Accomplished 1st week..

  • Yeah I finished my first week!! Rough start, just got out of hospital on Monday after having my 3rd stroke at the age of 39. Not sure if its good or not meadured my waist just to see if this is teuelly working I lost an inch and a half.. Thats Huge for me being 5'4 and 230 lbs.. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM

  • Your determination is admirable, especially after just coming out of the hospital (do be careful when doing these HIT's and workouts and progress gradually). Best wishes for your continued sucess and results during the challenge to you in the land of the road runner, coyote and cactus. (I used to live at YPG in Yuma in the late 70's).

  • Hi ChefStacy,

    I wanted to say you are an inspiration, and I am happy that you have started BFL because it is a great program! You will see progress by working the program even if you have to modify a bit it still works. I would recommend writing out your goals and plan your meals and workouts it will help keep you on track. Reaching out on the message boards or joining a group if you need support is good too.

    I started BFL at 47 , 5' 1”, 210 lbs, and I smoked. I knew I would be in big trouble health wise if I didn't stop abusing my body. Today, I am a non-smoker and a fit 130 lbs.  BFL saved my life!  During my journey, I had a couple of injuries, and I had to modify the key was I never stopped.

    I wish you much success and most of all great health.

    Take care,