and actually DO them ... when I plan out the food it's much easier to get in more meals ...

    My biggest difficulty was eating all the meals last time. I rarely got in six meals and still struggle with it. I am on a very tight budget so I can't just get protein bars but I did invest it two tubs of whey protein that'll give me either 26 or 30 grams of protein per serving. Making things like bean salads in advance helps me to have carbohydrate foods ready.

    Speaking of such things I'll tell you about the delicious ( legume) bean "salad" that is in my refrigerator right now. It is so tasty that I'm happy to eat it with every meal till it's gone!

    I'll give the brand of canned beans I used since I like these better than some and they're readily available. You can substitute other beans ( of course ) or modify it in any way you'd like

    one can Goya "Small White Beans"

    one can Goya "Garbanzo Beans"

    about 3 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    1 or 2 cloves fresh garlic ( pressed, grated or very finely chopped)

    about a half a bunch of chopped flat parsley

    Zest from 1/2 lemon ( zest is the yellow part of the rind only)

    Juice from 1/2 lemon

    Then I used some "fancy" fresh ground salt from Trader Joes that has edible flowers and herbs in it and another one that has several types of peppercorns and salt.

    That was all I did ... the lemon and garlic reminded me of good Caesar salad. I may take it a step further next time and add some of the other things that make a good caesar salad ( worcesteshire, dijon mustard and anchovy paste)

    Anyway, eating legumes is one of the things I'm going to do more of this challenge. They are a more slowly digested carb than good bread or oatmeal and I'm going to modify my eating that way. I CAN have whatever carbs I want ( I tell myself) I am just choosing the ones that I think are best for helping me meet my goals. I want to shift the balance of fat and muscle in my body, I don't have to lose actual weight but I do want to lose some fat and gain some muscle ... and I do have more energy when I eat carbs of some sort.

    Okay, quick report time: I used a bike for my cardio today. I have an easy enough time pushing myself to the max on the high points with it and I can read during the more moderate minutes. I'm reading sections of "The Four Hour Body" by Tim Ferris since he has a lot about fat loss and muscle gain and bodies that seem resistant to making that shift. It helps keep me inspired and engaged in what I'm doing.

    Looking forward to seeing everyones posts. I relate to what so many of you say.

    @RubyS: I'm with you on doing the exercise first thing in the a.m., it's too easy to be busy with other things during the day and such a great feeling to get it done first thing. Planning isn't natural for me either but I find it very helpful when I take the time to do it.

    @Umml3: I think it's great that you're back. As for wondering if it will be different because of being older, I wonder the same thing - but then tell myself that I KNOW I'll be better off doing it than not doing it and "So what" if it isn't the same as when we were younger ... we'll still get results of all sorts. Some of them physical and some of they psychological ... both are great

    @ Stephon and fit4life: it's always nice to find other solid christians in life ... I have such a good impression of both of you men. I'm so glad you're here on this site and on the planet at the same time as me ... you're a blessing to many!

    @Sue52: I hope we can feel like exercise partners for you here. I've had one in the past but no one wanted to join me last fall  .... except for on HERE! It was fantastic to have exercise partners who knew exactly what i was talking about. We could encourage each other, answer each others questions and warm each others hearts. I think you'll find the same thing. Keep up the good work and keep us posted on how you're doing.  You CAN do this! One step at a time ...

    @Imready: We all had to start at the beginning at one point! It was new to all of us at one point. If there are any ways we can help you with that, please let us know. For now, bringing the book to the gym is a smart idea. There are actually so many little tips with the exercises and you don't "get" them until you're in position trying to do it. Then they really make sense and help.

    @GMAC; sure sounds like you're ready! I'm sure it's much harder when your husband is cooking tasty foods that you don't want to eat right now ... keep up your resolve. I find it helps me to find that part of myself that doesn't want to eat them and pay more attention to that. It doesn't take long for that part to grow stronger and stronger. For me it's much easier to not even take one bite than to have a taste. Slow and steady and you'll be seeing changes in the direction you want them to take ...

    @42feelbetter; I like your screen name ... it's what a lot of us feel ... a lot of the time! Fortunately we all do feel better when we do what we know is best for us. Glad you're here and that we can all encourage each other.

    Hope that everyone is having a good day. It's only day two and day 84 seems a long way off ... but if you can do it for two days you can do it for more and before you know it twelve weeks will have "flown by" ... my guess is that any of us who've done it however many times can attest to that!


  • @Wakey618: I neglected to even greet you ... I'm sorry! I enjoy seeing your posts and am glad you're here!


  • Looking forward to trying your salad!  Have you done the nutrition breakdown on it for calories/carbs/protein per serving size?  Thanks!

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  • I love this!  Way to go!  Thanks for the idea and good luck!

  • Thank you, Patricia for the wonderful recipe for the salad!

    I did the Challenge in 2001 and totally changed my body - shrank 2 dress sizes from a 12 to an 8.  Well, 10 years later and turning the BIG 50 this July - guess who is back doing the only thing that has worked for her...me!

    I love this forum and wish everyone the best of luck - let's help each other through this life changing (for the better!) way of eating and living!

  • Ana Lucia,

    New to this forum thing and been mostly reading everyone elses comments :)  I started January 2nd, did you?  I am done procrastinating, LET'S JUST DO IT!  I'm here for support.  On day 3 and have great success with my food which is usually my downfall.  My workouts have been hard, but not hard enough.  I have a bad back and have to strenthen it badly.  But I'm doing the most I can with weights without too much stress on my back.  

