Pickle's Progress- One Day At A Time

  • Hi All!

    I'm going to post my progress here...most days I'm hoping to post what I'm eating as well for some extra accountability.  

    Luckily there's a great group I'm starting with tomorrow, 8/22.

    Feel free to comment (maybe not about the before pics, they make me a little squeamish....but they sure are a good motivator!)  or tell me if I'm missing something as far as the diet.

    My goals are to weigh 135 and have a my body fat at 15% within 12 weeks!


    Here are my starting stats:

    5'8" 158 lbs.

    23.5% Body Fat 37.13 lbs. of fat, 112.87 lbs. of lean body mass

    BMI 24

    Neck- 12.25"

    Chest- 34.75"

    Waist- 29"

    Hips- 40"

    Thigh- 22.5"

    Calves- 15"

    Biceps- 11.5"

    Forearm- 9.5"

    8/21/11 My Before Pictures

    Well, here it goes!


    Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

  • Yay, Pickle! I'm so excited for you!!! I've updated my profile. "See you" in the morning after I finish my UBWO. I'm 2 hours ahead of you...so by 5am your time I'll be through. Yay me! LOL

  • You starting point is my long-term goal and similar  to what I was before gaining weight. Good luck :)

  • Hey Pickles...Kudos on posting pics and all yoru stats....im staring BFL today 8/22 and am actually excited about it...i have to say, our goal weight, height and current weight is exactly the same....It actually helps knowing someone else has the same goal as i do...it will help keep me on track....i know its going to be a bit tough but I have faith...WE CAN DO THIS....Good Luck!!!

  • Minnie Mom- You rock!  How's Day 1?  Having my food all planned out is such a relief....  I think that will be a key for me all throughout this challenge is always planning the next day's food.  It may be the biggest challenge for me and have the biggest rewards.  I love the workouts....

    Thanks 'thelibrarian1976'!  My weight has been a roller coaster this last year....down 20 lbs and up 13 to where I am now.  (15 years ago, I weighed 200 lbs.)  Day 1 though and I'm feeling better already.  Thank you for your well wishes!

    JenG!  That is awesome!  How cool is that?  Minnie Mom is right there with us, but is 152 and 5'7.5"...very close.  Is your bodyfat the same and everything??  How is YOUR Day 1???  

    *HAPPY DANCE!!!*

  • my body fat is the same, but I havent taken the count for everything else, which is something i need to do, and will for sure do tomorrow.

    So far Day 1 is going pretty good...having my meals and snacks planned out for the day is key like you mentioned....it makes it SOOOO much easier and i dont lose focus fn what i should or shouldnt eat....to be honest, I have had so far, my breakfast, snack and now lunch and i feel stuffed....i guess my body just has to get used to this since its something different...the thing i feel is going to be hard is always having that right balance of carbs, saturated fat and protein in every meal and also coming up with new recepies, but once i start doing it more and more im sure it will become habit. And im actually looking forward to my workout later on today...im going to be mixing in cardio and strength training so lets see how this all works out....

    if you have any good reciepes or meal plans shoot em my way i would love to see what your plan is looking like...it will help me compare and also add to my growing list ;)

  • We're on it! :) Decided to just track in my BodyMinder and post to the other forum. I'll keep WOOTing for you/us though!


  • Day 1


    6:22 a.m.- UBWO- 46 minutes


    Meal 1- 8 a.m.:

    1 pc. Ezekiel break, 3 egg whites, 1/2 tbsp. butter

    181 cal’s, 6g fat, 15g cho, 16g pro


    Meal 2- 11:15 a.m.:

    3/4 c. 0% greek yogurt, 1/2 c. frozen blackberries

    174 cal’s, .7g fat, 25.8g cho, 18.4g pro


    Meal 3- 1 p.m.:

    4 oz. deli turkey, 1 pc. Ez. bread, 2 c. salad (romaine, red pepper, cucumber, celery), 2 tbsp. gr. yogurt mixed with mustard and lemon juice for dressing

    231 cal’s, 1.5g fat, 19g cho, 32g pro


    Meal 4- 4 p.m.:

