Need support! Beginning 7/24/11

  • Hi Everyone, Day 30 today.  

    Thank you for the encouraging words.  I think you hit it right on Amy about the bloating.  Gotta love that free day though.  I have to admit, I did enjoy saltier foods on my free day this past weekend but I did not think I overdid it where I could retain that much water, but I guess that was what happened.  I don't feel any less bloated today but my eating has resumed back and so maybe I need to let things get back on course and be more patient.  It's just SOOO HARD....ARGH!!!.  

    UBWO today and am looking forward to a good session with PT.  I am also starting to work more on the floor leg lifts for ab core exercises.  I really need to get a good floor mat because my lower spine is just being rubbed raw with each lift, but I do feel those abs working so it's a great tough exercise.  I can barely get through 10 in my first rep and probably 8, and then 5.  I want to be able to do 3x15 solid ones so will be working on that.  

    I'm really hoping to be able to see a difference in my 8 week mark, or at least let me fit into my clothes better.  =)  Will keep plugging along.  Hope everyone is enjoying a great BFL Monday.

  • Oh and I increased my stair cardio by one level yesterday.  I have to admit I was after min 15 or so, I was really holding on pushing through and was dripping sweat big time, but did get it done.  

    Min 0-2, Warm-up, level 4

    Min 3-19, levels 5-8

    Min 20, level 5

    Anything over minute 20 is mainly for cooling down and a gradual decrease in level.

    I might just stick with the climber for now since I've heard stairs help tone your quads and butt, better than the treadmill, and I for one don't mind having those areas a bit more tight.  =P

  • Checking in with everyone.  I have to say it's been a challenge, but I'm proud to say I've held on!  Don't know how, but by the pure grace of God!  I have really been meaning to post, but it's just been one thing after another, and it's literally all I've been able to do to stay focused, eat right, and get my workouts in. My weight loss hasn't been as much for some reason, but it does seem the inches are coming off.  I bought a size 14 instead of an 18-20!  That's progress!!!  I won't go into all specifics of what's going on as it would just stress me out more, but wanted to mostly post to keep myself honest and check on all you guys at the same time!  Hope everyone is doing well, and if I don't check in as often as I'd like, pleeeaseeee, don't forget about me!  :)

  • Karla --that is absolutely fantastic progress.  You keep it up girl and before you know it, you'll have to keep getting a new wardrobe.  When I was much heavier a few years ago, and started running and losing some weight, I remember going from my size 14 to a 4, and had to keep buying new clothes because my clothes were just too loose....Of course now, I am stuck and have gone up a size so it will take me a while longer to tighten/tone what I need but eventually I will get there.  It's a great feeling and I am sooooo proud of you on the progress you've made...just keep it up and post when you can because I want to make sure you're still with us!!!

    Day 31 for me and it's cardio day--will keep the stair climber settings I did on Sunday, just hope there will be a machine for me when I get there.  UBWO yesterday was good and I am still mildly sore.  Been reading here and there about nutrition and exercise and just trying to understand more I guess what the signs are to look for, when you are overdoing it (eating and training).  

    Amy - been reading more of that Hussman Fitness website you shared.  Lots of good basic explanation and down to earth reading.  

    I have a question and not sure if anyone out there knows--I'm taking CLA supplements and it contains safflower fat (which is a good fat we need to have as part of the diet).  My question is do I need additional good fat (salmon, avocado, nuts, etc) or does taking this supplement 3x/day suffice?  I have read that adding good fat is essential but I don't want to be adding more if this is sufficient.  

    I think for the next several weeks, I will try to really take a good look at portion control and protein/carb choices.  I don't think I'm overdoing it (trying to go off closed fist portions), but part of me is wondering if perhaps I am not seeing a huge change could very well be due to portion size.  I will just watch out for this over the next few weeks and see how it goes.

    Hope you all have a wonderful BFL day and make sure you all hit your 10's today!

  • Hello there BFL friends - I can't believe we are all going strong and hanging in there, especially you, Karla.  You really have your game-face on and aren't letting any obstacles get in your way.  Keep up the good work.  You are truly an inspiration.  

