Jan. 9th is the day---Any other takers for the challenge?

  • Renegade- I think the eating is the hard part. Not what kind of food, it's the amount of food. I have been through BFL twice in the past. The first time I had GREAT results, the second I had ok results.....the results difference between the 2 were eating and  supplements

  • Hi, I'm starting on the 9th as well.  I've done some yoga, cardio and a couple of workouts this week just "warming up".  I did one successful BFL challenge about 10 years ago.  (Wow - can't believe it's been that long.)  I'm 43 and really looking forward to getting back in to shape.  It is time!  

    Bart - what supplements are you going to take?  This is the one area that I always get confused about.

    I look forward to getting to know all of you!


  • Okay - so I just looked at the Starter Kits and ALL of them are sold out.  Poo. Guess it's that time of year.

  • Me too!  Way to go everyone - what a great way to begin with this support!

  • Hi Folks...I did a couple of challenges about 10 years ago and need to get back in the game.  I'm starting my challenge on Sunday the 8th and am using Saturday as my free day.  I love the plan and had great success the last time that I really stuck to the program.  I'm planning on even better results this time.  Good luck to all of those starting and continued perserverance to those in progress!!  Happy New Year!!


  • Hi Team 1/9,

    I wanted to jump on the train here too, I was going to start on the 9th, but realized yesterday that in exaclty 12 weeks I'd be turning 30.  Good thing I was practicing my eating and workouts, because I decicded that 1/5 was going to be my Offical start date.  Getting fit for 30 will be the best bday present to myself ever.

    I wanted to chime in about the preperation comments, that is definately the hardest part of this journey, so plan ahead.  :)

    Good Luck Everyone!

  • I actually did use the BFL cookbook in a previous, failed challenge.  And while good, I do agree it is more for maintenance.  I am sticking to teh basics this time though

  • Team 1/9 - I like it lol

    I've been looking for a group to join and thankfully this one meets the criteria just right.

    I'll be looking forward to swapping stories during the next (measily lol) 12 weeks.

  • I am planning to start on Jan 9th too. Its just going to be me. Actually, I go to bootcamp classes three times a week and they have transformation contest for 8 weeks from Jan23th to Mar18th. I want to do 12 instead of eight, so I am planning to join this 12 weeks contest, so that I can trnasform myself by the end of 12 weeks. I already started to watch what I eat, from this tuesday. Let me know how its going with you guys. I am looking forward to see the results.

  • I forgot to tell, I did BFL after I had my first baby and lost 22lbs and got back in shape after 3 months. But I gained everything more, after second kid, and since then I am trying to loose weight, but it is difficult with 2 kids to follow a excercise routine. Hopefully, this time I will complete with flying colors.

  • Hi January 9th Team,

    I am in and ready to go!  This is challenge number 3 for me. I have started BFL 2 times and successfully finished once, last year.  Priya0443 I started last spring 6 months after having my 4th kid.  It is sometimes hard to juggle everything with a family but it can happen.  I had to get up at the crack of dawn to get in my workouts.  I can honestly say that in my mid thirties and after 4 kids I am in the best shape of my life.  Make yourself a priority too! Stick with the plan and you will be amazing!  I am excited to hear everyones progress and keep me motivate.  My big challenge this round is I am going on a 10 day vacation with my family next month.  My will power will really be put to the test!  Good Luck Everyone!!!

  • Hey missy......the supplements are confusing! I am starting with myoplex deluxe for meal replacement, betagen, muscle armor and CLA. I am planning on taking the muscle armor after working out and then the betagen probably a few hours later. I am looking at trying to gain some size while losing fat. The myoplex light is supposed to be really good too if you are looking at more lean and tone. Have you called the 1-800 number yet? They are great to talk to, most of the time. I am really excited to get started. I think it's great all the people in the forum for support, that wasn't an option the last time I did the BFL

  • Great posts group. My wife and I are starting on Sunday... 1st timers. Nervous but pumped up. Looking forward to enjoying the ride with you all

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!


    I'm super pumped that there are such awesome people also starting on the 9th!! I will be starting my second consecutive challenge and I'm very excited! I had a bit of a set back during my first go that ended mid December, and with Christmas I've gained back a few pounds - foolishly.  

    Very much looking forward to joining this group as, speaking from experience, IT REALLY DOES HELP! :)

    Good Luck Everybody, and hope to chat with all of you more as we start our future towards our new selves! (*insert cheese here*)

    Warrior Goddess :)

  • Oh! I quite enjoy the "Eating for Life" cookbook - if that's the one you're referring to!? I use numerous recipes out of there! It's great, and because it's just me, it often takes me through the week! So I do my cooking/prep days on the weekends! :) 

    And although this might be seen as a maintenance book, I chose more of the recipes without cheese, or little things like that.  Overall, the book is filled with healthy recipes that are perfectly balanced and contain all the things on our 'allowed' list.  If you are worried, than stick to what you are comfortable with, but the few recipes I chose definitely worked for me the first go around.  :)  You can ask me which recipes I used if you're interested!~ :)