    3/4 c. 2% cottage cheese, 17 rice crackers, 2 small tomatoes

    286 cal’s, 5.4g fat, 34.5g cho, 24.8 pro


    Meal 5- 6:45 p.m.:

    3 oz. chicken breast, 2 c. salad, 1/2 c. brown rice, 3 pieces grilled eggplant, 2 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar

    370 cal’s, 5g fat, 59g cho, 29 g pro


    Meal 6- Dessert:

    Myoplex Carb Control Chocolate Shake

    150 cal’s, 1.5g fat, 5g cho, 25g pro


    20 minute fast, hilly walk at sunset


    Throughout the day:

    1 gallon of water, 12 oz. of fizzy water, 1 cup black coffee

    3 cla’s (I also take a multivitamin and cal/mag/pot.)


    My total macros for the day:

    1422 calories 34g fat 159g cho 146g pro

    20% fat 38.3% pro 41.7% cho

    I checked out Emily Alvers' (past BFL Champ) website and she suggests keeping our macros around 38% protein, 44% carbs, and 18% fat.  She likes to split her meals up into 5, instead of 6, and says that each meal we can shoot for 20-25 g of protein, the same for carbs, and 3-6 g of fat.

    So that was what I was aiming for.  I may try the 5 meals some days and see how that feels.  Some of today's meals felt so small it's going to take a bit to adjust to this.

    I won't be this detailed about measuring everything the whole time or counting my macros for every day.  Here at the beginning though I want to have an idea of where I stand with my proportions of macros and portion sizes.  I EASILY fool myself (how much fits in the palm of my hand stacked how high?).  And this way once I know what specific meals are and about what it looks like I won't have to measure anymore and I'll have a basic idea that I'm on track.

    I'm already sore from my UBWO this morning and looking forward to tomorrow morning's HIIT run around the lake- huffing and puffing doing my 9's and 10 past people who may wonder what the heck I'm doing.

    I feel so good to be starting this process and even though I still look the same, I feel differently inside already.  Journaling in my success journal is really helping too.  I'm making a paper bag cover (did anyone else do that in grade school?) for it so I can take it to the gym and to college with me without being quite so obvious.  

    One of my 'Transforming Patterns of Action' is to sleep 8 hours a night!  So if anyone sees me posting on here past 9- spank me and send me to bed!

    Off to prepare my meals for tomorrow....

  • wow pickles you are on ball on this....maybe i should start gettin as detailed and organized as you so that i know exactly  what im taking it....for Day 1 i didnt do too bad i stuck to my organized meals and didnt eat anything extra...and the meals were well prportioned i think...

    Meal 1

    protein shake

    Meal 2

    peach with 2oz of cheese

    Meal 3

    Tuna with tomato, jalapeno and little bit of pepper

    1 slice of whole wheat toast

    half a banana

    Meal 4

    apple with 1 tablespoon peanut butter

    Meal 5

    chile pork wrap

    (boiled pork, chile sauce, spring mix lettuce and whole wheat tortilla)

    so today im sticking to small meals also this Day 2 consists of

    Meal 1

    Half Whole Wheat Bagel with less than tablesppon of low fat cream cheese

    1 hard boiled egg white

    Meal 2

    apple with half cup low fat cottage cheese

    Meal 3

    bbq pork wrap

    Meal 4

    2 hard boiled egg whites

    light strawberry yogurt

    Meal 5

    boiled chicken breast


    half cup brown rice

    Anyone who sees this can you provide your input on whether or not the meals are coming along well or if there are changes i need to make....im VERY NEW at trying to incorporate food groups so assistance would be greatly appreciated.....THANK YOU EVERYONE!!

  • Hey Pickles quick question...what does the Acronym UBWO stand for? is it Upper Body Work Out

  • Jen, your meals sound great to me....looks like it's by the book!  I'd have to actually crunch the numbers though to see where it all ends up.  A big question for me is about how many calories should I be shooting to stay under.  I'll have to look up some info. on how many calories in a pound of fat and all that business to figure it out.  