    Traci - I think you're still early in your challenge to see much of a difference.  Since you used to run before and not lift any weights, you might find that you lost weight more quickly.  In actuality, that was not a good thing.  Cardio does burn fat but it also burns some of the muscle along with it.  That's why some runners find that they need to run more and more in order to keep the weight off.  They are losing the muscle that they so desperately need to burn calories while resting.  I think you'll find that your body at the end of this challenge (or once you reach your goals) will look much different than the body you had after losing weight from strictly running.  Bill Phillips always said that weight training is the only true way to reshape or TRANSFORM your body.  If you are a pear shape, cardio alone will only make you a smaller pear shape.  It takes weight training to truly change your shape.  

    Today ended week 7 for me and tomorrow is day one of week 8!  Holy cow....I can't believe it!  It really seems like the time has flown by but I am ready for the changes to begin.  I can tell they have already started but I'm ready for them to accelerate big time.  My husband told me this morning that I was looking great and making good progress.  

    I'll keep checking in and, believe me, when (and I do say WHEN not if) the big changes occur, I'll be sure to let ya'll know.  I will be providing the light at the end of your tunnel!  Hope you all have a wonderful day....

  • lady success doc_part1.pdf

    Amy--can't wait to hear your big changes results.  I love reading positive changes from folks--keeps me going when I feel like everything I've tried makes no difference and it helps so much when we're in this together holding each up to the finish line.

    For those who wanted to check out the Hussman Fitness site, Amy recommended, here you go:

    It's a bit overwhelming as there is alot of information and reading, but it's a great website to read at your leisure.  

    And the key is remember to take a step back when you have too much info overload and just remember one step at a time.   It happens to me alot when I try to absorb so many different stats and advice, etc...etc....I have to keep reminding myself, this is my health for life and not overnight.

    I'm also uploading a doc Amy shared about the 8 week change mark.  I've read and re-read when I feel like all my hard work is for nothing.  It's a great read to keep with you when you wanna just give up.  Since the file is large, I'm breaking it up into 2 parts.  Enjoy!

  • lady success doc_part2.pdf

    And here is part 2

  • Great article!  Thanks for re-posting!  Thanks, too, ladies for the words of encouragement.  I had another tough day today.  Got in five meals, but just not up for that last one.  I ended up having to work late after having an unexpected emergency trip to the doctor, which threw my eating schedule off, but I kept my portions and planned meals on target.  I missed my UB workout, and have been beating myself up over it tonight the whole 30 minutes I've been home, but I've got a medical issue going on that I just had to listen to my body to wait.  I will do my cardio tomorrow, and am hoping to have test results back by in the morning.  I'm praying it's just something simple this time.  I never seem to do anything the easy way.  (LOL).  It's just so frustrating know that the quicker the weight comes off, the better and better I will feel, but then something like this jumps in the way.  Tomorrow is a new day though, and I did my best today, so I have to be content and focus on that.

    Amy, congrats on the compliment from your hubby!  That is always such an awesome feeling, and must have really been a terrific boost!  Way to go, and keep it up girl!

    Traci - Size 14 to 4?! - WOW, you are an inspiration!  It gives me hope!  

    Ladies, we can all do this!  We just have to stay "pumped" and keep each other encouraged!  Hope everyone has a good night's rest, and great day tomorrow!

  • Hi BFL peeps, wanted to do a quick check in before I head off for my LBWO.  Cardio on the stairs was so intense yesterday and I was literally gasping from min 15 on, especially at min 18/19 where I was trying to hit my 10's.  

    Karla--I have to agree with Amy in that even when I lost all that weight, I was not toned at all and very much flabby all around.  It was nice to be able to fit into smaller clothes but I do believe BFL will help me get to the leaner/toned look I want.   Plus the muscle gain will surely make a difference longterm and that is what I'm aiming for.  I do want to lose weight, but I don't believe the scale will go down in this challenge.  I hope your medical issues will resolve very soon and I'm glad you are listening to your body vs pushing it when you shouldn't be.  You are doing the right thing so don't beat yourself up over it.

