Jan. 9th is the day---Any other takers for the challenge?

  • Hi everyone

    Can we all believe what tomorrow is... week 12! I think I am still in shock that I've made it.  3 attempts but this time, I've seen it through. So very proud of everyone who has seen this through.

    TMastro: what brilliant results you have seen. What a great idea to stock your work kitchen to keep you on track. Big pat on the back to you. And I'm hearing you on the mantra "progress not perfection" - could not agree more.

    Sherene: enjoy your clothes feeling baggy. I honestly think the clothes test is indeed the best tell tale results of progress. Enjoy that feeling!

    Run4life: well done you for digging deep and doing those extras where you can.  

    I've been on another plateau this week even though I've worked very hard and stuck to the programme. If this challenge has taught me something, it is patience. I know in the long run we are all training the right way for maximum effectiveness, so it's just a matter of time before our bodies co-operate.

    I am spending Easter in San Sebastian in Spain at the end of Challenge 1. I hope to squeeze in one leg of the Camino walk and take that opportunity to reflect on what we have all achieved and re-group to be inspired for C2 upon my return.

    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank every single person who has contributed to this 9ers forum - what an amazing group of you all are: wise, supportive, patient, proud. I'm thinking of all of you this week as you see this through and wishing you all well.

    You all make me proud.


  • 9ers

    And so it begins...the beginning of the end...

    ....just before the new beginning ...right (C2)

    KathyJackson I think you hit it right on the head.

    During the Active Rest time between C1 and C2 we should all take an opportunity to reflect on what we have all achieved, how far we have gone, the friendships from afar we have made and what the next steps are to continue it forward as a life style.

    I know for me this has taken me farther than I believed I could take it.

    It is clear that the results can be achieved as noted from the web site testimonials and before and after photos...I just didn't believe that I could achieve them. I am not where I want to be yet. C2 will get me closer, but I am making progress that I am happy with my current status - OK maybe just partially! (Though at times it has been frustrating with not seeing a physical indication that I was making results).

    Most of my goal for C1 was building some strength (which has happened) but primarily cutting weight (which has happened – but I am moving my weight goal down more as I know I am still carrying too much body fat). Still need work there...

    Lately my body likes to toy with my mind...weight plateau for several weeks then quickly drop three or so pounds and yo-yo at the new weight for about 1.5 pounds up and down before deciding it will give up more weight calories.

    That was frustrating at first, but now that I know that eventually my body will respond and trend in weight will be down...I am OK with the process...I am just now patient and not worrying about the short term weight fluctuations as long as over time the long term trend is down.

    Anyway group...four more workouts for me before it is official.

    Finish strong 9ers...cannot 'weight' (sorry) to hear more about how we are all doing and for those wanting more progress, like me, what the plans are for C2 to continue the body improvement trend.

    All the best for now!

    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank every single person who has contributed to this 9ers forum - what an amazing group of you all are: wise, supportive, patient, proud. I'm thinking of all of you this week as you see this through and wishing you all well.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • 4 down 2 to go ===>>>week twelve...

    ...It is starting to feel like I will soon be saying good-bye to an old friend...

    ...rather...till we meet again C2   (-:

    Bring it home strong 9ers.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Hello 9er's! I want to report that my hubby and I finished our first challenge on Tuesday. He lost 30 pounds and 4 inches off of his waist! He is wearing jeans he hasn't worn in 10 years!!! I have lost 20 pounds and am down 4 pants sizes! I still have 50 pounds to go-but I feel so much better!  However my biggest accomplishment is since I have been rehabbing an Achilles rupture repair-it has been hard to do any high impact cardio. Well I can say I ran 2 miles yesterday without pain! I am so excited and looking forward to starting my next challenge on Monday. There have been ups and downs these past 12 weeks but I am even more motivated to keep going. I just wanted to say thanks to this group. I may not have posted much but I read every email and it kept me going when I was discouraged. So-keep up the hard work and I hope to see some of you around for C2 next week! If anyone has tips for working on dropping time off of my mile-I would love that too! :-)

  • Wow - you guys are amazing.  I am just finishing my 4th week.  I bow to you - and say well done!

  • Wisewoman44 – sounds like you are keeping it strong...excellent job…the weeks will seem to fly by as you get closer to the end of the first goal...

    at least they did for me and that took me by surprise!

    SoccermomGK – amazing work you and your husband have done. Great job on the weight loss, the inches off and the new ‘old’ jean sizes that you guys are fitting into. That is the most rewarding number.

