When does muscle definition begin to appear?

  • Hello all, 

    I am just into the beginning of the second week and I have lost 6 inches so far and about 5.5 pounds. I was just curious, when does some muscle definition begin to appear when doing the challenge, typically? Approximately, that is. I realize it is too soon for me yet and I have noticed I am leaning out. I was 139 lbs, I am down to 133.7, I am 5 foot 31/2 and have a small-medium bone structure, so a 5-10 lb drop at this weight shows pretty good on my frame. I am excited for the muscle definition to appear, but assume I will have to lose more fat before my muscles start to take on more shape. (I was at 30% bodyfat when I started, don't know about now) I am correct in my estimations on this?

  • Definitely after week 5, but you will notice the muscles feel tighter before then.


  • There too many factors to answer that question with a quantity of day or weeks or body weight. You are only 8% done with the 12 weeks

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  • I have already noticed them starting to feel tighter even now. More so by the end of the 1st week O would say is when I noticed more

  • Tamara that is awesome results for week 1 - congrats to you.  I started noticing a difference in week 4 and by then I had dropped 9 lbs but I am sure like Bryan said everyone is different.  I think you are doing great!

  • Muscle definition is like draining a pool. You can drain the shallow end but there is still alot of water in the deep end. Our bodyfat is like draining the water  from a pool. You need to  drain away the water from the deep end....which is the last to go before you will see those shapely muscles popping through. As long as you have a layer of fat covering those muscles you won't see them clearly. Be patient and keep doing what you're doing. As the last of the bodyfat comes off all that hard earned muscle will be  there to see. Typically for a female it will be around 15% bodyfat and for a male around 9-10% bodyfat.  All the best!

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