Lack of energy...Am I getting enough calories?

  • Another thing I do with the shake is add 2 tsp of benefiber- the fiber will help sustain you and keep blood sugar levels stable :-)  

    ~Let every opposition strengthen you, not stop you~

  • Armster....yes I will add the 6th meal even if it's at 10:00.   Maybe CC and fruit.  I'm hitting the grocery store in about an hour so I'll pick some up.

    Andra...thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a try!

  • Okay, lol.  Just making sure.

  • I wanted to give you all an update.  I upped my caloric intake by roughly 300 calories to about 1600 daily.  I also have been making sure to get my 6th meal in.  And energy is back!  It's like night and day!  I also broke that plateau and am down another 1 1/2 lbs and a solid one inch in measurements in my waist, hips and chest in just a few days.  I'm happy and excited for the next 4 weeks!

  • That is fantastic Heather. Perhaps your body was feeling that 'starvation'  thing with so few calories.and that is why it wouldnt let go of any extra fat. :) You have to eat well, enough and clean to make it all come together. Keep up the great work!! With BFL we work hard, we lift heavy and we need to take that into consideration when adding calories. We need them to keep rebuilding lean muscle. If we were just wanting to lose weight, get all skinny and droopy, of course we wouldnt need as much. Our energy would be low and our moods frightful.

  • Glad to hear it Heather.  What's impressive here is that you added more and still lost which tells you everything you needed to know about your energy, aside from the way you also feel, of course.  What doesn't appear to be huge tweaks can be the difference sometimes.

  • One thing I've learned from BFL is I have had to throw out a lot of my old way of thinking.  Never would I have thought to add calories to lose weight.  

  • LOL Heather - I hear you - eat more, and work out with cardio for less time. Who knew!

  • Heather - Great Job w/ the improvements!

    Just an excerpt from the book:  "Through resistance training, you can also significantly increase your metabolic rate - the rate at which your body burns fat.  As you may already know, when you gain muscle, your body requires more energy to maintain that new muscle.  Fat weight doesn't require any energy to maintain - it just sits there."

    So going forward, don't think of anything you take in as calories (even the book says don't spend time counting calories, but portions)

    But think of it as muscle fuel.  You'll need it.  As you are transforming, the tiredness is coming from your muscles saying hey we need more fuel.

    ~Marqui D. C1W7D47

  • ARRGG!!!  I feel like my body is working against me!  The past few days I've been a bit sluggish again.  Today I'm TIRED!  I'm hungry about and hour after I eat, but scariest of all is my bowels are slowing way down.  I know TMI but damn it..... does this mean my metabolism is slowing down?   I've been eating proper portions and getting all my meals in.   My energy pics back up when I start my workouts.   I don't know.  Am I just over thinking this?  I tend to do that.  

  • Hows your water intake HeatherC?

    I am in week 8 and spiked my workouts and am hungry in 2 hours it seems. My water has been at 3L and Im pretty sure if I got back to 4L I wouldnt be so tired. I am planning on being in bed by 8 tonight. YES 8. LOL.

  • I'm start feeling hungry after about an hour and by 2 hours I'm dying to eat.  I think today I ate at 8:00 / 10:15 / 12:00 / 3:00 / 6:00.  Those three hours stretches I was actually light headed and my stomach growling.  Here it is 8:15 and I'm hungry.  I'm going to go do my HIIT before I eat.

    I've been getting in right under a gallon of water.  It seems I am always thirsty but urinate so dang often already.   Part of it is I'm not sleeping well.  I've had a hard time falling asleep and I've woke up several times the last few nights for no reason (probably to pee :).   I am actually thinking about taking a Tylenol PM tonight to see if it will just take the edge off and let me sleep thru the night.   I hate to get into that habbit.   I added up my calories for the day and I'll be right at about 1500 after my after workout meal.  I know I shouldn't count calories but I'm one who would starve if I didn't.  I have to count them to make sure I'm eating enough.

    I'm probably just over thinking and stressing about nothing.  I just feel like my mind and my body are not cooperating with each other.  My body wants to sleep and my mind wants to go!  

  • HeatherC: I have been reading. Perhaps this is the week you and I need to eat more fibrous foods to get that full feeling. Protein of course is what also helps, but I am wondering about the fiber part. I have been eating the basics - oatmeal, shakes, fruit, salads, chicken....tomorrow I am going to eat black beans with salsa and chicken (thanks for the recipe Deb RAHRAH!) and see if that keeps my afternoon more manageable.

    I also have had the alarm wake me up rather than me wake the alarm the last 2 will pass - we just need to adjust and get over the hump. Our little furnaces are stepping up a level. :)


    I ate at 7, 10, 12, 1:30, 4:30 and will again soon then go to bed.

  • I've been eating pretty much the exact same.  I threw in a backed potato tonight to see if it would help.   My HIIT was good.  No loss of stamina or endurance.  I'm sweating like a pig!   I feel good and energized now.  That might also be contributing.  I work out in the evening so could be why I have a hard time getting to sleep.   Yep just have to push thru it.  It will all level out I'm sure!   Good to have this support and reassurance so I don't feel like I'm going crazy!  Thank you!  

  • I feel the same - this site is a Godsend some days. People here GET IT!

    With this being my third challenge I would have thought I would have looked straight at my food choices when I am feeling fatigued "for no reason".

    Tomorrow will definately be a better day for you AND I.

    I'm off now to go grow me some muscles. Yawn. :)