    Don't every give up, if you fall, get back on track..we are all here!

    WenFit 2012

  • Thanks Patricia for the recipe, it looks delicious.   Your profile picture makes you look young!  I'm on Day 3, as most of you...how's it going?  Food eating, great!  Bad back has made my workouts not as hard as I want...have to Strengthen those abs to get better, I'm plugging away.  I so want the body I had only 5 years ago...children and age wreak havoc!  Although I wouldn't change some things!  

    WenFit 2012

  • Hi GMAC,

    Very good question about the nutrition breakdown!

    I eat about half a cup as a carbohydrate portion but it has more protein ( 6-8 grams)  than other carb foods so I take that into account and don't eat quite as much of my protein food. As for the oil in it, three tablespoons isn't a lot when it makes so many servings. I consider it to be half a tablespoon per serving but it's probably a bit less. It has a lot of fiber in it too.

    The nutrition information on the canned beans is slightly different than the dried ones in the bag. The canned ones say that 1/2 cup of beans has 90 calories,  19g carb, 6 g protein and 6 g fiber. The dried ones say that for 1/4 cup ( probably dry) they have 70 cal. 22 g carb, 8g protein and 14g fiber (wow!)

    Either one it's obvious they're a good carb to eat. They have a lower glycemic index than brown rice or whole wheat bread so they raise your blood sugar more slowly and help keep it even. I"m going with lower glycemic index carbs as much as possible. Pearl barley is another good one. I just cooked a bunch of that this morning. Last time I put it into a food processor to change the texture into something like cream of wheat ... and to eat as a replacement for oatmeal. ( barley has a lower glycemic index, otherwise I love oatmeal with cottage cheese on the side)

    BTW, I like your quote at the end of your posts!

  • Hello everyone!  One thing I am finding different than the last time I did this, I don't have the time that I did to post.  Last time, I pretty much headed the forum I was in.  I was on here all the time.  Things change, now I work full time.  

    I actually started yesterday.  I had 2 good days with my eating. My workouts were a strong "ok".  They could have been better.  I have rheumatoid arthritis, and my hands are bearing the brunt of it.  It's alittle slow.  I have to get used to the fact that I can't throw all that heavy weight like I used to!  I am reading the Body for Life for Women, and I'm finding that great, as she focuses on the hormonal thing, and the 3 stages us women go through.

    PatriciaK, I can't wait to try that recipe!  I also read the 4Hour Body.  I was doing that for 3 weeks, the first week I lost 7 lbs, then....nothing!  Then I remembered BFL.  So I'm back.  I didn't agree, although I followed it, the "no fruit" part.  From what I know, fruit, in moderation is good for us.  I am so happy with my blueberries & raspberries, & cottage cheese & yogurt again!!

    Ok, it's almost 1:30 p.m., and it's time for me to get to bed.  I work nights.  Ladies, all of you, keep doing great!

    UPDATE:  I reread this post, and found I am still living in the past, and my "other" challange.  I am going to try & not do that anymore.  I am not the same person I was 11 years ago.  I have my new set of challanges to go along with this one.  I'll keep all the knowledge the experience  gave me, and stop comparing then to now!  Ok, NOW it's goodnight!

  • Help!  I have been planning pretty good when I realized today I will be at my daughter's volley ball tournament this weekend.  I need easy, easy, easy.  Any suggestions of meals to pack?  Cans of tuna? Fruit?  Anybody transport there stuff in a cooler and leave in car?  I don't want to get off track and know if I'm not at home or office, it's going to throw me for a loop and I can probably have the willpower not to eat, but that defeats the purpose of keeping the body's fuel burning off all that FAT!  I just need easy suggestions if anyone has any!  Thanks!  It's club season and I will be at a lot of out of town tournaments, so I need to find something that works well and honestly....is not SO obvious that "she is dieting"!  I am just not ready to reveal my plans because I have always quit in the past....

    WenFit 2012

  • Hey all,

    Just getting started on this discussion board. Thanks Fit4Life for directing me to this thread for us 50+ folks! In time I'll try to go back and read through the thread and get to know everyone better but for now I'll just introduce myself.

    I've followed the BFL method for many years since I first read the book back in 1999. I did several BFL challenges and more recently two successful Transformation challenges over in that online community. Then I strayed away from the BFL principles a bit when I get into long distance running. I actually maintained much of the muscle and keept the fat off, but my nutrition was way off. This was Ok when I was burning 4,000+ calories a day running, but a foot injury put an end to my running back in June of 2011. Unfortunately I kept eating like I was training for another marathon. The result is that I have a good 10 to 15 pounds of fat to lose and some significant muscle to gain back.

    So here I am wanting to focus on BFL basics and regain the body I had back in 2009. After I learn my way around this site a bit more I'll post some photos of that guy.

  • Hey WenFit - When I go to a similar outdoor event, I take a cooler with a some bottled water, a RTD protein or meal shake, a protein bar, Vacuum pack of albacore tuna with some WW crackers (Crunchmasters makes some great gluten free crackers that taste great!).  Some raw veggies are good too with some lowfat ranch (Try Bolthouse Farms Yogurt based Ranch - It tastes awesome and is like 70% less fat than reg ranch) or Natural Peanut Butter.

    Don't obsess about it too much.  Eating the multiple small meals each day doesn't really cause you to burn more fat, so much as it just keeps hunger at bay so you don't get so hungry you will make bad decisions.  Hope that helps!

    Blessings <><