Week 3 done >> 4.6kgs gone >> moving forward

  • Hey all!


    just another update!


    Day 21 (Weigh In day)

    I’ve lost 1.4kgs!!! Yes

    Thats 4.6kg’s in total so far!

    Again I must stress I am aware that I should not always hope to lose weight as muscle is growing as I push weights 3-4 days aweek and my body will get heavier!

    My arms feel so heavy at the moment!

    Feeling great! Here’s to week 4 ! I now have a new multi gym!!

    Have an awesome day ppl!


    and of course you can read my everyday progress here :



    my day to day blog on BFL can be found here : http://3dscape.tumblr.com/

    James Rickards


  • Congratulations James, I look forward to seeing you keep making gains!



  • Hang in there James, Sounds like you're on the right track.  Great progress so far!!!  Keep Moving Forward!!