    Alright, gonna pack up to head out to my training.  I already know PT will make me do squats and those leg lifts, which he usually saves towards the end so I feel like I'm lifting dead weight.  Last time we did these, he literally had to help me on the last rep because I just couldn't lift them up.  I steps and it will take time for me to build strength and endurance to do them.  

    Hope everyone has a great workout today and hit those 10's!!!

  • So, I woke up yesterday and looked at myself in the mirror. Somehow, I realized thatI looked a little more toned. so I took out the pair of Jeans that I haven't worn since I started this program and put on. It was a little loose at my waste, around 1 inch. I thought maybe I just had an empty stomach in the morning. Anyway, that eveing, I went to the company gym and weighted myself on the same scale. I was 7 lbs less compared to that a month ago. Look like I'm in a right direction to build a BFL: eat right, exercise consistently and rest well. I'm at 20% wt increase in my weight training. Usually, I increase around 10% wt every 2 weeks. I can go through my cardio workouts and recover within an hour or two, not like last month when I had to lay down on the floor for more than 30 minutes before I could walk back to my office from the Gym and then spent the next 12 hours for recovery.

    Regular exercises become what I enjoy to do every day now, not something that I have to do. I feel more energetic, active and healthier. So I will keep doing this, not only 3 months or 6 months, but also a part of my daily routine. I hope you all have a good week on BFL.


  • Hi BFL Friends - so good to see everyone staying positive.  We just have to BELIEVE, BELIEVE, BELIEVE.  Ha!  When I typed that, that song "I believe in miracles" began running through my head. I'm showing my age here.  It's not some really inspirational song, it's an old one by "Hot Chocolate" and I think it might actually have to do with love or lust!   But it has a funky beat and would be a good addition to my MP3 player.....hmmmm.....

    I had a great HIIT workout today.  Kicked the treadmill up to a speed that I'm not sure I was ready for;  I've only ran a few times this challenge.  I've been doing the stair stepper because I was having some ankle trouble but I felt like I was ready to push on because the stair stepper had been busting my butt into shape.  My cardio this morning was -

    2 min. at 4.2 mph

    1 min at 6.5 mph

    1 min at 7.0 mph

    1 min at 7.5 mph

    1 min at 8.0 mph

    Repeat 4 times

    1 min at 9.0 mph

    1 min. cool down 4.2 mph

    I'm surprised that I was actually able to do it but now it is my new standard for HIIT.  If I can do it once, I can do it from now on and even increase...never look back.

    I think I am ahead of everyone by quite a few days since I started my challenge on 7/6.  I hadn't lost a pound in a few weeks and the scale has even gone up a few pounds on occasion.  Well, for the first time in a couple of weeks, I actually lost a pound today.  Woo hoo .....down 16 pounds now.  Yesterday was day one of week 8 for me, so hopefully this is where the tide starts turning.  I have 8/31 (the end of week 8) circled on my calendar, but if my plateau wants to break early and get the fat loss going, who am I to argue?  Bring it on!  Even if I don't lose another pound in the next few days, I will not get discouraged.  I have been patient and stayed on track (have only missed 1 workout and eating has been good) so I know the results will come around.

    Karla- I hope everything comes out o.k. on your test results.  I know you are living with quite a few health problems that the rest of us don't have to deal with and that's why I admire you so much.  You are doing AWESOME on your challenge and on inspiring me as well.  Please post and let us know how everything is.

    Well, I'm going to go now.  Hope you all have a wonderful day and can't wait to read your postings today!

  • Hi BFL Friends, HAPPY FRIDAY--TGIF indeed.  Day 34 today and after UPWO today I get my free day tomorrow.  The website has been giving me lots of error issues so sorry for the delay in posting.

    I'm actually sore from this week's workout still so I will take that as a good sign that I am using my muscles.  Been hard to get up out of bed the last couple of days, but just gotta do it!  

    How is everyone doing?  

    Amy--congrats on the lost pound.  Hey man, every bit counts and that's great!  Since you enjoy running so much, that is awesome you are able to get on the treadmill.  I don't like the treadmill very much but it does give me a good workout.  I think I'll focus on stairs for the next week still.  

    Karla - I second Amy in that you are an inspiration to be keeping with this program, in spite of all the issues you are encountering.  Talk about hanging tough--keep it up!

