Just started today question about my meal plan

  • I just started today and my question is this: 1st I can't eat gluten, dairy, soy or oates and whey etc. which means no protein shakes for me or bars. Therefore my protein choices are limited. Can I eat more than a serving of bread a day(gluten free)   and still lose weight?

    Here is my menue for  today:

    Bkf-1/2 gluten free bread, nut butter 4 egg whites

    2 hours later 20 min cardio

    Lunch- 1 cup rice, veggies, olives and 2 eggs

    Snack-apple, tuna

    Dinner-1 cup pasta with chicken

    Snack-3 egg whites with strawberries

    Thanks for replying


  • Hi Fit!

    As far as the bread question goes, I think as long as you are eating equal portions of carbs and protein, then you could have more than one portion of bread a day. However, you may not want to do this everyday. Can you eat quinoa? It is high in protein and also a carb. You could also choose brown rice, sweet potatoes, white potatoes (although sweet potatoes are healthier), beans (which also have protein) or gluten free pasta for your carb.

    As far shakes, I think you can get around not having them. You will just need to obtain your protein from other sources. Fish, chicken, lean ham/pork, lean red meat, eggs. I stock up on canned tuna and canned salmon to just grab and go as needed. If you are not feeling full enough, you could eat a veggie with your dinner. The book recommends veggies with AT LEAST 2 meals...you can add them to any meal and make it more filling and more nutritious.

    Can you drink almond milk? If so, then you could possibly find a gluten-free cereal (watch the sugar, though!)as a carb and have it with almond milk and egg whites. Or, if you really like shakes, you can make them with almond milk and fruit (as your carb), and have a portion of protein on the side (again, egg whites or a veggie omlet).

    I noticed you are doing your cardio after breakfast. I know that some people do this, but just to let you know that in the book Bill Phillips recommends doing cardio on an empty stomach to get the ultimate fat-burning effects. I don't know what your daily schedule is, so I understand this may not be possible. Just thought I would throw that out there!

    I know it probably seems like you are limited, but there may be more choices than you think. Even though I am not gluten or dairy intolerant, I know sometimes eating healthy may seem limiting. But then I try to think more positively and think "But look at all the healthy, good foods I CAN eat!" and think about how I am putting only clean, healthy foods into my body!

    Good luck!