    I have read on the web that you should do a little ‘active rest’ between cycles to give your muscles a little chance to recover. Not sure if you have/are factoring that in. Anyway.  I will start my C2 on Apr 9th (actually probably Sun the 8th). In the interim I will be doing running and endurance biking to stay active but to recover a little from the lifting.

    As far as running and decreasing time…hill runs make you stronger and can decrease time. The HIIT approach should also be helping (interval training - running faster for a while then a recovery jog).

    Finally, if you are doing some distance running – run/walk can help improve time by saving energy for later in the run.

    Initially as you run over a series of weeks…Start out with more walk time then run time ( say 2 minutes walk and 1 minute run….or less of a ratio depending on your running fitness) and slowly work on inverting that ratio as your endurance fitness improves.

    At a ten minute pace, a 1 minute fast walk only decreases your time by approximately 15 + seconds over the mile. Just a thought… I have used all three of these approaches to improve my times and to improve my endurance.

    If you are interested in the run/walk approach…Jeff Galloway, an Olympic marathoner, has a whole website to this approach to running.

    He is often featured in Runner’s World Magazine.

    Here is a link to his website:


    Anyway, all the best for now and congrates again on finishing.

    I am hope to bring my wife along for my next challenge. She was interested in this one but has also been struggling with foot problems.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Niners, it has been great sharing these last 12 weeks with you all! I'm proud of all of you!

    Despite the blood, sweat, tears, your stick-to-it-ness nature has prevailed! Awesome sense of accomplishment!

    I know I am better off physically AND mentally than I was when I rolled (almost literally) out of New Year's weekend...bloated, sluggish, knowing my blood work and pressure were not good, feeling guilty because despite the first three points I was still eating poorly and not exercising....

    ...and now, holy crap! Eating portioned and balanced meals because I LIKE TO EAT THAT WAY! Looking for opportunities to workout....because I LIKE THE WAY EXERCISE MAKES ME FEEL!


    I do pray he stays around and I pray each of you reading this, those original 9er's and those who are aspiring to be, enjoy your life a little more because you do what is right when it comes to how you eat and exercise the one body you have...your body for life!

    It's been great....Tony

    Since 1/9:

    Weight: 201.8 (down 32.2 pounds or 13.8%; down 3.8 pounds this week)

    Body fat: 22.3% (down 7.2 points or 24.4%; down 0.8 points this week)

    Muscle: 36.7% (up 3.0 points or 8.9%; up 0.1 points this week)

    Calories per day: 1,200 (down 550 calories versus last week)

    Meals/Snacks per day: 3.0 (flat versus last week)

    Thoughts / Learnings:

    - Last time at current weight:  August 2008 - 44 months ago

    - Weight loss goal was to lose 26 pounds by 5/15: BEAT

    - Body fat reduction goal was 25%: MISSED...by .6%!

    - Working an 8 hour shift in a restaurant is better than any 20 minute cardio or 45 minute weight lifting session.....so long as you don't pig out on the food!

    - Best feeling....gotta admit, seeing a six pack on my gut is sooooo cool!

  • Tony- Oh my gosh!!  Fantastic!!  A six pack??  We want to see it!!  Post your pics!!

    I have faltered towards the end...:(  I only lost 10 pounds and 2 inches around waist and hips...no six pack:(  My husband, however, loves what he calls my "hard body"!!   He comments all the time about how amazing I look...so that makes me feel great.  I still have work to do... so I will continue this lifestyle.  

    My treadmill is broken!!  So I'm going to have to change up cardio until hubby fixes it!  I like it so much better than just running outside because of the forced push when you change speed or incline...seems hard for me to go faster in increments when I'm on my own.

    Great job all!!  Not sure if I'm posting pics...I don't know how to do it!!  Not sure I want to get my 16 year old son to help post pics of me in a bikini!!  Ha Ha!! YIKES!!

    I'm looking forward to seeing all the results!!  Post them!!!


  • 9ers


    Hope you all are doing well...


    ...the blog has been a little quiet lately...


    ...it is like we all went underground!


    I was going to run a whole bunch of stats to post up...but like most of you I have not been able to find the time so here is the nut shell of where I am at.


    Love the program...


    ...got mixed results...




     226 - starting weight on Jan 9th


    209 - Week twelve ending weight



    BODY FAT LOSS Percentage


    34% Starting BF % - extrapolated as it is off the pincher chart


    29% Starting BF % - not sur3e how consistent I have been doing this...not do at the same time (like when I first get up and I think even at the same point on my body. I will be more consistent on the next round. Based on the weight loss it looks like it might be realistic.




