Starting Dec 12 - Anyone else?

  • Hello 12/12ers,

    I'm still here as well. My week 4 measurements were not a huge gain over my week 2 measurements, but it was the holidays. I have not missed any workouts in the 4 weeks and have shown some good improvements. 3 lbs of fat loss and still at 1/2 inch off stomach and waist. Clothes feel better and actually got a compliment last week from a co-worker. Keep up the work 12/12ers and let us know how you are doing!

  • Hello guys....I am still here as well. I am so happy to see some of you still going strong. As for me, I have lost 4 pounds of fat in four weeks but this week is looking good. I am hoping to lose 2-3 pounds this week as I am not planning to drink in the month of January. Workouts are going good but I was having two free days instead of one for the first three weeks of this program but now I am back to one cheat day and its working better.

    I am still just as excited as I am getting compliments from people. Lets keep going and if you have fallen off the wagon....get back on it again. It works.

    Lets do this.

  • Any updates from 12/12ers? We are now 5 weeks in. The diet could be better for me, but I have not missed any workouts in 5 weeks.

  • Woo hoo there are people still going strong!

    I'm SO excited to see my next progress pics (at end of week 8). I'm making huge performance improvements in the gym (lifting heavier! running faster! pushing harder! recovering faster!) and I'm finding myself getting distracted by the mirror looking at my shoulder muscles developing! I'm definitely looking forward to week 8 for the '8 week miracle' as well because although I'm seeing progress in my physique, my skier-thighs and bum are definitely lagging behind the rest of my body's development and almost look like they belong on another person's body!

    Mentally I'm finding I'm much more goal oriented than I ever recall being. I'm thinking a lot about the direction I want to take my life, and finding myself day-dreaming about the future more than usual. This challenge is helping me realize that with appropriate, realistic goals and methodic strategies to meet them, close to anything is possible... I'm very excited to see myself develop mentally as this challenge progresses.

    Anyone else feeling inwardly affected by the challenge?