Jan. 9th is the day---Any other takers for the challenge?

  • I am into it today as well...  Congrads on everyones success of making it 12 weeks....

    lets keep it going!

  • Hey BK!  Which thread are you going to post to?  There is the young and ready to start (?) and the shape up for summer?

  • Hey All. I was at the Young and ready to Start blog and it was suggested to come here since you are all starting on a sec on cycle today, April 9th! I just started today, the workout was fabulous. And I am looking forward to doing this with you all!

  • @amanda joy: I am so confused LOL.... I dont know what thread to be on LOL haha

  • @ NatalieCA: I dont know either...i think since this page is hefty, kind of maxed out at 47, maybe we should all commit to another blog page to migrate to. . .what do you say?

  • Makes sense to me, just let me know AJ.  Also tends to bring in new challengers with a new thread.

  • Here are my official Goals (listed first) and results for Q1 '12:

    • Complete my 8th official BFL cycle in Q1 '12 - Completed C8 on April 8th...No breaks, jumping into C9 on 4/9/12

    • Increase workouts from 4.4 to 5.5 per week - Killed it! up to 6.0 workouts per week

    • Decrease body fat from 16.1 to 12.0 - Broke it!  Body Fat Calipers read 11.7% on 4/8/12

    • Decrease weight from 192.4 to 183 - Missed it...186.0 after the final week on the road

    • Increase Lean Body Mass from 161.4 to 166 - Missed it.  LBM up 2.8 to 164.2

    • Get my wife to show off my abs to strangers more - Finding strangers treating me like a pregnant woman.  Putting hands on my abs without boundaries

    • Reduce my vices intake (Chocolate and Alcohol) from 5.5 to 3.5 servings per day - almost, Down to 3.8, but simplex carbs are under control at 19.4% of my intake

    All in all, I am pleased, but need to focus more on intensity of workouts for my next challenge.  Want to work more muscles to fatigue each time.  Also maintain current dietary levels.

  • Frick you are amazing!!!!Soo proud for you (and happy for your wife :) )

    Alrighty looks like i am going to be on the "young and signed up for 4/9" and the "get in summer shape 4/9" blogs.  Hopefully the groups can merge!  

    I still have to take photos and post to this blog :) yay!


  • I am with you guys as well...I am on three Apr 9th blogs and I know one also started a Facebook page as well.

    If we are in fact maxed here then let’s slide over and we can keep checking here to make sure all in the group makes it over.

    Natalie do you remember which group had the Facebook page...perhaps that might be appealing...I am so new to this...

    I am actually hanging on both of the 'new' blogs...I just want to make sure that we keep everyone together as best we can.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Frick - I too wanted to just chime in...

    I want what you got...

    ...great job on killing C8!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • I am currently on the "9ers C2 and April 9ers C1" and this one, and Young and signed up for April 9th. There are so many!

  • it was the "young and just signed up"... not to be a perv.... but that name sounds a little too much like a seedy movie title...LOL!!!hahaha


  • Hey gang...Still here! Was on spring break in Florida last week, and went most of the week with my shirt off! First challenge ended with good results but think I can do better the next time around. Overall I was down 12lbs. Can't see all my abs but I can finally tell that they are somewhere in there, upper mostly. I am hoping that C2 brings all back into the open. Very proud of everyone for hanging in there and have loved the tips and motivation that everyone has been providing.

    I am confused about where everyone is going, do we have to start a new thread? and if so, where to?

    Start of C2 was a tough start this morning, since I couldn't get out of bed...LOL. I did however run 3 times on the beach in Florida (no shirt LOL) for a total of 18 miles, three 6 mile runs so I didnt feel too bad about today. Starting back at it in the morning though.......Let's go 9ers!

    By the way------Only gained 1lb while on vacation---Body For Life baby!

  • Day one, Challenge 2 - Done! I'm really going to try and find ways to keep my calories down more this time around and see if I can't beat C1 to pieces!

    Way to go Bart - only one pound after a week in Florida, I think you did great.

    Forums? Think I'll just hang here till we find everyone. How can we "max out" a page? Don't really have time to keep up with lots of pages.....

    Amanda Joy - nice to have you along!

    My laugh for the day - " I wish I was as thin as I was when I thought I was fat."

    yup, that's the problem with weight and age.....

    Let's go for it 9'ers!

  • 9ers...

    ...not to confuse all the comments on which blog to head to next...

    I am on the other 2+? Apr 9th blogs... as well.

    I think if we want we can hang here as the pages will just keep going up.

    I blog occasionally on the Coffee Crew blog, they are at page 913

    So we could hang here if we want…I just don’t want to lose anybody.

    I do know the two -> Young and just signed up for April 9th!!!! Is really active

    And  Get in Summer Shape! April 9- July 1st! is coming along but slower.

    I will continue to touch base here but also on the others as well.

    As far as workouts…I am a little out of sink here…as I will be doing a couple cardios first and then hope tomorrow or Wednesday to start with my lifting.

    Yesterday it was a 4 mile run with my soccer playing teenage daughter…I was huffing and puffing like a chain smoker and she was smiling all the way. Why does old age have to be so cruel.

    Tonight…pay back time…another night run for 5K….someone is going to pay this time….

    …I’m just worried that it will be me again.

    Eating wise it could have been a cleaner start…today was a veggie sub for dinner…the only problem was there were too many inches of sub sandwich that disappeared. I think my weight is trending up a little…time to get serious again.

    Amanda Joy I will have to check out 9ers C2 and April 9ers C1...looks like that is four blogs now aligned with ours as far as timing goes.

    Bartmarshall...that is amazing that you held the line on eating.I think I am up about 2-3 for the holiday and travel.You did great...now I have to pay some price just to get back to the starting line...

    all the best tonight group!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!