Getting ready to pole vault over this abyss!

  • My husband and I are starting the 12 week challenge in 5 days. He made it to week 8 in his last attempt (then he met me and all that went down the drain in favor of fancy dinners/date nights.) and I've never tried it before. He wants me to take this week to mentally prepare myself. But other than scarfing leftover Halloween candy, I'm not too sure what I should be doing. (The candy is really good though. So at least there's that.) Hubby tossed me the BFL book, as well as the Champion's book, and I'm about half way through each of them. I picked up my success journal and Eating For Life, but I don't know if I should start the journal until I'm starting the actual workout and diet. What else do I need to do? Vision boards? Before pictures? I'm a very artistic and visual person, so any creative tips will be helpful. Not only do I want to be mentally prepped, but I want to maintain motivation throughout.

    Thanks and wish me luck!


    Eat to live. Don't live to eat.

  • I didn't use my BFL Success Journal for entry until I actually started, that way you can stay on track for 12 weeks, the journal helps with that,  I DID however read through it before and set my goals before starting and also be sure to take BEFORE measurements and readings and record those in the journal. All this  WILL help to inspire you and keep you on the path to success later on as you progress. Keep thinking positive and make copies of the start photo to post on the fridge, where most trangressions seem to happen to make you think twice about eating Not clean once on the program. Be sure to read all the books and study and take notes if you must. Best of luck and Welcome to the BFL team, we're all here to support ya!! Keep Moving Forward!!!! (I've done Two BFL challenges, just finished my last one in September for the year and lost a total of 17lbs of body fat on that one).