    8.1 inches


    5 Pants belt notches in (you know that scientific unit of measurement! [about an inch apart])


    My program performance Overall


     Exercise - I never missed a workout. Double up cardio almost every day after week 5. For my free day yesterday I ran an easy 5K victory lap.


    Eating – There were many days that I ate like I never missed a workout    ;-)


    I have to do better with that for the next round and there will be a next round as I am not where I want to be right now.


    Weight to 195 (I have not been at this weight since between Undergrad and Grad school)

    Stretch goal 190 = 19 pounds or 66,500 net calorie loose.


    Train like a Champ for the summer's upcoming fitness events (posted below).


    All the best for now 9ers...C2 in 9 days...yeah!


    Stay relatively clean with the eating over the break!




    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Hey 9ers,

    Thanks to all for a successful C1!!  I didn't finish it as strong as I should have, but never the less, it was a great experience in the right direction.  I should have kept more stats but the most important one to me is how I feel.  I've lost 25 pounds and gained some muscle and I feel ready to head into C2.  I am starting C2 today because I have been a slacker the past couple of weeks, so I don't need a "break".  Heading to the gym soon and then to the store to have plenty of clean food on hand.  Failing to prepare for the week causes too much stress which leads to the fall from the wagon, for me.  

    I'm going to set some definite goals tonight as that is one thing that I didn't really do on the first round.  I'm going to add more cardio and get in two UB and two LB workouts per week.  I will workout on my free day to accomplish this.  I'll still be taking advantage of the free day meals!!

    I'll post my goals later...need to get my butt in gear.  Hope you all have a great day!


  • Bucki - glad to hear from you and awesome with the weight drop.

    I suspect that was one of your goals for C1 and it looks like you hit is well!.

    I intend to do some 'active rest' for the next 9 days (more like 8 as I will start on this coming Sunday) - I will be doing long distance bike riding during this time so I will be about a week behind you.

    Glad you will be able to keep me honest for C2...love your posts...

    ... I am bring my wife along on this round.

    She wanted to do this last round but had an ankle/foot injury and was getting injections every other week...sounds more painful than BFL. Anyway I will have company on this round in addition to my BFL web friends and I am sure she will be looking for female support as well to keep her going.

    She used to lift weights in high school with her dad and she has a strong body build (makes me jealous); but like me, it is under some 'bubble wrap' and so I think she will be interested in getting some weight off  in addition strength training,

    Hope you get off to a great start and I think you are right a lot of the success is in the planning stages.

    all the best for now!

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • I am also starting a challenge on 9th APril and this will be my C3, third challenge with BFL.  I have the Omron machine for bodyfat and BMI but still have to get those calipers at GNC to support the info in general. Hope to do that this week sometime. Keep Moving Forward. Be sure to note the checklist that BFL sends out for additional assistance in prepartion.

  • Hi everyone

    May I pass on my congratulations to everyone who completed C1 - well done!!  My boyfriend lost 25 pounds which I am super proud of.

    I definately made progress but much less than I had hoped for at the outset. I think the program is absolutely fantastic, but it's not quite right for me at this stage of my goals.  I think I will definately incorporate many BFL elements into my life going forward but if nothing else, it has reinforced one thing (for my situation) - results are down to the food. While I did not miss one workout (whereas my boyfriend missed a load!!) - no amount of exercise can make up for too many deviations from the eating plan.

    So while I am thrilled that I made alot of progress on the srength side with weight training (a gym instructor said I was lifting more than alot of the men they train!!) I think I will revert to something more like the weight watchers plan to actually get the weight off. While my strength improved week on week, my weight virtually did not change from week 3. And I seriously trained.  And pretty much stuck to the eating plan.  My body fat percentage did decreast 3% though which I am happy with.

    For the effort and sacrifice I put in, I've got much more return on the commitment from the weight watchers plan.

    In no way am I saying BFL isn't great. It has completely changed our lives for the better, but I remain committed to shifting the weight first and then following up with another BFL challenge.

    In my next phase I will continue to use my BFL journal, and incorporate the training, but I will be incorporate it within the weight watchers system.

    As I said from the outset, my main goal was to see this through (3 attempts it took me) and to assess the program versus others. I'm so happy we did.

    Congratulations once again to all 9ers!!!


