Jan. 9th is the day---Any other takers for the challenge?

  • Hey everyone - I too am starting on the 9th. Just signed up to the forums the other day and have already learnt heaps. This will be my first challenge - pretty nervous about fitting it into life and keeping disciplined

  • Welcome run4life and cognizant....I believe we can all get through this with the support from each other and sharing not only our success but also our failures with each other. I am planning on cleaning out the fridge and pantry this weekend and then hitting the grocery store to restock with healthy choices. My supplements came in the mail yesterday, perfect timing!

  • I will be using the CLA along with the protien drinks and bars. I am trying to get lean and read up on the CLA to speed up the results. The nutritionist at Complete Nutrition said it is only effective after you take 4000 mg. Not sure if that is true but I am going to try.

  • I think the only problem I will have is figuring out which exercise to do with what amount of weight. I have the list and made plenty of notes about the exercises. i just want to make sure I get it right and not sell myself short when I could be doing more.

  • I'm officially starting on 1/9 also. This will be my 3rd challenge. So excited for the new beginnings and looking for a BFL support group.

  • Thanks Warrior Goddess for the info on the cookbook.  My husband and I are doing this together so basically I am responsible for all of the food and shopping.  I will just put it in front of him and say eat.  It is kinda stressful because I feel responsible for both of our success!  I would love to know what recipes worked for you. We are starting tomorrow, just left the grocery store, OUCH$$$.  But I have to remember it is an investment in our health.  

  • The grocery store def. hurts but u r right, it's an investment. We r going to be keeping our food pretty simple I think. I do the grocery shopping and figure out my own food through the day and my wife will make dinner

  • I'm in. My birthday is May 9 so I'm looking forward to starting on January 9 as an early birthday present to  myself.

    Best to all January 9ers!

  • Thanks Bart for the supplement info.  Supposedly my local HEB carries them so I'm going to check that out.

    The Eating for Life Cookbook is awesome!  I've cooked many recipes out of there.  One of my faves is the Ham/Egg Breakfast Casserole.  I make up a batch for hubs and I to eat during the week.  Just throw a slice in the microwave and you're good to go.  

    I actually did an UBWO today....felt SO good.  

    Our Texans are in the playoffs today so I guess it would be considered our "Free Day" if we had started our challenge already since we'll be munching on tamales and chili.  Oh my.  

    It's so great to see so many people here.  Looking forward to all of us getting fit together.  WooHOO.

  • FYI Walgreens has the EAS shakes and powder buy 1 get one 1/2 off.  Free shipping if you spend $25.  I picked mine up at the store.  The sale may end today since it is Saturday.

  • My hubby and I are too!  We are in a biggest loser challeng with our friends.  There's $1500 at stake!  Would love a good online support team!!!!

  • My husband and I are starting tomorrow jan. 8th.  We decided Sat. would be a better free day for us. Plus, we just decided to do it and didn't want to wait til MOnday.  So, I made out our meal plan for tomorrow and then tomorrow I'll plan out the rest of the week and I look over the book again.  We did this several years ago and then I found out I was pregnant so we fizzled out after that.  We've done other things since like P90X and others but he likes this workout program and food the best.  So, we're back.  I'm looking forward to seeing results.  I usually workout at the gym but sprained my ankle and haven't been working out  for a couple months so I really need to get back into a program. Having support at home and online is the best.  Here at home we make each other do it and online we can get support and motivation and ideas.  I'm always looking for snack ideas, especially to send to work with him.  I'm a stay at home mom so I have to keep my hands out of the cookie jar.lol   I'm looking forward to starting and if anyone has any great ideas or tries any great new foods let us know.


  • Im starting on jan 9th as well.   This is my 2nd attempt (1st attempt many years ago!)  Look forward to seeing how everyone progresses.  I bought the BFL nutrition/cookbook off Amazon but will stick to the basics I think for now!

  • Hundsonmommy......this a great program, follow it to the T and I'm thinking you guys have 1500 in your pocket!

    Cindibp......glad to have you guys aboard! Let us know how your first day goes.

    Bfler.....with support we can make this a success, not an attempt! Lol. Best of luck to all.

  • Hello team 1/9 can,t wait to get started did the blf challenge ten years ago and have gained it all back and then some. Wishing u all success didn't,t have the forum support last time. Will be checking