    Someone else clued me in and posted that UBWO stands for, you got it- Upper Body Work Out.  LBWO....

    I'm amazed at how differently I'm feeling already.  Have an awesome day 2!

  • Pickle...thanks for the response it makes me feel better than my meals are actually something good that im supposed to be eating and not just stuff im throwing together...yeah i have this whole thing with calories too...i used to always try to stay under 1,000 but then i had some people saying that was too little and that it should be like 1,800 or 2,000 but to me that was WAY too much....but i guess ima have to start looking at numbers as well...good thing right now is i keep the portions very small so im not taking in too much...and honestly i feel a bit differnt too even though its only Day 2 im feeling good and cant help but smile knowing im doing something healthy for myself....cant wait to see what Day 3 brings...Good Luck...keep me posted on new happenings :)

  • Hey Ladies! :) Great job with your meals! To help with your other thoughts, you may want to plug in your numbers here: www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator Then click on the "Daily calorie needs." Cheers!

  • Jen-

    The only thing I'm not sure about with your nutrition for the last couple days is the peanut butter.  I know other people eat almonds, but it's not in the BFL book.  2 Tbsp.'s of peanut butter is 190 calories and 16g fat.  It's about the same amount of grams for carbs and protein, 7g cho and 8g pro.  Almonds are about the same. So I guess it's just where you want to have your fat.  The last two days I've had around 25g a day which has been approximately 15-18% of my intake.  And that's all from a little here and a little there that add up.  That's the kind of thing that catches me up and has me keeping track the way I am, because I really want to lose a lot of bodyfat and don't want to unknowingly be eating too much fat.  Not too much and not too little!  Just some thoughts....


    That is such a cool website with the bmr calculator.  I didn't even know those were out there.  Mine seemed so high....it said if I stayed in bed all day that I'd burn 1488 calories and that with moderate exercise I could have 2306 calories a day!  That would be to maintain, but I still don't think so.  My calories have been around 1430 the last two days and I'm wondering if that's too high to have the kind of deficit I want to lose 24 lbs. in 12 weeks.  I need to play with it a bit more.  Are you shooting for a certain calorie range?


  • 8/23

    6 a.m.  HIIT Run---Definitely hit my 9’s and 10....felt so awesome after, endorphin high for hours


    Meal 1- 8:15 a.m.: 1/2 c. dry oats cooked, 2 egg whites, Walden Farms pancake syrup (calorie free)

    194 cals, 2.5g fat, 27g cho, 15g pro


    Meal 2- 10:45 a.m.: EAS Carb Control chocolate shake

    150 cals, 3.5g fat, 5 cho, 25 pro


    Meal 3- 1:45 p.m.: 1 pc. Ezekiel sprouted bread w/ mustard, 4 oz. deli turkey, 3 c. salad, 2 tbsp. greek yogurt with mustard n’ lemon juice for dressing

    330 calories, 1.5g fat, 40 cho, 39 pro


    Meal 4- 2 p.m.: Pure Protein Chocolate Deluxe Bar

    180 calories, 4.5 fat, 17 cho, 20 pro


    Meal 5- 5:15 p.m.: Ezekiel sprouted tortilla, Trader Joe’s salsa, 1 1/2 c. salad, 3 oz. chicken breast, 2 crackers, and 1 slice fat free cheese

    393 cals, 5g fat, 47 cho, 41 pro


    Meal 6- 7:15 p.m. 3/4 c. lowfat cottage cheese, 1/2 apple

    190 cals, 3.75 fat, 17 cho, 21 pro


    45 minute hustle sunset walk


    Total macros: 1466 calories 23g fat 154g cho 162g pro 14%fat 42%cho  44%pro


    Still trying to figure this whole thing out.  .8-1g of protein per pound of body weight is what I read somewhere in BFL land.  I wonder if that's the weight you are or your goal weight?

    Felt great today, lots of energy...only hard part was wanting to eat snacks at night....so keeping myself busy and putting myself to bed....SOON!

    *Happy Dance* for BFL and all of us!