  • Hi 9ers,

    It's been a while, but the results posted above by some of the participants is certainly fantastic..!!!!  Have to admit, as i mentioned in an earlier post that i was going to readjust my training to include more cardio and less lifting.   think through about the 8th week i had only lost about 5-6 pounds..  Since then, i have been focusing on running - 3-6 miles 5-6 times a week, either using an HIIT or fartlek methods which includes alternating bursts of sprinting (if you consider an 8 minute mile sprinting :)  ) and jogging.  last 3-4 weeks also down about 6-7 pounds.  Can't say i stuck with any eating plan, but just the fact that i can now run 5-6 miles again is rewarding enough, for now.  tight 36's have now turned into loose 34's in the pants area.  

    looking to set a goal for the summer or fall for either a fast time in a 5 k (maybe sub 25 minutes which would be light speed for me) or running in a half or full marathon (longest race I've ever run was a 15k).

    A couple of things I've been able to take from this adventure:

    SUPPORT REALLY HELPS, especially for those times when you start going through changes in diet or how you feel because your body's not happy with what you're doing to it, but you realize it must be part of the program when you start reading other 9ers are going through the same thing.  

    GOALS ARE IMPORTANT, for self motivation and to be able to maybe push harder than you thought you could.  I can't say that I reached any of my goals, but I know I'd be nowhere near where i am now without them.  down 12 pounds (about 1/2 of where i wanted to be....a couple of inches in the waist, where i really needed it :)....

    ENJOY THE RIDE...although i can't say i've ever been a weight lifter, the weight training i did at the beginning certainly got me going in the direction i needed to go.  however, the cardio training has reinvigorated my desire to run (lost somewhere along the way of life) and I now really enjoy and look forward to my runs every day....  

    LIKING WHAT YOU DO will take your mind off of why you are doing it.  Personally I think that the more you focus on pounds lost, calories ingested, food eaten (or not eaten) has you focused on the wrong thing.  If you can find something that you can do that will occupy your time for 30-60 minutes a day (brisk walk or run if your into that and enjoying the trees or parks or whatever is in your area, workout at the gym with friends or a group who you can socialize with to help pass the time, workout at home while watching you favorite program or listening to music.  Enjoy the moment, but don't make it like a job.....Do it long enough, and looking at comments above, it becomes a habit.....

    EAT HEALTHY...maybe easier than we all think....though fast food became a way of life for a lot of us, putting together a healthy lunch, drinking lots of water, having quick healthy snacks on hand, even with kids around (why not start them off early on on what is good for them (maybe cliff bars instead of cookies) and what should be considered a treat (oreos or chocolate chips)

    PS....For those having a problem with diet, I thought i'd throw this out there.  My sister, no spring chicken (nor am i), nor athlete of any kind almost forever, started on a diet called the DUKAN diet.  I am not recommending it, per se, as i have not used it yet, but might try for the next 3 months, but since Sept. of last year, she has lost 50 pounds (with NO exercising)..however, she now feels so good, that she is training to run in a 5 k in May, and a mini triathlon in July...needless to say, I am shocked, but elated......it appears to also be a similar diet to the one here, no carbs, high in protein and veggies.......i think the website is mydukandiet.com and you can put in some of your vitals and your target weight and it will let you know when you can expect to lose it by and a diet to match......again, i am in no way part of it, but thought i'd share with those who have voiced some concern with their diets......

    A closing thought....i'd like to thank all the 9ers for their support and posts during the last 12 weeks.  Congrats to all  those still here, even if you didn't finish the 12 weeks for whatever reason...but hope that the last 12 weeks has changed you enough so that you don't go back to the person you were (health-wise) that you started out as and the reason you signed up for this in the first place.........

    Good luck--stay active and healthy--hope by chance to meet some of you in a 5 k somewhere ......;-)

    Enjoy life-i think we've all found out it's possible, and to do it in a healthier way.....


  • Hello 9 er's

    It has been a while since I posted anything my daughter decided to break my computer :( now I have a new one.  I am so proud of everyone for sticking with it and everyone's progress.  After tearing my pectoral muscle I was trying to do just cardio but even that was really irritating it so I gave up on the exercise thing altogether and just watched what I was eating, i am now can do cardio wiyhout it being so irritated i think i just needed to get the inflamation down.  I am down almost two pant sizes but still need to lose, about 15 more lbs.  I am looking forward to the next challenge.  

    I just want to thank everyone for all your support through the challenge, it really was nice I couldn't have done it with out all of you

    I hope you all enjoy your Easter and have a great day