menu ideas for packing lunch for work

  • quick lunch (delicious) meals to pack. Ideas?

  • I've spent many a Sunday baking enough chicken to last for a week of meals.  I go ahead and cut it up in to bite sized pieces and cook and measure out the appropriate serving of brown rice and put them together in ziploc freezer bags, keep a couple of days worth in the fridge, freeze the rest.  Add a bag of steamfresh veggies and you are good to go.

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  • I am short on time so I usually take one of the EAS MYoplex RTD(Ready to Drink) shakes, chocolate is my favorite , low carb(5net) with 25 Grams of protein and a wholesome piece of fruit(banana, apple or grapes or melon) to have something solid to eat with the shake. I also take my two CLA caps with this meal as well to help with the metabolic rate increase. (i take it in a modest sized cooler bag and put it in the fridge at work).

  • Thanks for the ideas!

  • Thanks for the ideas! So the capsules that you are taking increase your metabolism, are you able to see results quickly? My concern with anything to boost metabolism is the probability of gaining back and then some once you stop taking them. please keep me posted on your progress! Thanks

  • I try to stick to fish for lunch and chicken for dinner (as they are the only animal proteins I eat) and I figure it's a good routine to get into for after the challenge, so for work lunches I have things like:

    - Tuna pasta salad (1 small can tuna with wholewheat pasta and a little Fat Free Mayo and vingegar) with a load of salad veggies mixed in.

    - Tuna pasta with tomato sauce (tinned tomatoes with a little tomato puree/herbs/garlic plus veggies like mushroom & green peppers)

    - Tuna or Salmon salad with Cold New Potatoes/1 Slice Wholemeal Bread and a load of salad veggies and a little mayo/vinegar again

    - Salmon or Tuna Steak Stir Fry, with wholewheat noodles or brown rice and stir fry vegetables.

    All of these I tend to make at the weekend/on my day off and put in tupawear boxes to chill/freeze for the week. You could substitute chicken for any of the fish really and do the same meals, but I prefer to keep my chicken for evening meals.

  • I love 1 c. of lowfat cottage cheese mixed with a cut up apple as one of my meals....usually number 2 mid-morning!  Just one little idea from this peanut!

  • I thought you were a pickle, and if so sweet or sour. LOL.

  • Try this,

    Take 2 C watermelon and cut into bite size cubes or whatever shape that will fit in your mouth. LOL.

    1 C Balsamic Vinegar, In a sauce pan Reduce to syrup consistency on low heat. As it thickens be carefull not to burn it.

    Taost 1/4 C of pine nuts, or your favourite type of nut. Pine nuts are rather expensive lately. Walnuts or Almonds will work. In a dry frying pan or on a cookie sheet toast the nuts. Frying Pan Method, over medium heat heat until you can start to smell the nuts remove from heat and cool on a cold dry plate. Oven Method, Preheat oven I usually crank it up to 500 degrees F, then put nuts in the oven and turn the temperature down to 350, sometimes I turn it right off. Keep a close eye on them so as not to burn them. Cool same as above. If using Walnuts or Almonds give them a rough chop.

    Take some Fresh Mint leaves about 8 or whatever you like and slice as thin as possible.

    Mix the mint, nuts with the watermelon. Serve in small serving bowls and drizzle the balsamic syrup on top with some course sea salt and fresh ground black pepper and serve.

    The syrop will last for weeeks in an air tight container. The last time I reduced the balsamic vinegar it had a sweetness to and plum notes. I used a cheap Balsamic for this. I would top whatever I want with this stuff Yummy.

  • Bread and Butter Pickle for sure!  Always just another peanut in the peanut gallery though..   :)

  • Wow want to thank everyone for the great ideas. I have been having trouble with the food stuff. Jus started with all of this.Am finding since food was never inportant to me before just to survive that it is so different doing this. so these ideas are giving me some good clues. Though I am having trouble with the protions. Do I actually have to weigh them? What constitutes the size of my clench fist or palm of my had???

  • Flax Pitas (very low carb!), w/ veggies, and tuna or meat for my husband. I eat salad and the same, to avoid the wheat.  We also like leftovers, and I plan for them if I can, making a little extra to heat up.  We had an awesome soup the other day, w/ smoked turkey, cannellini beans, onion, and carrots. The soup idea is one I want to expand on a lot, as the days cool down. I think that will be easy and more satisfying on colder days, as well as increasing our fluid intake and satiety.  

  • If you are speaking of CLA, they are not designed to increase metabolism like a thermogenic. They are an omega-6 fatty acid that works as a nutrient partitioner.

  • I cook a lot on Sundays and bring leftovers most of the week. This could include grilled chicken, turkey burgers, or lean pork. I also make big portions of quinoa with veggies or wheat berries with veggies, and freeze in smaller portions (1/2 cup). I also bake sweet potatoes and then cut them in half and eat them throughout the week. And of course I also keep lots of fresh and frozen veggies and fruits on hand!

    I also take Fat free plain greek yogurt with fruit, cottage cheese with fruit, or myoplex RTD shakes and bars. Sometimes I make wraps using Whole Wheat Flax Flatbread (low carb) with spinach or tuna, and veggies.

    Good luck!!!

  • I tend to have left over dinner for lunches so usually meat and salad or meat and veggies. I make alot of stir frys with my own sauces - careful what goes in it to make sure its not too fatty/salty/sugary. if i dont do that i normally stick to meat salad sandwhiches.

    Snacks are usually proetin shake (i have every day for morning tea) and fat free yogurt. Afternoon tea usually cruskits with tuna or vegemite and cottage cheese and an apple.

    Sometimes i put ham on the cruskits to.