Finally! Started today 25/7/2011

  • It took me months to get to the point of starting AGAIN! But I am glad to report that it went well today, exercise as well as Nutrition!!  Yeahh!! I really hope that I will be able to stick to my vision for the 12 weeks and not give up as I have done in the past!  BFL programme has really been my nemesis for the past 10 years!  I am really glad I found the forum and have read all your posts for the last two weeks to get the motivation and to realise that I am not on my own!  It feels like it sometimes and then it is easier to give up!

    my goals are to lose 12 kgs, cms and get my body fat % down with a considerable amount!  Does anyone know if it is bad to do cardio everyday?  reading the book it definitely says you shouldn't but when I look at some past champions they often did up to 90 min cardio session daily?  what is the correct way?  I really need to lose the weight and get back into shape - so I want to give it my all and if that means extra cardio everyday that is what I will do! 





  • First of all, best of luck to you.  You need to fulfill the promise you made to yourself to finish this challenge because you are worth it!

    Secondly, I would suggest following the program as laid out, at least for the first challenge.  When you do too much cardio it can be counterproductive, especially if you are trying to build muscle.  You end up burning up that muscle that you are working so hard to build (that is why when people bulk, they cut back on cardio completely, or do just one or two slow paced sessions per week).  Just remember, no matter what, the biggest piece of the puzzle is in the kitchen.  You can workout every day, but if you don't eat the foods to support your efforts, you will not see the results you want.  I DO NOT believe that it is all about energy vs expenditure.  I believe it is more about the quality of the food you put into your body.  Drink lots of water and get adequate sleep and you will do great!

    Good luck.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • I started the 25th as well.  I have tried to do this program several times in the past 10 years.  this time it feels different.  I am determined to complete it.  For some reason I feel confident that it will work this time and that I will follow through this time.  I have spent much of the past few weeks prepping to start as well.  I have also spent much of the past few days with my binder attached to me. I feel like I am constantly looking in it or planning what is coming next.  I know that planning will make a big difference for me.  I have 4 kids and I also work part time so planning my meals and work-outs is essential.  One of my biggest obstacles in the past has been lack of confidence in knowing what to do or how to do it.  I still feel that at times, but I am trying my best to find the answers i need and to just do something even if it isn't 100% correct.  

    I have also involved my husband this time.  even though he isn't really motivated to log things or to eat perfectly somehow I plan better if I feel like I am planning for him as well.  It is helpful that he wants to work out too even if we can't work out at the same time at least i can talk to him about my work-out and it is someone to be accountable to. Last night we took the kids out for ice-cream and I didn't get any, when he didn't either I felt supported and encouraged.  Thanks Honey for supporting me.

  • I started on the 25th as well.  Well, I was supposed to but haven't been able to workout either day.. go figure.  SO, tomorrow is D-day for me.  RRGGHHHHH!  I'm so frustrated!  

    I eat clean most of the time anyway due to food allergies.  So, mine is just working out, which I absolutely LOVE, but I started working full-time not too long ago and I'm struggling with the whole time-balance.  

    Oh well, tomorrow is a new day!

  • I started July 21st so can I jump in here with you guys?

    Deanna07 I relate to the time balance as I work in the day, perform some nights, and have 2 kids.  Working out early in the morning seems to be the easiest if I can go to bed early enough!  Katielioness, where do I get the binder?  At the bookstore?  I need to fill everything out.  I just sort of dove in but am going to write all my goals and measurements tomorrow am!  Paljas!  It's a moment by monent process.  I tried to do this years ago and fell out almost immediately.  But this time I am determined that by  41st bday (3 months away) I will be rockin a bikini!

    Today, again, my body mind and SOUL wanted something sweet and I realized I was just really hungry.  I ate my lunch and it went away a little.  Then I went running and now it's totally gone.  It's helpful to remember the temptations actually do pass.  You just have to get past the immediacy of the WANTING IT NOW!!! part.  Thanks for letting me join ya'll!  My goal is to not fear food, but to become really in tune with what food makes my body feel the best.

    Stay strong and kick butt tomorrow!


  • Morning BDMom, thanks  for your reply!  Wow what a roller coaster and this is only day 3!  but I am proud to report that I have been very GOOD with the eating although I had a low yesterday afternoon and thought I was going to die of hunger!  HA HA but that also passed!  I took your advise to heart and is only doing the recommended amount of cardio on cardio days but I also do 10 min slow cardio on weight training days to warm up a little - that should not be such a disaster.  

