Starting Dec 12 - Anyone else?

  • I got your request...Sorry for the lack of communicate.  Normally I'm able to squeeze some personal stuff into my day at work but this week has been crazy but the first two work outs have been fabulous.  Hows the weather right now in AZ?

  • Welcome Schmoop....This is my first time doing this so lets chat away!

  • Hi, nice to meet you. Not sure really what I am doing.  ha ha I am reading the Body for Life for women book right now. Should I finish it before starting 12 week challenge? I had a hard time eating 6 meals. Life just happens and got busy. I tried to follow a few different meal samples. I had about 1700 calories. Ran on treadmill for about 45 minutes ( off and on running/walking/sprints)  Any advice?  

  • I have a strength and stretching class tomorrow morning at YMCA. Looking forward to that.

  • Hello All,

    Nice to see some growing activity for the 12/12 group.

    My day 3 was kind of incomplete.  I'm kind of sick, I have a minor cold which usually would really push me to workout but yesterday I did not.  Instead I went golfing.

    I do feel much better today and expect to have a great cardio session.  I'm still struggling to reach 6 meals, I'm getting about 4 right now.  

    Let's keep posting our progress, this is really helpful.  Also let's all plan to take 4 weeks pics to analyze our progress.

  • DAY 4....I have to say I will give myself 8.5 out of 10 for the first three days. So far, I have had 6 small meals a day and worked out according to plan.

    I felt hard to keep up with diet on our 3rd day and wanted to get a but I did not and went to the gym instead. Had a great legs work out.

    FRUSTRATION: I get off work at 05:30PM and go straight to gym. I have having hard time doing the second excercise for the same muscle group because there are too many people in the gym. Doing the last 12 reps without any break is hard because of crowded gyms. BIG FRUSTRATION.

    I almost pissed someone off at the gym cuz I was rushing him to get to the machine..LOL.


  • Hi Gang,

    Lessons learned:  Bumping road, but that's with everything in life, right?  Road will be smoother, I would imagine, after getting a new routine down.

    D-4:  having a cold, working a double shift (16 hours).  Need to pack for 2 week trip.  Have no plan to deviate from plans to stick with you guys though.

    Congrats to those who lost wt and feel stronger and more positive.  Keep up the good work.

    After tomorrow, will have no internet access.  Will check in when return end of month for updates and reports.  Will do a 4 week progress check.

    Will send you positive energy, positive vibes, from away.

    Let's stick together to get stronger and healthier.  

    Please hold me accountable for working with my bands, doing push-up (possibly pull-up), swim for cardio, take one walk a day regardless of how unmotivated I might feel, even if it's just a walk down to the beach and back.

    Happy Holidays.

  • Hi.  I started 12 December also.  I am so excited but Im exhausted right now because I just finished my cardio run which turned out to be more of a shuffle.  I will send you an email, an accountability partner sounds great.  Im too embarrassed to post my pics but I have taken them. I am going to plan my meals for tomorrow so I can do the 6 meals.  I realized that is doesnt work unless I plan ahead.

  • Hey guys - send me your email addresses and I'll get us all on email threads- this forum is not so user friendly :

  • Hey everyone! I'm up here in Canada and wrapping up my last meal for day 4 right now. So far I'm enjoying the program and am finding the workouts/interval training challenging and exactly what I need. I'd love to join the group! Love2LiftAZ, I'm about to send an email right now! We can do this!

  • Hi all, I sent my email address.  I would like to join discussion.  I am on Day 15 today and need some support and a forum to hold myself accountable.  Lower Body workout was today.  As I reveiwed my workout, I realized I need to add more weight - I wasn't getting to the 10!  Will make note for next week's workout.  The eating part is the hardest for me - to not cheat and save it for free day.  I blew it yesterday when the family went to eat so now I'll have to get through the weekend without a free day.  Ugh!  

  • Hello All,

    @Love2LiftAZ, i agree that this forum is not that user friendly but the community aspect of it is great.  At any time during our challenge, we can receive insight from past champions.  The BFL team may also chime in when time gets hard.  But I understand it is not the most user friendly approach.  I will keep posting on this thread if that is ok.

    Yesterday I had an almost perfect cardio until I had to do the 10.  I lasted 50 seconds but had to lower the level for the last ten seconds, I really was going to puke or faint.  

    Once again yesterday I only had 4 meals.  Must go for 6 today.

  • I prefer to communicate here...that way more people can join us.

    Day we come. I think I just had OK day 4 cuz I ate a muffin...and a One of my clients brought it for me. It was so hard. But I still had 6 meals yesterday and good cardio session. Today has to be a great day.

    Good luck everyone.

  • Today is day 6, I did my UBWO this morning because I missed yesterday.  I plan on doing cardio tomorrow.  

    The first week is almost done, in my opinion I was about 60 good.  Next week must be much better, better nutrition and no missed workout.  I also need to completely cut alcohol out during the week.

    Great job everyone and keep up the good work.

  • I have to say that I was also 60 good this week. My workouts were good but messed up on my nutrition last couple of days.

    Question: I did upper body yesterday, obviously I would do cardio today. Do I do upper body again on Monday??? or lower body?