    Jimmy - Good job on the loose jeans.  I bet it feels awesome.  I like your comment about recovery time and it wasn't something I ever considered before.  I have to say I am paying more attention to how I feel after my workout and it's actually quite good and definitely improving so that is a plus.

    I had asked a gf at work for a very long time to go to the gym with me.  She finally agreed and I was so happy she was willing to.   Then she back out today so I am a bit bummed.  I wanted her to at least give the chance to try it because it would be one step towards literally changing her life in a very positive and amazing way.  She has been telling me she's felt bad about not making more effort.  I decided not to ask her anymore because I don't want her to feel like I am pressuring her.  I wanted to help and support her, but she has to want it to.  That is probably my low point for today because I was very much looking forward to helping her get a positive experience out of the gym so she didn't feel like she had to go at this alone.  I wish she could see how much her life can change so much for the better if she would give it a try.

    This is why posting here and checking in with all of you has helped me get through my tough days.  So thank you again for believing in me, encouraging me, and being so willing to share with me your ups and downs too.  We can do this together and we WILL cross the finish line!!!

  • Good job, Traci. Not a lot of people can commit to this program. It's a mental challenge. If stairmaster works well for you, keep it. The point is to focus on you target HEART RATE and work out at your 80% level or up based on your heart rate (HR). Just a simple calculation,  HR = (220 - age) x %level. If you're 40 (well you're not) and start at 80%, HR = (220 - 40) x 80% = 144. This is a safe HR with a tolerance of 10 bpm. I usually maintain at 90% - 100% level during my cardio work out. Again, don't look at others' speed, but your own heart rate. Everyone is different when come to cardio workout. My cardio workout currently is.

    Min 0-2: from 4.5 - 5.5 mph (warm up)

    Min 3-5: from 5.5 - 7.5 mph (increase 0.2mph every 18 sec)

    Min 6: stay at 7.5 mph (go back to 5.5mph in the last few sec)

    Min 7-9: from 5.5 - 7.5 mph (increase 0.2mph every 18 sec)

    Min 10: stay at 7.5 mph (go back to 5.5mph in the last few sec)

    Min 11-13: from 5.5 - 7.5 mph (increase 0.2mph every 18 sec)

    Min 14: stay at 7.5 mph (go back to 5.5mph in the last few sec)

    Min 16-18: from 5.5 - 7.5 mph (increase 0.2mph every 18 sec)

    Min 19: stay at 8 mph (high point)

    Min 20: 4.5 mph

    Min 21: 4.0 mph

    Min 22: 3.5 mph.

    Every 2-3 weeks, increase a 0.5 mph if you can without exceeding your target heart rate. I started at 6.5mph max a month ago. Now I'm at 8mph. Just be patient and the result will come.

  • Hi BFL friends, Week 6, Day 1 (aka Day 36) today.  Did my stairs climber and realized it's time to up it up so will try to on the next session.

    Did keep in mind what I ate on my free day so today did not feel like I was retaining so much water like last week.  Tried the Whey Protein for the first time and realized that you should NEVER add it in with a hot meal because it tastes like play-doh.  =(  But, it's great as part of a cold drink or shake, and is actually not bad tasting at all.   I'm also going to try some of the protein shakes Susan is posting...they actually look very good.  

    Hope everyone is doing well and staying on track.  Keep us posted.  =)

  • Great job on staying on track everyone!  Amy & Traci - sounds like you guys are really bumping up the cardio...way to go!  Jimmy - congrats on the progress you are making as well.  It DOES feel great to look foward to exercise!

    I took my measurements at the end of my sixth week this past Saturday.  I have lost 2" in my waist, 1" in my hips, 1" in each thigh, and 1/2" in each arm!  I'm down 16.5 lbs. on my scale.  I think I already told you guys the cardiologist said I was down 19 lbs. from before my surgery when I went in for my post-op appointment.  Speaking of which, I got popped in the chest with the football right on top of my dang incision while playing football this past Saturday at the beach!  Ugghhhh.  I think it's fine, but boy did it sport!  Definitely considering wearing a chest plate from now on.  Just kidding!!!

    Hope you guys all have a great day!!!!