Jan. 9th is the day---Any other takers for the challenge?

  • Hi all,

    I'm starting tomorrow the 9th too.  My husband will be supportive, but it's just me.  I have all the gym equipment one could need, but today I need to clean out the cupboards and refrig of all the JUNK that won't help me.  (cheese has become my best friend)  I'm new to this forum correspondence but would REALLY love to be a part of a supportive team.  You see, I tried this before, last year, and quit.  I dont even recall what got me off track.  It doesn't matter.  life and its challenges will always be there.  I need to do this, for my overall health, but could really use some support.  thank you!

  • I'm starting tomorrow as well. Just took my "before" pictures and boy am I bummed. Did BFL several years ago with great results - lost 17 pounds , felt great. Now up to my all time high. Turning 50 in March. Ready to get started!

  • Tomorrow is the BIG day to start our Journey.  I wish all the best of luck.  Stay focused and keep pushing for your goals. So looking forward to all of our results. Is anyone else going to make a video diary?

  • Had to reply when I saw you shop at HEB...the best place for groceries! I'm not starting until later in the month, but where iin TX are you at?

  • So I started yesterday on Jan 8th cos i decided i wanted Saturday to be my free day.  (This would have been the 7th for everyone else in the States... i'm down in Wellington New Zealand)

    Work out was good as, my arms are burning today. Eating was fine.

    True to form though, something dramatic HAD to happen on day 1 and it came in the form of a massive argument with my ex regarding my son and custody/financial matters. Just great! I assume it's just life giving me a little nudge to make sure i'm awake and really want this.

    So i'm glad and proud that i didn't just give up then and there and i managed to wake up this morning and get right back into it and cook up a solid breakfast. Because of the late night I just couldn't drag myself out of bed for the cardio, but i'm definitely now very motivated to go home and do it tonight!

    Good luck everyone for your day 1

  • I'm also starting on the 9th and am so excited!!

  • cognizant......life will always throw you an "easy way out"  of achieving your goals, something to give you a reason not to reach your goals....keep at it and know that at the end of this you are going to be soooo much farther ahead of "the game". glad to hear your fist day went well, now hit hard the next 83!

  • I have finished my Upper Body Workout (UBWO) for today and feel great, although I didn't manage to hit a 10 on intensity if I'm completely honest with myself. I did feel I tried, but afterwards I thought I could have done better. I'll try much harder at getting there next time.

    I had 1/4 cup oatbran with water and an omelette with 3 egg whites and 1 whole egg with 2 mushrooms and half a zucchini topped with salsa for meal one. Meal two was chicken and black bean soup with some cabbage. My car wouldn't start this morning due to an old battery so that set me back an hour for my training, but I was determined not to let that be an excuse to opt out today. I hope that you all have a great workout today and can't wait to hear from you all.

  • Hello All,

    I'm excited and motivated to be joining the team that begins today Jan 9th! I hope to be able to encourage my fellow BFL'ers and learn from your experiences as well. Let's take back control of our bodies beginning today.


  • Hey, all -

    My husband and I are also starting tomorrow - so happy to see that we'll have a group to talk with and get support =)

    This isn't our first time doing BFL, but we've never completed a challenge and are determined that this will be the time that we do!  Looking forward to Cardio tomorrow (switching up the usual schedule as I have to be into work super early tomorrow morning and don't want to push off the start date).

    Good luck, everyone!!

  • Count me in! Starting tomorrow.. 12 weeks will take me right up to my 40th bday, so very motivated to shake off the holiday weight, and get healthy!

  • FYI, if you go to page 5 of the Media Gallery on the website there is a document worth reading for all those women out there who are doing BFL. It's great inspiration from many other previous BFL women, and knowing that you just have to persevere to get results is great for motivating yourself. It's so worth the read.

  • I am starting tomorrow too! Enjoy the journey!!

    I can do all these through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13

  • A video diary?!?!?  What a great idea!  I think I might try it.  

    Good luck tomorrow- so exciting to know that in just 12 weeks we'll look so fabulous! :)

  • I did it about 12 years ago, too.  I have gained it all back- but at least know that it works.  The nice thing with BFL is that the workouts are short- so more time with the kids...

    My kids are being really supportive so far.  I'm hoping to do cardio with them, at least sometimes.  It will make it so much easier if they're a part of it.

    I can't wait to have my body back though---best of luck!  Feel free to reach out if you need a little push in the right direction... :)