    Have a great day and let me know where you are at!!

    take care


  • Morning Katielioness!  Wow it was so nice today to check my mail and I had 4 replies!  thanks you Girls!  I know the feeling of trying and failing but I do agree THIS time I have it buttoned down. I plan everyday for the day and the next days meals - that is where I fell off in the past - not planning when to eat and what to eat and then I eat junk.  I also have two kids but I am fortunate to work flexi time so I am trying to do my exercise in the morning once I dropped the kids at school.  My husband is also following the eating plan and so are the kids to a extent cause it is just easier to cook healthy for all of us instead of trying to please everyone - another mistake I made in the past!!

    I also have a notebook where I record everything, plan vs actual and I must say it helps.  I also carry my before photo's with me and WHOAW!! they shock me everytime I look at them - that is a big motivation!  

    Have a good day and good luck with the training and eating!  chat tomorrow!

    take care, Theresa

  • I hope you can fit your workout in today!  let us know!  the time thing is always a tricky one - but if you plan your day it seems to fit in - I often get up and think I do not have time because I must do this and this and this and when I realise the day is gone and I haven't trained!  Good luck for today - and there is always tomorrow and NOW!

  • Great!  The more of us supporting each other the strong the soul connection out there that will hopefully radiate the positive energy!  

    Time is really and issue and that is why I never coped in the past and then of course the eating!!  fail to plan and plan to fail.  I also have two little ones, just turned 40 and am planning to hit the beach in December and looked at myself critically and decided it is now or never!  I promised myself I am going to look better at 40 ! and whoopie 40 came and went and no change so in agreement 41!  here we come with the best bods imagineable!  

    OH yes and the sweet stuff - I also battled yesterday and I think I sort of had too many fruits 2 bananas and one apple but I thought it is better than having choccies or cake!  Today so far so good, done my work out - body can feel that it has done something this week and now it is for the eating today!

    I am using a normal book recording my planning for the day, i.e. what am I going to do at gym, write down all the exercises, with planned weights (similar to sheet on BFL website) and also what I am going to eat , I then update during the day.  Seems to work and it is absolute sense of achievement for me in the evening to look at what I have done for the day and that I STUCK to it!

    Good luck for today! Theresa

  • Hi BFL People -

    I started on the 25th too. Can I join the "July Club"?? :) I have never done a challenge before, but a friend of mine did one a few months ago and lost 30 pounds! All transformation pictures made me realize that I really can have the body of my dreams, but I just have to work at it!

    I just use a notebook too. I bought one with a separator in the middle and the front half is my workout section and the second half is my nutrition. It's really working out good so far! i'm not big into journaling, but this helps me at least be accountable for what I'm doing. After each workout I go forward and plan out that next workout - so if I do an upper body day, I go forward 5 days and plan my next upper body day so I remember which weights I used and how I felt. Then I know whether I should increase my weights or not.

    My mantra is similar to what you hear about at AA meetings - One day at a time! I will exercise and eat right today. Although I plan my meals out the night before, but hey, whatever works, right?

  • Good morning all you amazing people!  beginning day 3.  feeling tired because I was up later than I had planned last night, but still on track.  feeling proud that I didn't snack into the night as was my habit in the past, just stuck to my plan.  

    Ang300 the binder i have I just put together with the printouts from the BFL site.  it's the meal plans for the day and the workout logs. I also keep my BFL book on hand to refernce when I have questions.  When i have done this in the past I have purchased a BFL journal.  I think I got it on

    welcome Deanna07.  Today is your day. you can do it. I have struggled with sticking to my plans or exercise routine in the past as well.  I read somewhere recently to make exercise a part of routine just like showering or brushing teeth.  When I think of it like that it helps me.  I certainly plan enough time in the morning to get up and shower and get ready for work, so I can plan enough time for my work-out as well.  Once you get started it feels so much better than the guilt you have for not starting.  I'm excited to share this journey with you.

    Theresa, thanks for your encouragement.  keep up the good work.  It's nice to know we are all walking the same road and I feel lifted and supported by that knowledge.

  • so where is everyone? hope everything is going well.  I am doing good.  finished day 5 strong.  today was my "free" day.  did the workout this morning.  my muscles are sore, but it is a good sore.  let's me know I'm working hard.  Ate whatever I wanted today, but it really wasn't as good as I had remembered those foods being.  I am actually looking forward to my BFL meals tomorrow.  going to the river with family and friends tomorrow, so I will have to plan ahead for sure, but I'm not too worried about it.  

  • what a week!  busy busy busy... BFL did not go as well as anticipated but this week I am back feeling strong and excited.  Will give feedback tomorrow on how today is going.  Tomorrow is a public holiday in SA - Womens day!  but I will do cardio and be very careful what I eat!  I really need this to work - for me!  i cannot stand the way I look, refuse to look at myself in a mirror, feel Yuck all the time!  off to the gym now!!